Clash of the Titans: Obama v McCrystal

26 11 2009

The Rise of Obama – Part 24

President Obama’s address to the nation on Tuesday is an attempt to reform U.S. military positioning that will allow NATO (watch India) a chance to whip Hamid Karzai’s Afghan Army into shape. As you may recall, Hiliary helped clear the way for this strategy by demanding that Karzai get his allied war lords up to speed on the changes that will occur with the upcoming troop build-up. She also warned Karzai of the consequences if he continued to turn a blind eye to the graft and bribery within his government.

Trouble in the House Saturn Rules

On Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 the transiting Sun will be exactly 130 degrees from the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun-Moon. The transiting Sun is headed toward a sesquisquadrate aspect with the Reforms Eclipse Sun. Traditionally, a sesquisquadrate is a 135 degree aspect that brings change and instability.

So be prepared to hear one of Obama’s best ‘rally em to the cause’ speeches yet via transiting Venus in Sagg, 10th house conjunct his Midheaven in Scorpio. He will speak of all things to all people. He will evoke American pride, values, and relationships via transiting Sun conjunct Vertex in Sagg 10th house. As our Commander in Chief, he will convey honesty and humility about agreements that have been broken, transformed, changed, and situations that have become dangerous via the Part of Saturn and the Lots of Manilus in the 7th house of the Reform Eclipse. He will appeal to the heart of Americans as he unveils his new plan for the American troop build-up in Afghanistan. He will speak of reforming America’s vision for Afghanistan due to the Reform Eclipse Sun and Moon trining his Midheaven. But, on December 1, 2009, Obama will be speaking to Americans during a waxing sesquisquadrate aspect between the transiting Sun and the Reforms Eclipse Sun. So expect Obama to unveil changes that may stun some in his own administration breeding anger, jealousy, resentment and a general feeling of instability among the ranks. This instability will give rise to a Saturn-Pluto-Mars conflict, due in large part, to the Saturn conjunct Vertex and Mars conjunct Vertex aspects in the 7th house. This Saturn conjunct Vertex aspect usually conveys trouble in the house Saturn rules. In the Reforms Eclipse Chart, Saturn rules the 11th house where Pluto resides.

The McCrystal Effect

A few months ago, in anticipation of the need for troop build-up in Afghanistan, General McCrystal leaked to the press his desired troop levels and the reasons for this need without clearing it through the White House. This blind-sided members of the Obama Administration who were immediately thrust into media damage control. I predict something similar will happen, and General McCrystal will be the source. But more importantly, this action will be the last straw for Obama due to a Mars conjunct Moon transit in the 4th house squaring his natal Pluto in the 7th. Obama may have to discharge his Obi Wan persona for a time and aggressively deal with The McCrystal Effect. BTW, I did not see General McCrystal on the list of invitees to the White House State Dinner. If I’m wrong, I’ll stand corrected. The triwheel chart below depicts Obama’s Natal chart in the inner wheel, the Reforms Eclipse chart in the middle wheel, and the Afghan Strategy Speech in the outer wheel.

As the transiting Sun makes an exact sesquisquadrate contact to the Eclipse Sun on Sunday, December 6th expect last minute changes due to unraveling details unbeknown to the president during his address to the nation. This will bring a throng of enemies to Obama’s gate with scathing and doubt filled editorial opinions about instability in the ranks. In brief, expect differences in what General McCrystal needs and what the President told the American people he can give to surface. General McCrystal may even try some more ‘one-up-manship’ on his Commander-in-Chief by beating him to the media with precision like leaks in an effort to gain funding and autonomy.

McCrystal is our Pluto and Obama our Mars
In the quadriwheel view Obama’s Natal chart is the innermost, the Reforms chart is the middle inner, the Afghan Speech is the middle outer and the Afghan Sesquiquadrate chart is the outermost. When you examine this view you’ll see that Mars is on the right side of the chart and Pluto is predominately on the left side. McCrystal is our Pluto and Obama our Mars. Obama does have Pluto in the 7th house conjunct the Vertex but in the natal chart he can’t really capitalize on transforming his relationship because the orb is too wide. This will force Obama to step out of his Obi Wan Chief Administrator role and into a ‘bad ass’ I’m the Commander-in-Chief role of which he was elected. You see, no one in the cabinet or White House staff possesses the positioning to tell General McCrystal to hold his roll except the President. Will McCrystal yield?

As you can surmise, this does not look like an easy road for Obama. He will be working under the stress of Saturn, Libra, 8th house opposing the Aries Point in the 2nd house. Both square McCrystal’s Pluto, Capricorn, conjunct Mercury in the 11th house. But McCrystal may be playing a dangerous game as his statements and actions will oppose his Commander-in-Chief personally. See the outermost transit of Pluto conjunct Mercury opposing the innermost Venus, Cancer, 5th house.

Will Obi Wan Succumb to the Enemy

But more importantly, watch those secret enemies in the 12th house! The Obama-McCrystal rift will have them salivating and moving into position. Will this be good for our President whose Natal Moon will be at 3 degrees Gemini, 4th house when the Afghanistan Sesquiquadrate occurs? Remember, the first few degrees of Gemini are Pleiades. Saturn, Libra 8th house is aspecting Obama’s Gemini Moon. This is the same devil Saturn who stirred up all the trouble at Fort Hood on November 4. The same devil Saturn that stood square to Pluto and opposed the Aries Point when Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his comrades. Will controlled response and integrity (Obi Wan) cost Obama in the balance? He cannot hide or bury himself in diplomatic affairs with this one. Besides, the Saturn-Pluto-Mars aspects that encompass 3 of the 4 quadrants in the charts below will only flush him out.

Take heart, Obama may get some help from his own cloak and dagger crew, but his Obi Wan side may get the better of him if he ties to restrict their response reasoning that he does not want to get caught in the muddle of details outside the responsibility of his office. Check out the 12th house in Capricorn for the innermost Saturn conjunct Jupiter, then the middle inner North Node conjunct the middle outer Part of Fortune and then the middle outer North Node conjunct the outermost North Node.

Stay tuned for a another installment of the Timeline ‘Out of the Shadows’ chronicling the effects of the Afghanistan Sesquisquadrate on the Reform Eclipse events during The Rise of Obama.

Hey, I could be wrong.





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