Obama Acts on Divine Orders as Bush Aides Flee DC

4 01 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 6
The Betty

“Economists from across the political spectrum agree that if we don’t act swiftly and boldly, we could see a much deeper economic downturn that could lead to double-digit unemployment and the American dream slipping further and further out of reach,” said president-elect Obama to a group of Congressional leaders.

Andrew Taylor reporter for the Associated Press wrote that Obama’s plan includes the creation of 3 million jobs, new roads, and a $500 to $1,000 tax break for middle class Americans.

The nurturing influence of the Eclipse of August of 2008 is peaking through. (See Slide 1 The Eclipse of August 2008 alongside president-elect Barack Obama’s Chart.)

Slide 1

In my first installment of The Rise of Obama in December 2008, I pointed to the similarities between Obama’s Solar Return Chart and the Eclipse of August 2008 (shown above). I offered that the Eclipse chart indicated a win for Obama and his divine marching orders for leading this country out of chaos. One astrological indicator of note showed that:

Closely married to the Sun and Moon is the planet Mercury. This close placement makes it Ruler of the Eclipse of August 2008. Mercury integrates the influence of Virgo into Leo. Virgo has, over the eons, been associated with the Goddess of fertility…One key word used for Virgo is nurture so we should expect the emphasis to remain on health and the environment. So look for president elect Obama to propose bills to congress designed to beef up our natural resources, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, stabilize our food supply and change the nation’s health care delivery processes. He will demand that America become less dependent on foreign anything so there is hope for the American car industry among others.

Similarly, the Economic Stimulus Bill is asking for money to:

…go toward infrastructure projects, blending old-fashioned brick and mortar programs such as road and bridge repairs and water projects with new programs such as research and development on energy efficiency and an expensive rebuilding of the information technology system for health care.

Well Golly Gee!

But what about Gaza and the proposed cease fire?

News reports streaming in from Washington show a not too fired up Condoleezza Rice going through the motions of providing her “end of times” briefings to Bush and the public on Gaza. In fact, most of Bush’s lame duck rank and file are more interested in profiting from renting out their DC digs for the inauguration then lending a helping hand in the waning moments of their commander’s presidency. Jonathan Martin conveys the lame duck administration’s sentiments in this article from Politico that ran Friday, January 2, 2009.

“One Bush administration official who is heading to the Italian Alps explained the logic with precision in an e-mail:

1. I am out of a job on Jan 20 at noon, no better time to take a vacation. 2. I like skiing, and have not seen my whole family in almost a year, no better time to get home and ski for a week. 3. Why bunker up and be in this town for that week, when we all know that [the crowds] will be worse than [the] Cherry Blossom [Festival] or Memorial Day?

Good capitalists that they are, some of these Republicans are among the Washingtonians looking to rent out their homes to well-heeled Democrats who will pony up for a place to stay.”

Hello…hello…Bush aides! Are you out there? Gaza is not going away! Why are you running off to Vegas and booking European ski trips? Why have you left Bush and the American public hanging? Don’t you know that as of this writing, Israeli troops are invading Gaza and the Palestinians are waiting? They claim they have a surprise!

I promised I would keep the focus in these blogs…I’m not going to get stereotypical here…I’m not…I’m trying…

If you recall, in my last blog: Why Obama has no comment on Gaza, I showed how our president-elect on vacation in Honolulu could:

misinterpret someone or be misinterpreted

But in Washington, DC president-elect Obama can’t dodge reporters or remain invisible. Oddly, in the midst of Bush Aides fleeing despite a total breakdown in the economy and foreign affairs, Obama stepped forward and said that “only one President can run the country at a time.” Let’s see how he fares for the next 72-hours while Israeli troops march through Gaza and the Economic Stimulus Bill is hung out as daily laundry. To make things interesting, here are some short term predictions and recommendations for President-elect Barack Obama for Monday, January 5, through Thursday, January 8.

Predictions for Monday, January 5
In the coming hours president elect Barack Obama will become increasingly impatient with the way the Bush Administration is handling the diplomacy matters surrounding Israel and Gaza. He will feel as if he is being taken for granted and as a result he may attempt to break his prior agreements to allow one president to lead at a time. The president-elect may take a step toward addressing the invasion of Gaza. Look for a break-through sometime Sunday or early Monday. Sadly, this break-through may immediately be followed by either a violent physical attempt on the president elect or a spike in death threats. President-elect Obama should be careful not to appear as if he’s heading a coup de etat. Instead, he should make public his wish that Bush provide hourly updates on the developments in Gaza by Condelezza and the remaining Bush Aides. By late Monday, January 5, someone on Bush’s staff offers a solid briefing to the president-elect on the details.

Predictions for Tuesday, January 6
President-elect Obama will be involved with a number of early morning meetings. During one of them he will be posed with a unique one time opportunity. Let’s hope it’s not a trip to Gaza, or a concession that has him back pedaling even further on his campaign promises. Chances are he will obtain the concessions and buy-ins he needs to get the Economic Stimulus Bill through the Senate by the end of next week. He wants to switch his focus to more pressing issues occurring abroad. By late in the day, he’ll receive word that his chances of pulling this through are better than anticipated. This will put him in the mood to horse around with the kids after school. Look for this final moment as an ordinary man to be interrupted when our president-elect is called upon by a one time adversary or War official.

Predictions for Wednesday, January 7
President elect Obama will have learned a great deal Monday and Tuesday, but he still is not the president. He will remain determined to hold fast to the commitment to allow one president to serve at a time. This is not easy when Rome is burning. For sure, the news crews will probably catch a glimpse of Obama’s Obi Wan persona as he attempts to appear in control, more introspective and attuned to family matters. Maybe the Hays Adams Hotel is not as safe as he once considered? Maybe he’ll realized he’s been overtly compromised? Maybe he’s still pondering the conversation he had with the War official the night before? Good news streams in during the afternoon but is soon short circuited by other problems later in the day. Maybe the Economic Stimulus Bill is being met by another major setback and a cease fire in Gaza seems further away then anticipated? Regardless of the issues it will become clear that it’s not time yet for President Obama. Thank goodness Obi Wan will be on hand to help sweat the silence.

Predictions for Thursday, January 8
By morning president-elect Obama will be settled with the fact that he’ll just have to live a few more days not knowing what he’s inheriting as President Obama. He’ll be more determined to get out and exercise or enjoy some form of physical activity. Before the morning is over he may learn of a death of a relative or colleague and/or may hear news of a birth or pregnancy. Good news about the Economic Stimulus Bill may arrive shortly before noon. This news will give Obama the feeling that he’s breaking down once very formidable barriers and moving — albeit sightless and at a snail’s pace — forward.


  • Stay in your Obi Wan mode or run the risk of being misunderstood. Bush and his buddies like Condoleezza are just trying to test how long you can remain calm. It’s the Washington Way.
  • Stay focused on the Economic Stimulus Bill.
  • Double check all details concerning lodging. You will not be able to have any personal or classified meetings at the Hays-Adams.
  • Enjoy your last days as an ordinary man.
  • If matters worsen in Gaza, tell the American people the truth: (1) You are not yet in the position to receive these types of classified briefings, and (2) No one has offered or invited you to any classified briefings concerning Gaza or any other foreign matter.
  • Keep the names of those who approach you with classified info a secret even though anyone’s call, email, text or appearance at the Hays Adams will be suspect and far from secret. Just treat them as if they were sent to provide mis-information.
  • Stay away from Oprah for the time being. The hotel suite is fine and re-decorating is not necessary. Besides, re-decorating might disturb a listening device or two.
  • You can’t expect Michelle to stay hemmed up in a bugged hotel suite with Secret Service in the room. After the kids are settled in a routine say yes to her request to fly home to see Mom.





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