Oprah Coughs Up Big $$$ for Obama Inagural: Is Gail the decoy?

4 01 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 7

(I just received a comment from someone oversees about my blogs and realized that I need to do more to convey the setting to readers. You’ve got it! Enjoy!)

The New York Post, reported that besides relocating her show to the Kennedy Center the week of the Presidential Inaguration. “Winfrey is also hosting an exclusive inauguration-night party in Washington at an undisclosed location with her best friend, Gayle King.”

Why can’t Gayle just be a special guest? She has the money, power and association to be a guest? Answer 1: Gayle’s probably a military brat or her Dad had close ties to the Army brass while in Turkey. Answer 2: Oprah doesn’t want her name on it. See Slide 1 for Oprah and Barack Chart. In Oprah Stands by Her Man I helped readers analyze Oprah’s behind the scenes stance with president-elect Obama astrologically. She has planets below the horizon or out of eyesight, and she has Pluto commanding the 12th house or the house of secrets.
Don’t buy Answer 1 – try on this overtly secure, 5-Star, on the banks of the Potomac possibility for a Gayle King inspired inaugural party – Fort Lesley J. McNair.

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

Fort Lesley J. McNair is the Headquarters for the Military District of Washington (MDW) and home to several prestigious military universities, one of which is the National Defense University. The Officer’s Club is one of the many plantation-style buildings nestled along the banks of the Potomac on Fort McNair. The Club’s fame and fine reputation have made it popular with presidents, members of the House and the Senate, as well as foreign diplomats.

To get in, you need to know someone. In the DMV they say you’ve got to know someone with brass on their chest. They have to leave your name and particulars two weeks in advance so you can be screened. When you arrive, your vehicle’s under-carriage will be scanned for contraband. Mouth off and you may end up in the Brig calling for help. This is the south and you’ll go far saying Sir or Ma’am. Don’t even think of driving drunk or speeding – they’re not having it. Secret: McNair has some pyrotechnic experts who can really put on the fireworks for special guests!! Bigger Secret: Fort McNair is also known in military circles as the headquarters for the Army’s Black Ops. It meets all the security criteria necessary for president-elect Obama who has out paced his predecessors in death-threats.

One not so secret plus about Fort Lesley J. McNair: Oprah, her arm candy, Gayle and the President can hop on a luxe and heated River Taxi and take a visual tour of the DMV. They can either roll north past the White House, Kennedy Center, Rosslyn, Key Bridge and Georgetown University or South to the see the lightshow at the Gaylord. (This should have Michelle Grittin.)

Don’t buy it? Too lame for Oprah! Try on these suggestions for Answer 2. They’re a little less Gayle and more Oprah inspired. Remember, in order for the president to sit down and converse for any length of time the facility has to be secure. So if Gayle is looking for a place for the President and his family to sit down – she has to be mindful of security. The place can’t be too big or too small and public access has to be cut off at a moment’s notice.

I’m sure most of you are reading about celebs who chunked out $50,000 to $300,000 a plate. If this is true, I hope it’s in a secure facility or our new president won’t be able to give them more than 30-minutes of his time – if they see him at all!!

Here are some Answer 2 security friendly spots of note that host 5-star hotel and catering – Oprah-Obi Wan Style:

L’Enfant Plaza

This facility can close off the highway exits, streets, and buildings that surround it. If the party gets dry Gayle and her guests can always go kick it at Michael Jordan’s crib at the bottom of the hill or with the locals at one of 4 -night clubs on the Waterfront.

L’Enfant is also home to one of DC’s best chefs who stews Obi Wan style. Trained in Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York, and Hawaii, Gary Strehl is one of Washington DC’s top chefs. His expertise lies in creative seafood dishes — emphasizing the use of fresh local ingredients combined with the cooking styles of the Pacific Rim. Chef Strehl also gives his international fare a twist by borrowing from traditional American recipes … blending “the excitement of today’s latest trend with a nostalgia for the flavors of our past,” according to Who’s Who in America’s Restaurants.

Chef Strehl has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food Arts, Honolulu magazine, and USA Today — as well as on the Food Network. He is the co-author of The New Cuisine of Hawaii and was instrumental in the development of Hawaii’s regional cuisine.

Slide 5 – L’Enfant Plaza

Slide 6

Are we hot yet!

The Four Seasons Hotel

Last but not least is the Four Seasons Hotel. This 5-Star Hotel and Restaurant is special because it’s a few blocks away from Oprah’s new digs just due north as the crow flies in Georgetown, and her Kennedy Center Studio 5-7 minutes due south. Securing this spot is old hat for the feds. Again, they can cut off a portion of 29th at Pennsylvania and the ramp exiting Rock Creek Parkway for added Security (This kind of stuff drives us locals crazy). The cuisine is a mix of American East and West Coasts. The 5-Star Restaurant is called the Bourbon Steak and it’s managed by Executive Chef David Varley. Check out the stylish spread for guests below!

Slide 8 – Typical Four Season Style Spread

Slide 9 – the Four Seasons offers small side dining areas for those special mid-meal pow-wows with bank rolled supporters.

Before I forget — You know the New York Post article mentioned something about Stedman. Hey, this fool knew he was gonna get played and dump when he didn’t man-up, propose to, and marry Oprah back in the day. Good luck Stedman and will somebody email him a copy of Oprah’s inaugural party pictures.

In closing, I’d like to poke some fun at Stedman. I never liked his ballerina shoes anyway. Am I alone on this?

Ode to Stedman

Stedman you did Oprah wrong
Obi’s got your Gal and Gone

Stedman you can’t get no dough
Obi’s got your ole bank roll

Stedman Viagra just won’t do
Obi’s a whole lot younger than you

Sound off…one, two…Sound off… one, two, three, four





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