Why Obama Has No Comment on Gaza

2 01 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 5
The Betty

“There was no immediate comment on the Israeli air strikes on Gaza from Obama, who is vacationing with his family in Hawaii, or his staff. Disappointing, but not surprising” read an internet article by Huliq News. See Slide 1 What do Moderates Look Like for the economic and emotional results of the devastation.

A similar sentiment was echoed by an Ehtiopian DC cab driver when he dropped me off at home Tuesday night. “Why doesn’t Obama do or say something,” he exclaimed. As I paid my fare and departed I told him what he should’ve already known: Obama is not the president yet! In fact, our sitting President and his aides have probably appealled to Obama to show patience and remain silent.


Yes, we have a sitting President and his name is George Bush. Yeah, George is probably vacationing in Texas. What else would you expect since his aides hit the road a while ago in search of new jobs in a recession market. Who’s left? The Wannabees. What are they doing? Nothing or rather the same thing George would tell them to do if he weren’t lame as in lame duck — following orders. What orders? None. No trade lines are affected by the devastation wrought by Israel in Gaza. What did you expect?

Silence for now is president elect Obama’s trump card. He knows the naysayers, the right wingers, the I told you so’ers, and the give me a reason presidential wannabee assasins are waiting in the wings to pounce on him if he says a word. Honolulu, Hawaii is an international destination and the wrong place for a president elect to make a stand on such sensitive issues. Obama would be wise to follow his judgment and make the best of this time in peace and with his family.

Slide 2 is Obama’s current Lunar Return Chart for Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The first thing to note is the transiting South Node. This point is also called the Dragon’s Tail or empty cup and helps to tell astrologers the why behind what is really happening. The transiting South Node is conjunct Obama’s Lunar Return Ascendant in Honolulu. Here’s what astrologist Celeste Teal has to say about the transiting Node on the Ascendant in her new book Lunar Nodes:

“You may just want to be invisible for the time being…Others seem to have the upper hand, or are calling the shots, and your choices seem severely limited…Relationships are going through changes.”
Slide 2 shows the transiting Sun in Capricorn 5th house is making a trine to Obama’s Midheaven. Robert Hand in Planets in Transits says this aspect triggers others to:
“…sense your inner confidence. They know they can rely on you for leadership today but you may be reluctant to take it especially if you cannot see how it would serve your purpose. (Not sworn in as the president yet) On the other hand, if you can see the connection between your own purpose and what others are trying to do, you will accept the role of leader. Either way, you will gain the respect of others today. “
Taking a stand or making comments outside the process would only breed an untimely dissention among Obama supporters and the public. I’m sure you’ll agree that knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ’em is a key attribute for American politicians today.
But who says Obama is doing nothing. Transiting Mercury is making a sextile to Obama’s Vertex in Scorpio, 4th house. This aspect gives him:
“The ability to work out problems through communication. “
I offer that behind the scenes president elect Obama is doing a great deal of communicating as well as research, analysis and planning. Transiting Vertex trine Obama’s Pluto, Capricorn, 5th House indicates:
“A person who is entering a new phase in life…one has enormous power to achieve new goals.”

Needless to say our president elect Obama has probably put in a great deal of thought behind his goals for the Middle East and has more than a few questions about the Israeli position highlighted in this widely released statement:
“The only way to see a change in the region is to help the moderates, but simultaneously to attack and to keep the pressure on the extremists like Hamas,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told reporters following a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Transiting Moon conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, 7th House indicates that if our president elect is too hasty in communicating his opinion he may run the risk of:

“…misinterpreting someone or being misinterpreted.”
I offer that the best our president elect can do for his country right now is enjoy his last days as an ordinary man. For the most part, I hope he takes advantage of his transiting Moon and Venus conjunction with his Neptune and enjoy a soul union with someone special. Hopefully, her name is Michelle.

Slide 3 takes a leap forward to our president elect’s Lunar Return in Washington, DC on his first full work day January 21, 2009 at 9:30 am. I took into consideration that he’ll sleep in due to all the parties the night before. His nodes have now moved above George White’s nodal Line of Advantage in accord with the region’s latitude and longitude coordinates. The transiting Moon is making a sextile to his Lunar Return’s North Node or Dragon’s Head in the 10th House. It is part of a cluster of planets breathing luck as well as reason into all the president’s decisions. But the critics and news media may not be so kind. In the 11th and 5th house they seem to square off against each other as in a duel. What do they want? They want him to make it all go away and fix everything retroactively (like in the 1990’s.)
Can Obi Wan Obama satisfy the mob and save America? Will he win this duel? Thus far Obama has had better luck than the Irish so I offer — Yes. But, there’s a twist. Stay tuned.


Astrology References: Vertex: The Third Angle, Donna Henson; Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living, Robert Hand; Lunar Nodes: Discover your Soul’s Karmic Mission, Celeste Teal.

Slide 1 – What do moderates look like?
Slide 2
Slide 3




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