Pomp and Circumstance emerges from Sun trine Sun

23 11 2009

The Rise of Obama – Part 22
The Betty
When President Barack Obama headed for China, the transiting Sun waxed toward a trine with the Reform Eclipse of July 21, 2009.
Out of the shadows of the Reform Eclipse, pomp and circumstance filled the news. Hamid Karzai vowed ‘reform’ as he assumed a second term in beleagured Afghanistan, the Pope opened his doors to Anglicans, and the White House prepared for its first State Dinner under the Obama Administration.
Here’s a recap of this weeks events The Betty has captured in the Timeline for the Desire for Reforms Eclipse called ‘Out of the Shadows.’
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Sun trine Sun, Moon conjunct North Node, Saturn conjunct MC, Venus conjunct Part of Fortune, Jupiter trine Venus, and Mercury trine Mercury left those affected and working the most difficult situations in a good mood. Yes, Saturn and Pluto nearly square like in November 4th’s Fort Hood Chart. But the good feeling transits of the inner planets work miracles at canceling out the weighty and heavy matters spurred by the Part of Saturn on the descendant and Pluto conjunct Vertex in the 10th house. In fact, our news was filled with the positive side of Reform. But that old devil Saturn had his way in China as the country admitted to its failing efforts at saving miners buried deep underground.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
President Obama returned home with a great diplomatic achievement under his belt. His return from Asia was heralded with a Sun trine Sun event. According to the tri-wheel chart below President Obama felt encouraged by the week’s accomplishments even though most of his time away was filled with the pomp and circumstance of foreign affairs diplomacy. Yet, despite his achievements, it appears as if his enemies were waiting at the gate when he landed. In the tri-wheel view below, the transiting Sun is conjunct Obama’s natal MC in the 12th house of Secret Enemies.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Cross purposes may be the theme of the tri-wheel chart below. First, we have the Nov 21 ’09 Sun reaping karma in the 12th house of secret enemies. Second we have a distinct 1st and 7th house conflict as the President communicates the tentative agreements he made in China and Korea. The US economy is not strong enough to sustained a leading role in all arenas of conflict around the world. So our President may have had to make concessions that will: (1) keep the economy in check, and (2) keep our enemies under a sensitive thumb.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Look for more updates as the transiting Sun makes a 144 degree angle to the Reform Eclipse affecting the terrain and political outlook of The Rise of Obama.



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