Obama UP Kennedy DOWN

21 01 2009

Ted – Obama’s Key to Continued Success
The Rise of Obama Part 11

USA Today reported “Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy experienced a seizure today while attending a luncheon for President Obama in the U.S. Capitol. After testing, we believe the incident was brought on by simple fatigue,” Edward Aulisi, chairman of neurosurgery at Washington Hospital Center said in a statement. “Senator Kennedy is awake, talking with family and friends, and feeling well. He will remain at the Washington Hospital Center overnight for observation and will be released in the morning.”

Edward (Ted) Kennedy was more than a fellow senator of Barack Obama’s, he was instrumental in steering our first black president toward the democratic
nomination. In short, Ted Kennedy gave Obama the insider information he needed to secure funding from some very wealthy democratics. So much so that when Hiliary called they were already committed to — Barack!

Slide 1 – President Obama and Senator Kennedy embrace. The press
widely reported that earlier this summer Kennedy exclaimed: “I’m not going to
miss his (Obama’s) win for the presidency,” as he battle a life threatening
brain tumor.

This evenings news reports confirm what Senator Ted Kennedy’s secondary progressed chart (See Slide 2) indicates – a health crisis. Furthermore, Saturn conjunct the South Node or Dragon’s tale in the 6th house has been especially troubling. However, the placement of Saturn and the South Node in the decanate of Venus may have helped reduce the event to an episode. Pluto sextile Moon also aggravated the event making it public. But its the Arabic Parts that confirm how much Ted should avoid further fatigue of his already debilitated body.

Slide 2

Around the time the prayer was offered for Senator Ted Kennedy, Obama was feeling the void of having to accept the frailties of an important father figure in his career. The Moon is generally indicative of the father and at approximately the time of Ted’s epileptic episode the transiting Moon was in President Barack Obama’s 8th house. The Moon in Sagittarius was also in the decanate of Jupiter indicating that this father figure had brought luck, wealth and protection. In fact, President Obama admitted that “a part of me left the room with him,” when he encouraged the participants to join him in prayer (See Slide 3).

Slide 3

Let’s hope Ted takes his doctor’s advice and opts for a less rigid schedule. In his younger days Ted was known to rise as early as 5AM, obtain a brief from his press aide on the nations news by 7AM at which time he was exiting his vehicle on his way to office to begin work that did not cease until after 5 PM. Surely Ted can’t expect to keep up this type of pace any longer. If Ted makes it (and I’m sure he will), he will be instrumental in helping President Obama avoid the pitfalls of the first 180-days of his presidency and make a miracle out of his first year. (See Slide 4).

Slide 4

BTW, DC is still LOCKED DOWN – stay tuned!





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