DC Locked Down for Inaguration

20 01 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 10

Chances are Brother Bear (see Slide 1 below) will be on hand to welcome throngs of inaugural witnesses to Washington, DC!!!

Slide 1: This is the face you’ll see if you
brave this year’s inauguration. I pity the fool…

Slide 2: The event every American wants to
witness will be on the road less traveled.

Security is tight as president-elect Barack Obama – the only candidate to receive thousands of death threats daily – prepares to meet his destiny and take the oath of office. In fact, as of 12-midnight Tuesday, January 21, 2009 your nation’s capitol will be on official lock-down by Homeland Security. Bridges all over the metro area will be closed and the only way in will be through Beirut-like check points where buses (for a fee) await to take you across the river to DC.

Slide 3: X marks the spot where bridges will be closed. This includes parts of I-95. Officials state they can amend and add more closings by morning. For the truth on bridge closings from the horses mouth go to:


Regardless of where you enter DC, you’ll be subject to search and seizure along the route to the U.S. Capitol and beyond. Yes, I said it – you’ll be subject to search and seizure courtesy of George Bush, Jr., Dick Cheney, a few fools in the last U.S. Congress and Homeland Security. If you ever really wanted to know what 9-11 and the Homeland Security Act did for you, just stay tuned tomorrow.

As an American regardless of your economic stature you have the right to witness your president-elect get sworn in, and in the past you would not have been hassled for exercising your right. You could’ve brought your sleeping bag and slept on the edge of the Ellipse or cramed into the Youth Hostile awaiting the event. But in the distant wake of Oil Wars and Middle East crises we’ve lost this freedom. The crossroads are behind us. Some say its in the name of safety, others call it security – I and many other citizens born and raised in the 60’s and 70’s call it as we see it – A HASSLE DEPICTING THE EROSION OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS!

My hope and prayer is that President Barack Obama will begin the dialogue to bring some semblance of peace to earth and once again make America free for our children. Personally, this Israeli-Gaza Strip type of entry process they’ve planned for the citizens who want to witness the swearing in of the first black president is not the legacy I want to leave.

Whew! Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s get back to the purpose of these blogs and that is to illustrate destiny, fate and fortune inherent in astrological charts and astrological phenomena. Back in December I gave you the chart that catapulted Barack Obama to the presidency – The August 1, 2008 Eclipse. Alas, it is frought will death threats, and danger and violence from foes and friends alike.

Slide 4 – Reprint of the August 1 2008 Eclipse and
Obama 2008 Solar Return Chart

Also back in December, I showed you Obama’s Inagural Chart complete with an indicator of a secret affair. The indicator shows the presence of a woman standing with the President and his wife Michelle. You and others read and witnessed events that pointed to Oprah Winfrey as the mystery woman.

Slide 5 – The red arrows show Oprah’s presence in Obama’s Inagural Chart for 12 noon, Tuesday, January 21, 2008.

Saturn, the task master, is ruling Barack Obama’s 10th, 11th, and 12th houses in Slide 5. Saturn is also conjunct the Arabic Part of Success. It seems our president is willing to work his a– off to set things right. Barack’s Midheaven (career) is conjunct two other Arabic Parts. They show him as the leader of Armies and Police (he’ll be swearing in as Commander and Chief) as well as vulnerable to Danger and Violence. Oprah’s presence is indicated by Venus conjunct the North Node or Dragon’s Head. Barack, indicated by the Sun conjunct the Vertex, is trying to keep Michelle cool. The Sun conjunct Vertex aspect is often found for those who are working on changes in a marriage relationship. Barack’s Vertex is in Libra and he will not only be trying to bring opposing political, ethnic, and racial factions together during his presidency, but maybe he’ll be putting in the extra time to bring the two main women in his life – namely Michelle and Oprah – to a meeting of minds. Surprisingly, the Sun conjunct the Vertex is in the same area of the chart as the Venus associated with Oprah. Here’s some phrases I uncovered about the Venus-North Node combination:

Progressed Venus conjunct North Node: brings about circumstances meant to restore balance…love relationships are tested…gifts or gains through females…may signify a romance.” Source: Lunar Nodes and Identifying Planetary Triggers by Celeste Teal.

Slide 6 – The Ooo La La Chart depicting Obama and Oprah’s birth charts. In synastry, an Ooo la la aspect was noted.

Need I say more. The Neptune – Venus connection is all you need to make the gossip truth. If you take into consideration that the same Venus in Slide 5 is making a connection to Oprah’s Neptune in Slide 6, I think you’ll start to get the picture.

How will Barack fare as president?

Just ask James Presley from Sledge, Mississippi. He imbues Obama with a divine calling.

“I’m a church man,” says James Presley. “And I kind of figured this here is about like it was with Moses with the children of Israel.”

Slide 7: James Presley from Sledge, Missiissipi
Common folk like Mr. Presley do not have to read astrology charts to understand that Barack Obama – a son of Europe, Africa and Polynesia who happened to win the seat as our next American President – has a divine calling and is willing to work his a– off for the nation. Presley’s hope despite his “raw-knuckled life where hope moved at a molasses-slow pace” is confirmation that simple faith can work miracles, part seas, and mark the beginning of progressive change.

Stay tuned!!!

References: Vertex, The Third Angle by Donna Henson; Pictures from Reuters, AP and the Washington Post; James Presley quotes from McClatchey.com; James Presley photo, CNN.com.



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