Triumph for Obama

16 02 2009

The Rise of Obama Part 15

“Passage of the stimulus measure — unprecedented in
its cost — was a major triumph for Obama as he struggles to lift the country from a financial nosedive unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Top aides said Sunday the skyrocketing unemployment rate would fall once the money begins to flow. But they also said the economy will continue its downward spiral in the short term.”

By STEVEN R. HURST, Associated Press Writer

For a while it didn’t look good for brother Obama. Our native son and his wife had to hit the road to garner support for the Stimulus Bill from America. Within days, Republicans succumbed to the pressure and took a step closer to middle ground. The result was the passage of the 2009 Stimulus Bill. America will be back to work soon thanks to Congress, Obama, the Eclipse of August 2008 and the cornerstone of the White House!!!

Obama and the Eclipse of August 2008 have a great deal of unfinished business and the 2009 Economic Stimulus Bill is just one of them. If Obama fails at making any other accomplishment, the Stimulus Bill just may be his crowning achievement putting him alongside figures like Delano Roosevolt. In short, Obama’s win will give the economy the wiggle room it needs to make a sound recovery and regain its global competitiveness.

In Slide 1 I’ve given you the Obama, Eclipse Chart and the Denver Stimulus Bill Signing Charts. One of the first things I noticed was Denver’s Vertex in Libra 4th House sextile the Eclipse of August 2008 Sun and Moon. This combination appears to herald in Obama’s success at bringing opposing factions together for love of home and country. It will be a new beginning and it will feel – at least for Obama – so right.

Locked in the heavens over Denver at the time of the Stimulus Bill signing is a 4-point stellium in the 8th house. A stellium is usually made up of 3 or more planets or elliptical points that radiate like a star or a second Sun. This stellium is in the house of banking, taxes, law, sex, death and secrets. It seems an auspicious time for signing a Bill having to do with economies. Also, Jupiter is conjunct Denver’s Midheaven in the 7th house of contracts, relationships and partnerships. Obama’s visit to Denver will indeed make them partners in consummating this deal. World leaders near and far will probably tune in when the moment takes place to watch our president wisely use the opportunity to thank folks from places like Denver for pressuring their congress people into moving fast to pass the Stimulus Bill. Another important point in these charts is the alignment of Denver’s Ascendant to the Eclipse Midheaven in the 10th House. I believe this shows how the American people are in tune with the president and his mission, albeit divine, to heal a beleaguered nation.

If all this timing stuff seems curious to you, that’s good! There’s a great deal of history behind it and news reports of First Ladies like Nancy Reagan consulting astrologers is only the tip of the iceburg. Did you know President Teddy Roosevelt would caste his own astrology charts? It doesn’t take long for people who move to Washington to learn about who their forefathers really were. They were Freemasons. They had names like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. They wrote the Constitution, they fought in the Revolutionary War, they designed Washington and then purchased slaves to build it. Unlike many European nations, you won’t find gargoyles in Washington. You will find Lions, lots of Fish, Eagles, squares, rules and pentagrams. It is said that the cornerstone of most government buildings including the Capitol and the White House have a mysterious Masonic Emblem etched in the cornerstone. In as few as 80-years following the Revolutionary War, farming, masonry and the profit from slavery was so lucrative that there was very little free land along the Eastern Corridor. Where one farm ended another began. What did they have in common? History shows that the commonality was a connection with Freemasonry.

So it’s safe to assume that any president working out of the White House may get caught up in the energy of our forefathers thus making the White House and the adjoining grounds a very prestigious yet mysteriously spooky place for the average citizen.

In Slide 2 I tried to depict the role of the White House in the announcement of the Stimulus Bill Passing. Two things rang out when I reviewed the charts. The first was Obama’s Part of Fortune conjunct the White House Sun in the 9th. Texts like Martin Schulmann’s Joy and the Part of Fortune say that this placement “creates a strong identification with the Deity, or some personal representation of that Deity.” Deity means someone exalted or revered as supremely good or powerful. The White House spirit is very proud of Obama and it wants to teach him. In fact, the entire chart appears as if this is some type of post-graduate thesis kinda journey for Obama. The White House North Node in the 7th sextiles Obama’s Deity or Part of Fortune. What’s interesting about this placement is that it’s on the cusp of the 8th House having to do with banking, taxes, the law, sex, death and secrets. The White House North Node is also conjunct transiting Venus in the 8th House. This placement appears to be drawing guests and agreements of all sorts. Let’s hope this is a harbinger of good things to come.

Slide 3 is what I call Lucky Pairs. President Obama is an extremely lucky man who has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. If he signs the Bill before noon or better yet at 9:00 am Slide 3 has the line-up. Obama’s Lunar Return has a 3-point Stellium composed of Jupiter, the Vertex and the North Node. All are in the 5th house in the sign of Aquarius. Obama’s Lunar Return North Node is close but not exactly conjunct the transiting North Node. Interestingly, the transiting Arabic Part of Treasure Trove also accompanies this placement and not far away is the Arabic Part of Kings and Sultans. Such aspects usually denote an event of magnitude for a very great man. Also, Obama’s Venus is conjunct the Aries Point in the 7th House. It seems Obama will be charged and feeling really good about the outcome of his efforts on behalf of the people of America.

So where’s Oprah? Those dearn rags called the Examiner and Enquirer have scared her off!! But, a woman like Oprah only departs to re-group and charge again. That’s why she’s so successful.

Stay tuned!!





2 responses

18 02 2009
jude cowell

Hi The_Betty! Have added you to my Astrology Friends list after finding your Masonic Washington post…and I added a comment for it at the AstroDispatch feed for good measure!Best Regards, Jude

23 11 2009
Elsa P

The_Betty, Obama does have an astrologer,I know this for a fact.

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