King and Obama: The Connection

8 02 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 14

“I’m a church man…And I kind of figured this here is about like it was with Moses with the children of Israel,” admitted James Presley of Sledge, Mississippi to the McClatchey Press last December.

I can’t discount Mr. Presley’s feeling. It has been some 40-years since the Civil Rights Movement was short circuited by Dr. King’s assassination leaving African Americans in limbo. Throughout the years there seemed an un-ending search for a suitable black leader. From Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell to TV personalities like Tavis Smiley, black and white America searched until the 2003 Democratic National Convention when a young senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama spoke to the nation. The rest is pretty ordinary until the Eclipse of August 2008 (see Slide 1 below) gave us our first black president.

Slide 1

In the months and days leading up to the inauguration, many Americans echoed Mr. Presley’s sentiment and began pointing to similarities between President Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK, Jr.) as well as Moses and Joshua from the Bible’s First Testament. Many liken Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Moses and Joshua to Barack Hussein Obama.

Oddly, it does seem as if President Obama much like Joshua was standing in the right place at the right time. Frankly, it does seem as if his purpose is to lead a people across a great divide. Unlike Joshua, Obama’s greatest foe isn’t an army of men, but a nation suffering from mis-perception in desperate need of change.

Strangely, the black press has stepped back from what folks like James Presley see as obvious. Why only a few weeks ago, the Reverend Al Sharpton, widely known for his political activism on behalf of the citizens of New York, weighed in on the question. He attempted an explanation during the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) and quickly pointed to the obvious — that President Obama is a politician while Dr. King was a reverend. “Obama would not exist had there not been a King,” offered Reverend Sharpton.

With all due respect to Reverend Sharpton, I can’t believe he side stepped the grand opportunity to provide a spiritual explanation to simple folk like James Presley on Obama’s assent to the presidency. Now don’t get me wrong, Reverend Sharpton is a very smart man who has had the benefit of years of theological training including history, archaeology, and world religions. But this doesn’t erase the fact that good, well meaning, God fearing common folk like James Presley are looking to men like Reverend Sharpton for an answer to justify their feeling that some sort of biblical divine covenant has been reached between a people and their God.

So, like any good astrologer, I pulled up Barack Hussein Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s charts and took a look (see Slide 2 below).

Slide 2

Lo and behold I uncovered an astrological explanation for the simplistic down to earth feelings folks like Mr. Presley have about why the paths of Dr. King and President Obama appear connected.

Here are a few observations I gathered from the analysis of Dr. King and President Obama’s synastry charts. They are:

(1) When Dr. King’s journey on his road ended, he had a dirth of excess blessings on reserve (banked) for the right soul. But in 1968 future President Barack Hussein Obama was attending elementary school and not ready to receive King’s blessing. A crossing of fates had to be achieved. A simple visual analysis of the astrological charts in synastry of King and Obama can confirm that this indeed occurred. King’s North Node or Dragon’s Head lands smack dead in the middle of Obama’s first house and conjuncts Obama’s Moon. Obama may very well have modeled his personality, style and appearance after a father figure who he imagined and dreamed to be a lot like King.

(2) I offer that the charts in synastry indicate that King and Obama were brothers in past lives. In fact Slide 2’s synastry charts had so many connections I would go as far as say this is more likely a fact.

(3) Lastly, I offer that the charts in synastry show that King and Obama share a similar mission. King started it and Obama just picked up where King left off and moved forward. In western business culture they call this a finish to start relationship. In other words, King had to finish before Obama could start. This also explains the 40 year time lag? The time lag is due to the fact that King’s message had to set or rather solidify for African Americans, Women, Gays, Americans with Disabilities – everyone. Like Joshua, only when America was ready to fight for the civil rights of every man, woman, and child could a man like Obama vie for the presidency. The nation had to be cleansed and healed of its overt forms of disparity before someone like Obama could participate in a national election and win fair and square (see Slide 3 below for Timeline).

Slide 3 – Historical Timeline

How does a non-astrologer like James Presley see these things so clearly?

James Presley was probably able to:

(1) Approach the topic with an open mind from a biblical perspective;
(2) Reference his unwavering trust in a higher power, like God as well as Saints and Angels;
(3) Believe that for everything there is a season, and
(4) Trust the work of his ancestors. Our Ancestors who wrote the bible also worked out astronomical and astrological systems that can predict the timing of events.

Today, there are only remnants of the systems our ancestors used to predict events. A good example of a remnant still going strong is the Farmers Almanac. It’s still published and widely read in North America, but it is only a remnant of the old methods of prediction successfully employed by slave and slave owner alike to survey, settle, farm and ranch the United States.

In my 2009 analysis of the King and Obama charts, I use some of the old remnants which include the astronomical events of our Moon. As stated in previous blogs, throughout the ages the Moon has been a better than accurate predictor of fateful events. Our ancestors used the Moon to predict the best time to plant, the next year’s weather, storms, change in seasons, times of travel, times of birth as well as the rise and fall of empires. For instance, The Rise of Obama series was created as a result of findings I uncovered after careful analysis of the Eclipse of August 2008 involving our Sun and Moon. Solar and Lunar eclipses and most notably the Moon’s orbits, shadows, and phases are considered astronomical phenomena and I believe that when read astrologically the Moon can show how people will be affected by events on earth.

One easy way of looking at astronomical phenomena is as a transportation system like a railway. At certain times trains (astronomical phenomena) full of tourists (Saints and Angels) show up with bags of “blessings” and “answers” both good and bad for the present, future and past.

For the purposes of building a better understanding among non-astrologers, I’m going to make an attempt at creating a fable. I call this fable “The Astronomical Making of a Man’s Mission.”

The Astronomical Making of a Man’s Mission

Right now we have a bunch of tourists (Saints and Angels) coming in at Earth Station North anxiously looking for a relative or an associate they haven’t seen in a few decades. Well, before many of them depart from the station, they crowd into telephone booths and computer kiosks only to discover that their relative has passed on or is just not in the position to receive the bag of blessings. So, many of our tourists (Saints and Angels) do an about face and head to Earth Station North’s Customer Service for help. The Customer Service Reps explain to the tourists how, in most cases, the blessings will go to the next worthy soul. But sometimes that worthy soul hasn’t been born yet or is not ready. In these cases, the Customer Service Rep recommends the blessings to be stored in a sort of Angel-Saint Savings and Loan or blessing bank.

Now just like there are millions of stars in the universe, there are many ways an Angel or Saint who finds a worthy soul can discharge a blessing. This is where a blessing type comes into play. Is it an isolated blessing like a miracle? Is it a one time window of opportunity? Is it part of the fated contract at birth? If it is part of the fated contract at birth with a bunch of what ifs attached to it, the tourist Angels tend to shy away from the planets. They’d rather employ the power of elliptical orbits that cross age old points, angles, and lines in the sky. The most widely used in the west are the Arabic Part of Fortune, The Vertex, and the Moon’s Nodes. The first choice is the Arabic Part of Fortune. She is good for miracles and other one time events. However, the Arabic Part of Fortune has a lot of rules having to do with partners and timing. There’s always the risk that the recipient could miss their intended blessing. The second is the Vertex but she may have a long wait time due to the fact that she requires a driver in order to be effective. While waiting she can lay dormant or spin up some pretty negative events and few Angels want all that. The third is the Moon’s Nodes. The Nodes are two guys named Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. One side is good, the other has a twist. Like the ocean tides, once every few hours the Moon’s Nodes re-position providing Angels and Saints an opportunity to discharge a varied range of blessings. Of course, because of the Nodes flexibility they have a long line — but it’s moving!

At this point, I’m going to see if I can capture what may have taken place when a tourist Angel, looking for Martin Luther King, Jr. discovers that King has passed on. He’s made it from the Customer Service Desk to the queue for the Moon’s Nodes.

“Next” a voice calls out through a fog to a group of Angels. They all look over their shoulders and around piles of bags and satchels wondering who is next?

“I think it’s you” points a tall rotund man in a Persian style turban to a thin man in a toga wearing a laurel wreath around his head. After a moment or two of nervous squinting and arm flailing our toga clad fellow yells out “Yes, Yes!” But he is unsure of whether to walk straight or turn right or left.

“Step right this way,” the voice directs. Miraculously a short thin man in a red cap and a blue military style jacket with gold toned buttons appears at the toga clad Angel’s side to assist with his bags. The red capped man points the toga clad Angel into the fog. The toga clad Angel nods in response and steps hesitantly forward.

“Right this way,” the voice guides.

After a few steps through the thick fog the toga clad Angel sees a figure. It’s a man in a beige baseball cap. He’s seated at a glass desk in front of a wall of clear water. “Oh thank the heavens, it’s the clerk,” he whispers in prayer clasping his hands together. “I remember you,” the clerk announced pointing a pencil at the toga clad Angel. “You showed up here late for John Kennedy in 1964 and we ended up giving half his blessings to Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

“I was not late,” responded the Angel indignantly.

“Rest your feet,” directed the man pointing his pencil at a folding chair. “So who’re ye here for?”

“Martin Luther King, Jr.” the Angel announced proudly.

“Ar ya serious?” asked the clerk.

“What madness is this…?”

“No madness,” the clerk replied in a chuckle. “But Martin Luther King, Jr. has been dead for some forty years and the last I heard he was volunteering as a Saint in Chicago.”

“A saint!”

The clerk pushed his chair back and turned facing the wall of flowing water. After a moment or two he waves his right hand horizontally back and forth across the flow.

“What do you see?” asked the Angel.

“A man who wants to be president. He is very good at finding common ground between people who don’t like each other. The language used is very different but the mission is the same.”

“In war!”

“No, in peace.”

“Aaaah!” responded the Angel. “Such a man regardless of his position is deserving of these gifts.”

“Huuuumm!” pondered the clerk. “But peace doesn’t feed people, or bring rains, or stop the earth from trembling. These are some of the world’s big problems.”

“You’re right God does all that” piped the toga clad Angel. “ Peace just allows beings like me to finish their work! Now young man, when can I discharge my goods?”

“August”…answered the clerk. The clerk’s image changed briefly to that of Father Time. This startled the toga clad Angel who sat back in his chair. Father Time then slowly turned back to the image of the clerk and began starring into the water. “Yes… August 1, 2008…there’s an eclipse… a Node, a Saint…it’ll work!”

The Angel, realizing that he was in the presence of a great one leaned forward cautiously and nodded in humble approval.

“You’ve got a 36-hour wait, ” explained the clerk. “I’ll give you a pass to the Lion’s Den and…”

“Biggie!!” a voice boomed from behind the clerk. A man resembling a very young and slim version of Brad Pitt emerged and without warning leapt toward the toga clad Angel.

“What madness is this…” screamed the toga clad Angel.

“Tupak, Tupak take yer hands offa that man, yeu don know him,” scolded the clerk.

The man the clerk referred to as Tupak stood up, withdrew and stared at the toga clad Angel whose headband of laurel sat lopsided and wilted upon his head.

“I’ve done it again, I’m sorry sir a…a…”

“I am Arcturus the 22nd” answered the Angel as he straightened his head laurel, rubbed his neck, and brushed dust from his toga.

“Tupak!” exclaimed the clerk in stern warning. Tupak crouched down low and faded from sight.

“Yes sir Mr. Arctorfus the 22nd step this way” said the clerk in a gentle tone seemingly undisturbed by the interruption. He rose from his desk and step around to the first Angel and extended his hand to help him up from his seat. “This way now. I’ll point you to the main Kiosk for the Lions Den. My assistant will carry your bags over. All you have to do is give them this pass and they’ll take it from there.”

The Angel Arcturus took the pass and quickly uttered prayers for what occurred between the clerk, the strange man called Tupak and himself. He then looked straight into the clerk’s eyes. “Just give him a mission and he will be whole again. “

“It is not my will,” responded the clerk as he guided the first Angel into the fog. As Arcturus stepped forward, he heard the clerk call out some feet behind him: “Next!”

Arcturus the 22nd, made his way confidently through the thick fog as directed by the clerk. After the 12th step the fog began to clear again. Soon he was able to make out a white gazebo. As he drew nearer he could hear voices. He detected some distress in the tones. It seemed that there was a dispute going on.

“Sir, may I remind you that I am General Goethals and I’m here to escort General Eisenhower on a pleasure trip to Hawaii.”

“You are not listening. You must go back through to the clerk and get a new pass,” pleaded another man. This one appeared as a young brown haired man fashioning a pony tail and a saber. Oddly, he was dressed in a long sleeve oversized white tee shirt, beige cargo paints, and sneakers. “This pass is no good for the Lions Den. It’s expired. Besides, General Eisenhower is not here!”

As soon as the Angel Arcturus approached, the man calling himself General Goethals faded from sight much like the Tupak fellow. In fact, he thought they looked the same.

“Welcome!” the pony tailed man bowed low, rose, clicked his heels and extended his hand. “Your pass please?”

Arcturus handed over his pass and watched as the pony tailed clerk examined it intently. “Please step this way,” he instructed leading Arcturus through the gazebo into a lush garden restaurant teeming with plants, flowers and wide screen TVs with headphones. Arcturus could see a bar in the foreground where a bartender was busy taking orders from waiters. All the tables were round with glass tops. They were garden tables with small telephones in the middle of them. All the tables were spaced generously allowing for extra wide chairs and ottomans. Several Angels who had arrived earlier were already snoozing — a few with mouths gaped open. Judging from the mounds of food and empty glasses of wine, there was little wonder why this behavior was so pervasive.

The pony tailed man guided Arcturus to his table. “Here we are,” he explained clasping his hands and winking. “You have a 36-hour lay over before your event. The wait staff will bring you anything you’d like. The extra chairs and telephone are for visitors who will be collaborating with you on the event. If you need anything or have any questions our wait staff is equipped to assist you. Welcome to the Lion’s Den Angel Arcturus the 22nd and enjoy your stay.”

Arcturus the 22nd sat for a while undisturbed taking in his Eden like surroundings. He had nearly drifted off to sleep when a waiter appeared.

“Mr. Arcturus sir,” he said politely bowing low enough to expose the crown of his head where the hair was just beginning to thin. “My name is Slomenivic and I will be serving you today.” He handed Arcturus a menu and explained what the specials were as well as the events that would occur. He wrote every request down and he seemed to appear instantaneously with food, drink, as well as incoming messages and reports. For some hours Arcturus was allowed to snooze. Angels don’t usually sleep but this was Earth Station North – odd things were not a surprise.

A day later the waiter appeared to gently wake Arcturus. “Your first member is here. It’s the Saint’s Dragon’s Head. He’s straight with the details he just wants to meet you.”

This happened repeatedly until the actual Saint appeared with another Angel called Guardian representing the Moon. It seemed as if they all had met before. They laughed and talked like old friends – but they weren’t. It may be another century before they all get the chance to meet again. The waiter brought wine and they toasted to this possibility as the countdown to the Eclipse of August 2008 began. The Saint left first to take his position and the Saint’s Node returned for his position was to sit with Arcturus. The Guardian representing the Moon departed next for his place was with the recipient. Arcturus was getting nervous it was time he opened his bag.

“Here it is!” Arcturus exclaimed raising an old, worn brown leather satchel.

“Do you think we’ll make a difference this time,” asked the Saint’s Dragon Head.

“It’s a slightly different approach,” explained Arcturus. “But I’m sure we’ll make a difference.”

Suddenly, the lights in the Lion’s Den dimmed – The Eclipse had arrived. Arcturus opened the satchel and a small spark of starlight flew out tapping the Saint’s Dragon Head on the shoulder and roaming slowly around the Lion’s Den. Then without warning the starlight took off at the speed of light traveling to each member of the Arcturus team positioned on Earth and in the Heavens. When light finally emerged from behind the Moon marking the end of the Eclipse, the starlight raced toward it and blended in with the Sun’s rays racing toward North America (see Slide 4 below).

Slide 4
Arcturus and the Saint’s Dragon Head jumped and dance around in glee.

“Thank you, it will be different. I just know it!” exclaimed the Saint’s Dragon Head.

At that moment the pony tailed man and the red capped man appeared to collect Arcturus and his bags.

Arcturus bid his friend farewell and wiped a tear from his eye.

“These bags are much lighter this time,” commented the red capped man as he lead Arcturus back through the Gazebo into a thick fog. In no time they were back aboard a train. “By the way, who did you decide to give the blessings to?” asked the red cap.

“I gave the light to a man running for president somewhere in America. I think they call him Obama.”

See Slide 2 and try to locate all of Arcturus’ team members. If you find more please send a message through this blog.

Just like when we were kids, sometimes a simple fable or two helps foster simple understandings. Maybe The Rise of Obama is just like what James Presley described when he told the media he saw Obama “like it was with Moses and the children of Israel.” Maybe it’s like Joshua? Maybe it’s like King? All I know is that the heavens have a way of re-cycling old blessings to fill a need.

Personally, I don’t believe Obama is like Moses, Joshua or King even though historical similarities exist. Frankly, I wouldn’t want Obama to lead us to a dead end in the desert for forty years, or into a war to kill every living soul because he made the Sun and the Moon stand still (by the way this was probably an eclipse). Similarly, I wouldn’t want Obama as a spiritual leader in the same manner as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King’s mission was unique. He was charged with changing the psychological mindset of a defeated people so they could stand up, challenge and change a nation’s culture and laws for the betterment of everyone. Anyone watching VH1 today can see how much circumstances have changed. My hope is that Obama’s rise will grow to foster understanding and trust among world leaders. Imagine a planet where world leaders really trusted the United States. Do you war with those you trust?

Yes, like in the case of Joshua, the Sun and the Moon seem to stand still long enough to bless Obama with the U.S. Presidency. If the Eclipse of August 2008 unleashed certain blessings fostering a miracle, my hope is that the miracle will continue to trample mis-perception and spawn constructive change for us all.





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