Venus’ Butt: Latest Risk Forbodes Sudden Change of Fortune

28 05 2010

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Venus Ebone Starr Williams, five time Wimbledon Champ and holder of the most gold Olympic medals of any active female tennis player of our time rocked the Saturn opposition Jupiter aspect on Sunday, May 23 at the French Open. The disciplined athlete (Saturn) stepped on the court in front of worldwide television (Jupiter) creating a media event in a creative yet controversial frock (Uranus) from her own line of clothing: Eleven. (See more Eleven at:

Is something going on with Venus?

Venus’ frock for the French Open was a fetching see-thru, black laced negligee with flesh-tone shorts. Unlike Americans who posted internet comments like “he looks good in that dress” the French fans wooed the alluring, androgynous, ebony toned, tennis diva with waves of cheers.  It seems the French don’t consider the human body disgusting and the judges didn’t give it a second thought.  Yes, I understand that Venus is an adult.  And yes, I know this is a new age.  But, I still can’t help but wonder why one of the reigning queens of Tennis showed up butt naked at the French Open. Let’s hope she has the good sense to keep her clothing choices conservative for the sake of those stuffy Americans who will show for the U.S. Open in Cincinnati.

Make no mistake, Lil Kim (who likes to reveal a breast or two), Lady Gaga and some more of the Hip Hop crew are crazed.  By now they’ve assigned groupies the job of texting Venus about getting a hold of one of those Elevens.  Funny…right…but what’s really going on here?

Heckles from Online:

From RickWS: Looked more like Uranus Williams. (Is he an astrologer?)

Troymon: What the . . . ? She can’t be comfortable playing in that. (She won!)

Patcase: Absolutely disgusting and her mother should have told her so. (Pat, Venus is almost 30!)

Not only did Venus rock the transiting Saturn opposition Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct Uranus aspects at the French Open, she rocked her very own Saturn-Mars to a 6-3, 6-3 victory over longtime tennis adversary Patty Schnyder in the opening round. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is not an indicator of depression.  A cancellation or a miserable loss might be an indicator of depression, but a sound win is not.

So why the breast and buttocks?

So what does this breast and buttocks showing got to do with anything? Let’s check out Venus’ natal Saturn in Virgo 12th house for clues. If you’re a star gazer like me, you’ll be amazed by all the yods, kites, and mystic triangles in Venus’ chart.

To see a larger view click inside the image once.

Alas, the birth chart is not really telling us what’s up with Venus and her breast and buttocks at the French Open.  Maybe a bi-wheel view with the birth chart on the inside and the transits on the outside will tell a better story.

Notes from the One Minute Astrologer: For those born in the Western Hemisphere the Vertex falls in the 5th thru the 9th houses.  However in a computer generated bi-wheel chart view, the inner chart’s Ascendant leads.  This causes the Vertex in the outer chart to move to other houses.  Email, text, or Twitter me if you don’t get this.

To see a larger view click inside the image once.

For Venus Williams, Sunday May 23, 2010 was suppose to be the end of a difficult phase or cycle in her life.  And on Sunday, transiting Jupiter (the planet of opportunity), and Uranus (the planet of the unexpected) conspired to jumpstart her new phase with a sudden positive change of fortune. But a destructive aspect was at work involving transiting Saturn and the Moon to reverse this intent. Venus gave into this brief yet destructive energy wave and allowed it to spur difficulty in her relationships, raise questions about her notion of reality, and stir outsider interest on how well she’s really fitting in – really.  In an act of egotistical defiance, Venus showed up to the match and put on a display she may never live down in the American west.   Venus needs to realize that what was revealed on Sunday will continue to spin out of control and re-emerge every time transiting Jupiter makes a significant aspect to her natal or transiting Saturn. Will the emergence be positive or negative?  It’s too soon to tell.  Besides, most people don’t know what’s up with Venus.  Most want to give her the benefit of the doubt. They want to understand.

Say, where is Hank?  Hank who you ask?  He’s Venus’ so called love interest.  What kinda beau would allow his sweetheart to bare her breast and buttocks in France?  Answer:  The one you see below.

As you can surmise, there’s been no word from Hank on what’s up with Venus.  Maybe a tabloid like “News of the World” will come up with something.  Even if it’s bogus, it’s better than nothing.

The Desire for Reforms Eclipse has its Say

Because I’m not easily discouraged, I searched for more clues in the Desire for Reforms Eclipse.  I rationalized that since Venus was born on June 21 and the Desire for Reform Eclipse landed on July 21 she may, for better or worse, be impacted by its aspects. My hunch was correct as evidenced in the dual wheel and bi-wheel view of the charts below.  I’m using the two views to illustrate how the inner wheel’s Ascendant affects the outer wheel.  For example, in the dual wheel view we see the natural positions of the charts.  In this view Venus’ Ascendant is in Libra and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Ascendant is in Capricorn. But take a look at the bi-wheel view.  As you can see Venus’ chart is the inner wheel and her Ascendant remains in the natural position of Libra.  But when coupled with the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the outside, the view for the outer wheel turns counter clockwise by 4-houses, thus moving the Vertex to the 11th house. The outer wheel’s Ascendant remains in Capricorn but it has moved from the 1st to the 4th house.  Some astrologers will argue for hours about this.  But any controversy would be due to differences in interpretation techniques.  Personally, I like to think that the heavens orbit around the person.  Some believe otherwise.  And, still others believe using a birthchart rather than a solar return or progressed chart for an adult is ludicrous.  Truthfully, everyone’s right if they are able to justify their findings through historical data and actual events.  Here are the charts and my findings.

The Dual Wheel View
To see a larger view click inside the image once.

The Nitty Gritty on Venus: Bi-Wheel View
To see a larger view click inside the image once.

Last Word on Venus

As we can now surmise from the buttocks photo, Venus’ Saturn Return and the Desire for Reform Eclipse a very personal matter involving Venus’ relationships concerning family, love, and business have turned her attention away from public image issues.  Such an oversight can bring on rapid endings, sudden changes and possibly reversals of fortune.

Do you think Venus could be headed toward a rapid ending of her reign on the Tennis Circuit due to this event?

Feel free to leave a comment, send an email, text or twitter me with your answers.  I’ll start the ball rolling by saying, the Desire for Reforms chart is begging Venus to find new ways of balancing, coping, and collaborating in everything she does.  Granted this may be hard for someone who made a home of the Tennis Circuit and achieved iconic status at 25, but struggle she must. Like many other athletes, Venus may need to take a hiatus from the circuit and her iconic Tennis platform to focus and tune in on building a new, very human, down to earth persona. Yeah, I know she launched Eleven for that very purpose but more work is needed in order for the line to mature and furrow out a niche in the marketplace.  In my opinion, any further athletic pursuits and/or achievements by Venus beyond her 5 Wimbledon wins and 3 gold medals is at best gravy and at its worse overkill.  She’s only ranked second in the World behind her sister Serena and that’s after being ranked first for as long as I can remember!

Venus, you need to get a life, a life coach, a good man, an American automobile endorsement, or a high powered tennis racket endorsement, or a sexy sniper rifle, or baby formula endorsement and a good astrologer.  Phooey on those folks who say you don’t need an astrologer – you do!  Just ask Oprah if you don’t believe me! Say Venus, if you don’t have an astrologer, I can direct you to a couple of hundred just waiting to give you a hand at balancing and maximizing all of your trines, yods, kites, mystic triangles, and don’t forget those very lucky stars!


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