Brother’s Keeper: Obama-NYSE

23 03 2009

The Rise of Obama – Part 17


No Obi Wan here. NYSE – The world puts its stock in us. What happened to US?
I’ve always lived with the understanding that in order to fix something you’ve got to know how it works – and to understand how a thing works you just may have to take it apart. What’s the risk? Well, you may end up with something broken, or something ingenious and long lasting!

President Obama, his cabinet and his supporters are determined to work through all the kicking and screaming and finally take the Wall Street-NYSE machine apart. They hope to come up with something ingenious and long lasting. But things may get messy in the interim.

Is Obama’s Inagural Honeymoon over? Yes.
Does he care about what the Political Pundits are saying? Yes!
Is he gonna do something about it? Ya darn tootin!
President Obama cares so much about the negative spin political pundits (spurred on by their NYSE buddies) are heaping on him that he and his supporters have taken to the streets!

Outside a Herndon supermarket, volunteer David McCracken persuades Dejene Dife to support President Obama’s budget proposal. McCracken said he was surprised at how readily people signed cards pledging their support. (By Tracy A. Woodward — The Washington Post)

Fighting Fire with Obi Grass

Having lived through the demise of President Jimmy Carter, I daresay the conflagration of republican tactics have not changed. But the aging right wingers are being head off by a group of skillful obi wan like grass roots organizers.

“Obama is seeking to create a grass-roots force on a scale never seen before. Obama called his volunteers into action in a video (Sunday, March 22, 2009) message reminiscent of the 2008 contest. In defense of his budget, under attack from many quarters, he asked his supporters to go block by block and door by door. More than 1,200 groups from Maine to Hawaii spent the day gathering signatures in support of Obama’s economic plan, the first step in building what the White House hopes will be a standing political army ready to do battle.”

Peter Slevin and Michael Laris, Washington Post Staff Writers

In previous blogs I’ve illustrated how The Eclipse of August 2008 teflon coated Obama to win the presidency and forge change. Here are the charts again for review:

Eclipse of August 2008

Brother’s Keeper: Obama – NYSE

Obama’s rhetoric is clear. He wants NYSE to put on a new face, conform to new laws, seek above board deals, and play fair with the bailout funds provided by the American taxpayer. The NYSE was created by constitution March 8, 1817 on Wall Street in New York City. Below is a synastry chart of Obama and NYSE I call Brother’s Keeper. In order to understand the chart, just imagine that the NYSE is Obama’s very well dressed but wayward Peter Pan like brother, whose drunkenness and womanizing has gone too far. Most of NYSE’s well meaning friends have fled, his enemies are too many to count, and the country is all riled up and ready to smash the windows of his Mercedes Benz. “I can do it myself,” he insists. “Just give me time and I’ll self correct,” he reasons. “For now, I just need a few billion bucks to pay those commissions I promised,” he adds adjusting the volume on his Ipod.

While NYSE cops a plea, a few of NYSE’s greedy friends have thrown up smoke screens full of negative spin about Obama and his Treasury Secretary. Yes, some well meaning members of the press may have sold out for a nice dinner or impressive gift. This was done to get Congress off the trail of the bailout funds and on the trail of Geithner’s new budget plan designed to reel in the coat tails of greedy mortgage stock traders. To make sure they make a clean break, NYSE and his greedy friends sold out Senator Christopher Dodd from Connecticut. They’re making Dodd appear complicit in their troublesome mortgage stock trading schemes.

  • Slow build: Starting March 22 and ending around Memorial Day (May 26)
  • Watch the Obi Wan like door to door movement gain momentum puzzling the right and news media. By June it will no longer be politically correct to bash Geithner’s plan.
  • Change/protests may not be peaceful
  • NYSE will be steeped in damaged control. May need PR consultants to improve image.
  • Senator Dodd of Connecticut coined fall guy—falls from grace—gives up seat!






One response

23 03 2009
jude cowell

Woo – you’ve gone out on a predictive limb but i like it! And I agree with you about Geithner – besides, I have to wonder who on earth would agree to take his job if he gave it up. Wondering if you’ve always used Mar 8, 1817 for the NYSE? I tend toward using the ‘Buttonwood Tree’ chart for May 17, 1792 (but have never compared the two charts…perhaps I should.)Jude

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