Obama’s Light Reveals–Oprah!

25 01 2009

Or Oprah Oogling for Obi Wan
The Rise of Obama Part 12

When I first took on the task of tracking The Rise of Obama astrologically I had no idea that I would be able to make the following supposition — Oprah Winfrey is hawking President Barack Obama. Frankly, I was more interested in making a good astronomical case for Obama’s assent to the presidency. So I want all of you to know how surprised I was when the information fell on my head that the presence of a love affair in President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Chart implicated – Oprah as the other woman!

Below is a list of events I see as evidence that during the last week Oprah’s habits, tendencies and path reveals more than a friendly fondness for Obama.

News quotes:

Sunday, January 18

“Richard Johnson Page Six, New York Post: Barack Obama took time after Sunday’s all-star concert to have a dinner with 100 friends, including Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, at Blair House. Obama staffers who thought they might get a night to party were mistaken. Everyone’s cell phones rang around 7:30 p.m. The message was clear: Get back to work. Now. The staff meetings lasted throughout the night. (Do as I say, not as I do – like Obi Wan hanging at a party with mega-buck Oprah!) “

“ET has learned that Oprah Winfrey shared a private dinner last night with President-elect Barack Obama and Oprah’s best pal Gayle King tells us all about it. Gayle tells ET the dinner, which she also attended with about 100 people at the historic Blair House across the street from the White House, was “top, top secret” and wonders how word got out. “You guys are good! How did you hear that? Boy you people are good. It was a buffet dinner, so everything
you’d expect in a buffet was there – as someone who’s trying to fit into a red hot inauguration dress, a buffet is not my friend,” Gayle said.” (Someone needs to tell Gayle about the Fourth Estate.)

Tuesday, January 20

The VIPs (the Obamas) lived in their little universe of cordoned-off rooms, separate entrances and close-up views of Oprah.

Times on Line: In the VIP stand very cold, very famous people began to assemble as if for an Oscar ceremony in a walk-in freezer. No work was done in Hollywood this day: here were Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack and Denzel Washington. There was much neck-craning as royalty itself arrived and Oprah Winfrey took her seat.

Slide 1

Oprah’s decoy arm candy was – Stedman!?@#?! He’s gray, slow
and hat less, but not dead as seen in Slide 2.

Slide 2

Wednesday, January 21

“Obamarama Part 2 – Chicago: Oprah was a little busy getting her V.I.P. on during the inauguration ceremony so there was no time to tape a show on Tuesday. But even after admitting she’d been up partying until 3 in the morning (Obama not Stedman was still up at that hour), she had Obamarama Part 2 rolling again by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. “

“Oprah Show Glows for Obama: ‘The Light of the New Age Is Here’ writes Tim Graham January 24, 2009 – 11:07 ET. “

The aforementioned news reports, events and sitings confirm the presence of a secret love affair (See Slide 3 Obama’s Inagural Chart). After the swearing in ceremony, when President Obama signed those Executive Orders for Continuity of Government rest assured his visits with Oprah were covered.

Slide 3 Obama Inagural Chart

Oprah’s show packed up and headed for Chicago Wednesday evening leaving two important clues of her lustful pursuit of President Obama un-confirmed. They are:

1. TenPenh Restaurant. Did she host another private dinner for Barack Obama at TenPenh immediately following the First Families entrance into the White House as reported by the New York Post?

Although I cannot at this point confirm a second meeting ccurred without Michelle, I can tell you why the press didn’t cover the event. The man you see below and others like him (Slide 1) were posted a stone’s throw away from major office buildings and restaurants like TenPenh. The building on your right kinda looks like the west side of FBI Headquarters located between Pennsylvania and E Streets, NW. Unless you were on a pre-approved list generated some weeks ago, you didn’t make it past this fellow.

Slide 4 (from DC Lockdown)

DC has a substantial funky underground nite life that’s a mix of international and homegrown Rocaregedegogo and unless the big press ties into the locals they’ll always get stuck at Love’s Nightclub wiping out their chances to nab pics like this…

Slide 5 – Ben knew where to go!

2. Oprah’s Georgetown Residence. Has she set up her DC residence yet? If she’s smart, she’ll postpone closing on this spot. Otherwise, she’ll be too easy to track on the ground. (I’ll just walk over with the kids…My boss sent me here…I’m just using this cut-through to get to the Boys and Girls Club). Oprah should find a Camp David like retreat out in dem der hills in Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia. Obi Wan (Obama) can helicopter over in minutes and avoid upsetting Michelle with on the ground gossip sitings and detection.

Slide 6 Oprah’s new digs

By the end of Obama’s first week in office he was rapidly confirming the no-nonsense administrator style leadership revealed in the Eclipse of August 1 2008. The New York Post was one of the first to report that Obama:

…Lays Down the law with new staff. Obama…froze salaries for top White House staff… Obama justifies his actions by stating: “The way to make government responsible is to hold it accountable.” He added that this action was necessary “to help restore faith in government without which we cannot deliver the changes that we were sent here to make.” (Page Six, New York Post). Also during the session, Page Six reported that Obama openly conferred with his aides several times appearing more like a corporate administrator and less like a George Bush.

Stay tuned!




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