Taxes, Tiger, Sex and Theories: The Approaching Quincunx

21 02 2010

The Austin Plane Crash, the North Illinois University shooting, Tiger’s Apology, Obama’s defense of the stimulus bill and Newsweek’s Debunking of popular conspiracy theories are the headliners for the Approaching Quincunx of the Desire for Reforms Eclipse.

Robert Hand in his book Horoscope Symbols defines the Quincunx as “forcing choices between very different positions.” A Quincunx occurs when two planets are exactly 150 degrees apart. When a quincunx occurs, notable events erupt. During the separating quincunx last December most of Europe and the Northeast corridor of the U.S. experienced freezing temperatures that threatened lives. See: During the current or approaching quincunx the transiting Sun is moving toward the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. Last week we saw some of the outcomes of forced choices between different positions.  To see a larger view, just click inside the image once.

What’s So Stimulating?

On Wednesday, February 17 President Obama defended his $787 billion Stimulus Plan meant to help the U.S. avoid another Great Depression. In the year since the bill’s enactment, the unemployment rate hasn’t budged despite tax cuts, credits, and investments in infrastructure, energy efficiency and broadband. It seems that even a forced influx of cash into the economy can’t overcome the volatile U.S. and Global Marketplaces.

About Joe’s Taxes…

At the apex of the quincunx is Joseph Stack. He was the engineer who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin Texas. I’ve calculated impact between 10:00 and 10:11 am Thursday, February 18. An online suicide note indicates that Joseph Stack felt he was forced into his position and his choice of flying a plane into a building. You can read Stack’s suicide note at: Below is a chart on the crash. The Desire for Reforms Eclipse is on the inside wheel and the Austin Plane Crash Transits are on the outside wheel. To see a larger view of the chart below, just click inside the image once.

Another Campus Shooting

On Friday, February 19 a student attending the Dekalb campus of North Illinois University was shot and wounded nearly two years after a fatal shooting at the school left half a dozen dead (,niu-campus-shooting-021910.article).

Tiger’s Five Six Hole Drive

Yet, the headliner of the week didn’t involve a horrific event, sub-zero temperatures, or politics of global magnitude. The story that captured the imagination of the public was Tiger Wood’s public apology for adultery. Tiger is desparately seeking to reform his relationship with his wife at home and with his business associates. See:

In sum, Tiger claimed he was out of control and had to submit himself to rehab in order to take back his sanity and enjoy a normal life. He also defended his wife Elin and claimed that she never struck him (even though she caught him sleeping around with 5 or more women at the same time). To see a larger view of the photo, just click inside the image once.

A Well Rehearsed Public Relations Coup

Tiger went as far as to say that there had never been an incident of domestic family violence. But what were we watching – really? We were watching the strategy of expert public relations consultants trying to mitigate the actions of a popular Don Juan in order to save and/or recapture millions of dollars in sports endorsement contracts. If you’d like to see the handy work of PR consultants involving other sports luminaries go to: There’s something to be said about a million dollar sports figure fessin’ up and saying I’m sorry.

Tiger’s Sex Secrets Revealed

Below is the birth chart of Tiger Woods. After a brief visual inspection of the chart, I found Tiger to be someone driven to be the first at everything. This drive equates to his desire to fit in. This is indicated by Chiron in Aries, 8th house. In some cases a desire to always be first is disastrous with the individual isolating themselves among family and friends. But in Tiger’s case Chiron’s desires were tempered by Pluto conjunct the Arabic Part of Fortune in Libra, 1st house. Here Tiger was given the opportunity to mold himself into a figure of non-self assertion. Early on in his life and career he may have feared disturbing the harmony he sought from family, friends and colleagues. This helped keep his desire to be first virtually unchecked by competitors. The result gave him room to grow into one of the world’s best golf pros. It’s as if Chiron quincunx the Ascendant helped him carve out a niche in golf by hurling personal challenges at his first quadrant. The first quadrant of a horoscopic chart is the first, second and third houses. The first quadrant comprises everything about a person’s personality, body, appearance, money, possessions, and communications.

Uranus and the North Node in Scorpio, 2nd house also points to curious circumstances. With Uranus and the North Node in Tiger’s 2nd house, money flows in and out of his wallet with ease. Uranus brings revolutionary changes to resources. This make’s Tiger focus on what’s necessary and what’s not. But the controversy is with the North Node in Scorpio, 2nd house. Here we find the inevitable. The North Node in Scorpio, 2nd house holds Tiger’s feet to the fire when it comes to issues surrounding passion, sexuality and obsession. This can be confirmed by the number of maidens who have emerged during his sex scandal.

After reviewing Uranus and the North Node in the 2nd house, I moved my attention back to the asteroid Chiron in Aries, along with Sedna in Taurus, and the South Node in Taurus. There in the 8th house lies the personal downside to Tiger’s hidden and controlled drive. For example, the South Node in Taurus, 8th house (naturally ruled by Venus) drives Tiger’s desire to acquire all of the sex and passion available while Sedna in Taurus handed him a consequence for everything obtained. Remember the 8th house places focus on banking, taxes, the law, SEX, death and SECRETS. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, its easy to see that all of the 8th house themes are issues Tiger has been dealing with in a very public manner lately.

Tiger’s Don Juan Chart Point

But the big question of the day is what makes Tiger so sexy and appealing to the ladies? What is it that brings these babes around, and tear up over him on national TV? The planet that takes the credit is Venus in Scorpio, 3rd house in the decan of the Moon. In researching the description of this combination I found the following words and phrases: loving, affectionate, interested only in the pleasures of life, and good for sex. It seems that Tiger’s Venus in Scorpio, 3rd house in the decan of the Moon acts like a sort of Don Juan chart point. The point gives him a grasp for the right timing and the right words especially around the opposite sex. No doubt this trait was honed to perfection by Pluto conjunct the Arabic Part of Fortune in the first house. The result is that these ladies felt no pressure to get involved with Tiger but when they did come in contact with him they found him open, a good listener and a willing provider of their every want and need. Furthermore, this Don Juan chart point places Tiger in a perpetual dreamy and romantic mood. He’s like this all the time! Make no mistake that this dreamy and romantic persona helps spur opportunities for him to wrestle panties off unsuspecting ladies who believe his non-assertive easy style with them is an indicator of true love.  Sadly, what these maidens learned in the media blitz of the past few months is that Tiger is little more than a reincarnation of Don Juan as golf player. Surprisingly, Elin knows Tiger. This is evident by the hefty pay-off clauses of their pre-nuptial agreement in case of divorce. Elin is promised millions if Tiger strays. To see a larger view of the chart below, just click inside the image once.

Tiger’s Karmic Debt Due

The next chart view depicts the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the inner wheel, the Approaching Quincunx in the middle wheel and Tiger’s Birth Chart on the outer wheel. Believe me when I say I was surprised to find such a strong connection between the Desire for Reforms Eclipse chart and Tiger’s Birth Chart. Upon visual inspection it appears that this was the year Tiger’s secrets were on a collision course with fate. In the 7th house we have the Saturn-Vertex aspect. This pattern is an indicator of divorce and trouble in the house that Saturn rules. In an earlier blog I wrote on Sex, Chaos, Lies, Divorce: The Opposition and What’s Up with Dennis Hopper? I discussed how the affects of Saturn-Vertex were driving Dennis Hopper to divorce. You can read more at:

Also in this view, Saturn is ruling the 11th house where Tiger’s Mercury is located. If you recall, a major deal breaker for Tiger and Elin were those text and voicemail messages that went back and forth between him and his anxious maidens. In fact, Tiger’s Mercury is still under seige. Within minutes of his public apology, three of the five maidens managed to make national news with one being offered a job as a television announcer. But that’s not all, this same Saturn-Vertex aspect is square Tiger’s Midheaven, Ic, and Moon. This sort of pattern appears to be keeping his personal and business matters in a continuos state of flux having to do with his career, his home and his emotional state. Sadly, the South Node conjunct Sedna in Taurus, 2nd house shows money leaking out of Tiger’s wallet this year. Very little seems to be flowing in (Frankly, this is not good news for his maidens and I’m happy one of them has found a job). To see a larger view of the chart, just click inside the image once.

Debunked Conspiracy Theories Featuring 2009 Lie of the Year

Lastly, I found a nifty article debunking a number of conspiracy theories. They are a fitting conclusion to this blog noting the apparent outcomes of forced choices between different positions. The article was released by Newsweek one day after the quincunx. I’ve listed some of the most notable below. You can review the entire list of debunked conspiracy theories at: .

No. 1 – Democrats’ health plan will create death panels. PolitiFact named this one “Lie of the Year” in 2009.
Part of Barack Obama’s devious plan to reform health insurance will be the creation of panels of experts who will decide whether or not patients are “worth” treating, making them arbiters of life and death.
Proponents: Sarah Palin, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a lot of angry town-hall-meeting attendees.
It’s fully debunked: Palin was apparently referring to a provision of draft legislation that would have funded consultation about end-of-life care.

No. 2 Barack Obama was not born in the United States.
It’s not clear where he must have been born instead: some say Indonesia; some say Kenya (initial suggestions that Hawaiian natives weren’t citizens when he was born in Honolulu in 1961 were quickly dismissed). The point, so-called birthers say, is that he wasn’t born in the good old US of A, hence isn’t a natural-born citizen and therefore cannot legally be president.
Proponents: Chief birther and Beverly Hills dentist and attorney Orly Taitz, WorldNetDaily editorJoseph Farah, Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), former presidential and Senate candidate Alan Keyes, assorted tea partiers.
It’s fully debunked: Forged Kenyan birth certificates have been exposed! Obama’s birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii, and images have been shown on national television. And that’s leaving aside plenty of circumstantial proof, like birth announcements in both major Hawaiian papers from August 1961.

No. 3 – Barack Obama is a secret Muslim.
Drawing many of the same backers as the birther movement, this theory claims that Obama was indoctrinated into Islam while living in Indonesia during his childhood. They worry Obama is trying to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, institute Islamic religious law, betray Israel to the Arabs, and perhaps even allow Al Qaeda to win the war on terror.
Proponents: Anonymous chain e-mail, Libyan dictator Muammar Kaddafi, Swift Boater and propaganda wizard Jerome Corsi.
It’s fully debunked: Obama belonged to a Christian church in Chicago (for which he ironically also caught flack) and has a record of unambiguous support for Israel and hawkish policies on eradicating Al Qaeda’s strongholds in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

No. 4 – Obama wants to conscript Americans into a civilian defense corps.
The group would be a brownshirtlike organization that would enforce order in the United States.
Proponents: Glenn Beck, Watergate burglar and media personality G. Gordon Liddy, Ann Coulter.
It’s fully debunked: Liberal press watchdog Media Matters says the theory stems from a speech Obama made in which he argued for the importance of the Foreign Service, AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps. That’s a far cry from an American Gestapo—a claim for which there’s no support.

No. 5 – Time magazine wants to restrict the Internet to licensed users.
Time, in concert with pro-censorship groups, is backing a plan that would require a license—i.e., government sanction—for people to get on the Internet.
Proponents: Radio host and conspiracy junkie Alex Jones’s two Web sites.
It’s fully debunked: Time published a story reporting on a Microsoft executive who’d like to see licensing to combat anonymity. Broadcasting such a controversial proposal—regardless of its merits—is quite the opposite of censorship.

No. 6 – 9/11 was an inside job.
The truthers, holdovers from the Bush days, just won’t go away. They argue that the physics of the World Trade Center collapse doesn’t add up, and that the attacks were an excuse for the U.S. to launch wars abroad.
Proponents: Alex Jones, retired religion professor David Ray Griffin, Reagan administration policy analyst Barbara Honegger, British journalist Robert Fisk.
It’s fully debunked: Not even the staunchest mainstream George W. Bush bashers believe this one. Enough said.

Keep your eyes posted on what’s coming up for the Approaching Biquintile.


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About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at


Corpses, Cop Outs, Corruption and The Quincunx

24 12 2009

Quincunx Forced Choices between two positions: Weather vs Man

The earth and its weather patterns were the supreme power brokers this past weekend as the transiting Sun reached 150 degrees past or quincunx the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. Learn about this Eclipse at: Below is a trendline of the Quincunx Events.

Can’t see me – Try Double Clicking!

Eighty-deaths across Europe due to freezing temperatures, a train stalled for 18-hours in the channel tunnel ,20+ inches of snow from Tennesee to Maine, and a sudden dust storm on Interstate 10 in Casa Grande, Arizona, reminded everyone who the boss really is – Mother Nature!(;;

Corruption v The Law, Freedom v Captivity, Drugs v Government

The earth and the sea were part of the Desire for Reforms Eclipse message last summer. The astronomical event also warned of trouble from the Axis of Evil, heavy and weighty matters, danger from manmade things like nukes, keeping one’s end of the bargain, and dangerous times overall. It brought to the fore a Saturn-Vertex conjunction sprouting problems in the house that Saturn rules. Clustered around it were the foreboding Arabic Part of Saturn and the ominous 7th Arabic Lot of Manilus ( Here’s a listing of some events correlating to the Desire for Reform Eclipse with the problems characteristic of a quincunx “forcing choices between very different positions” (R. Hand, Horoscope Symbols).

(1)The lost, found, and kidnapped

(2) Cop Outs

(3) Nukes, War

(3) Drugs, Corruption

  • Tijuana becomes crucible for Mexican police reform. Tijuana’s new public safety chief, Julian Leyzaola, launches the city’s most aggressive police reform to date, in the middle of a raging drug war. His mantra: Behind every crime is a corrupt cop.(
  • Slaying of drug war hero’s family shocks Mexico. Assailants gunned down the mother, aunt and siblings of a marine killed in a raid that took out one of Mexico’s most powerful cartel leaders. “The message is very clear: It’s to intimidate not only the government but its flesh and blood,” said Jorge Chabat, a Mexican expert on drug cartels. “It’s to intimidate those in the armed forces so they fear not only for their own lives, but the lives of their families.” (

Who’s the Boss?

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The bi-wheel view above shows the Desire for Reforms Eclipse in the inner wheel and the Transiting Quincunx on the outer wheel. At 11:30 pm, Sunday, December 20, 2009 the transiting Sun was exactly 150 degrees past or quincunx the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. In the natural chart for Washington, DC the transiting Sun was at 29 degrees, 26 seconds Saggitarius, 4th House. An orb of 1.5 degrees was applied in my evaluation even though the aspect involved the Sun.

Quincunxes usually pertain to illnesses and death, but this particular quincunx brought to light issues that forced choices between two or more positions or opposing factions like weather vs man. In the bi-wheel chart, the transiting Sun moved to 29 degrees, 26 seconds in Saggitarius, 10th House; thus, triggering 10th house figures having to do with anyone who has power or is a power broker over another. After this past weekend, one thing remains clear, Mother Nature is the supreme power broker in our lives. If nothing else, the transiting quincunx Sun helped Mother Nature hold her position. She made us stop, think, call loved ones, read, open mail, cook at home and find creative and playful ways to spend our time albeit forced indoors, or if you live in Arizona stuck in traffic.

Mother’s Children

Brittany Murphy, Arnold Stang, Connie Hines, and the Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri were called home. One thing I discovered in researching the birth dates of hollywood entertainers is the sheer corruption in sourcing birth data. Anything goes in this realm. Brittany Murphy was alleged in the major press as having been born in Edison, New Jersey while other reports name her as being born in Atlanta, Georgia ( ). Arnold Stang who was cast as “Jughead” in the original Archie radio show, played the voice of “Top Cat”, and went on to become a side kick to Milton Berle in the early days of television was no different. Original reports had Mr. Stang as being 91-years-old with a 1925 birthdate. Well, if you do the math this just doesn’t add up? Another report claimed he was born in New York, New York when most biographies listed him as being from Chelsea, Massachusetts ( and ( Connie Hines, best known for her role with the famous talking horse “Mr. Ed,” had some moves up her sleeve claiming she was born in New York City when she was actually from Dedham, Massachusetts. I also found different reports for her birth year, but this was clarified by the LA Times in her obituary (>1=28103).

But at least I was able to obtain a birth date (all be they false) from the hollywood crew, but no birthdate was given for pro-democracy and Iranian Dissident Cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. His obituary read that he was born in 1922 to a poor family in Najafabad. Montazeri was an independent thinker who had his occasional bursts of temper: as a farmer’s son, he continued to be a straight talker. By the age of 24, he was regarded as a bright Islamic scholar. His interest in mysticism (Could this have included astrology and divination involving the Arabic Parts and Alburini Lots!) and ethics led him to join Khomeini’s small circle of private and trusted students, and he established himself as a respected teacher of theology. On Monday, December 21st Tehran was bracing the city for riots.

Below I’ve provided birthcharts for Mother’s Children. The first are the two for Brittany Murphy. The next is Arnold Stang and the last is Connie Hines. I’ve written a few notes on the charts for all three that may be of interest to you as well as my fellow astrologers.

Can’t see me – Try Double Clicking!

Can’t see me – Try Double Clicking!

Can’t see me – Try Double Clicking!

Well, I’d like to say that’s it for the next thirty days but some journalist/blogger neighbors of mine are brewing up schemes to sling dirt at Michelle Obama. They are desparate to dig up whatever shiggidy (Thanks Huggy Lo Down) is out there. If you’ve got a tip go to: Or, send your shiggidy to me as a comment or email me at:  I won’t post it.  When I’m threw, I’ll report what I learn from this end of the reporting spectrum – with integrity of course!!


Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Pooh, Dung: Ellen’s Lament and Murphy Interrupted

21 12 2009

Snow Storm Interrupted…

Writing a blog is not as easy as it seems. First, you have to have something to write about. Second, you have to dig up an audience. In my opinion, the worse part is the latter – digging up an audience. Over the past year I’ve been zinged, singed, cursed, accused, be-littled, mistakened, deleted and copied all in the name of audience share. But this week I hit the big time because on Sunday, December 20, 2009 I was threatened with the FCC. See the blog that started it all at:

What did I do, you ask?

All I did was reference Ellen Brandt, PhD and author of Elleninteractive as a source ( Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a university trained journalist and I’m very sensitive when it comes to sources. But being upright, above board, and open netted me this scathing email I call Ellen’s Lament:

Sun, December 20, 2009 9:40:58 AM

This has gone far enough!
You will immediately remove all references to me and my work from your blogsites.
You will immediately remove all references to me and my work from your archives.
And you will personally contact Google and tell them that you have NO connection to me or my work.
You will also remove all links, tags, and pingbacks of whatever sort between your blogs or other sites and mine.
If you do not do this, I will have no alternative but to make formal complaints to Google, Linked In, Word Press, and the FCC, as well as contacting my attorney.
I realize this “SEO” nonsense has gotten completely out of hand in general. But your behavior towards me is now beyond belief.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Ellen Brandt

Hair’s Up!
First, I’ve never met this woman.  She knows nothing about my behavior. Second, how does signing off by saying “Sincerely” fix anything. Frankly, it doesn’t. It just shows that the pooh fart who sent the email has manners – not much sense – but manners.

But I’m a softy, I want people to think well of me. Besides, I’m out here blogging to win friends and influence people. So, I replied to the email and informed Dr. Brandt that I was removing all references to her. I even apologized. Then, I found out that Google, WordPress, and others didn’t really give a pooh about the dung Ellen was swinging, and after recounting my years answering strange mail in Public Affairs at the FCC I realized that the FCC didn’t really give a pooh either.

So what just happened here?  A bully happened!

Wouldn’t I be small if I went ethnic, spastic, ballistic? My readers probably would expect me to take the high road, but sometimes…sometimes you’ve got to go low and dig into the bully’s pooh and fight the bully’s dung with dung.

When Ellen wrote the email above she was lamenting my existence on the internet. She felt confident that her race and class was all that was needed to re-interpret “free speech” in America on my behalf. She wanted to apply her narrow standards so she could cut me out  and herself in! She wanted a place in the bloggers kitchen without heat.  She opted to throw doubt on the fire of creativity to cool her own couch. Behind Ellen’s lament is her wish that America was different. She is one of those people who don’t understand why people like me won’t just clean houses and say “yes ma’am.” Ellen is lamenting why I am so fixated on a technology that is clearly above my station. Ellen is lamenting about a time everyone is glad has come and gone. She doesn’t understand the internet. Ellen needs to browse MySpace.


Ellen was very proud about telling everyone she had won the WordPress Blog-Off. Then, she explained in a blog how this was done. I read it with great interest and I was proud of her too. I even sent her two emails letting her know I was going to try her suggestions by using nonsense words that, in Ellen’s own blog said: “people respond viscerally to.” I played fair, I gave her credit in my blog and listed her links urging people to: “find out more!” She probably even pocketed a few bucks from the deal — all at my expense. So what does Ellen do? She responds ferociously and sends me a threatening email! The worse thing about this is – we’re not even in the same business!

Let’s all pray for Ellen. She did write a good blog but something deeper and more hideous is troubling her I fear. I want to believe that my blog showed up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. But on the other hand, her letter was threatening and intimidating – she was being a bully. Her action, as evidenced in the email above, goes against our American standards of free speech and it undermines my personal integrity. In sum, all Ellen’s threat succeeded to do was put me in a pooh dung state of mind.

Pooh on your bullying and throwing dung Ellen – pooh…pooh…I restored the deletions and re-published…pooh on you!

Brittany Murphy: Star Interrupted
A beautiful young talent was lost this past weekend. Brittany Murphy who starred in “8 Mile” with white rapper Eminem passed on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 32-years-old just days after 26-year-old Chris Henry. Upon my first visual examination of her chart I found that she was indeed impacted by an upper quincunx like Chris Henry. His was brought on by the bi-quintile transit of the Sun heading 144 degrees away from the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. ( )

Unfortunately, Brittany Murphy has a number of different bios with two different birth places listed. Yahoo Movies has her as being born in Edison, New Jersey ( ). Astrology data sources and some agencies have her as being born in Atlanta, Georgia ( ).

If she was born in New Jersey she may have suffered from a natal conjunction involving a disassociated Saturn-Vertex in the 7th house to her Aquarian Ascendant. The problem with a disassociated conjunction is confusion over how to blend the different elements of each sign. In Brittany’s case one was fire – the other earth. All Brittany’s New Jersey quincunx needed was a little confusion and a trigger. The trigger could have been transiting Saturn in Libra conjoining her Arabic Part of Disease or Arabic Part of Lawsuits in the 8th house. Please note transiting Saturn in Libra is just 3.5 degrees shy of an exact trine with Brittany’s Ascendant thus triggering her upper quincunx. What was going on with Brittany at the time of her death? What we do know for sure is that her role as Janis Joplin had been delayed due to legal wrangling which left poor Brittany much like a star interrupted.  We also know she had a father, Angelo Bertolotti an Italian American racketeering criminal, with whom she had little contact since her parents’ divorce. And because, her natal Saturn-Vertex fell in the 7th house there may have been some marital dissapointments.

But what if she was really born in Atlanta, Georgia. Could the same triggers be present? Not exactly. Because of the change in location, the Ascendant moved ruling out a natal Saturn-Vertex with a transiting Saturn in Libra trigger. I did find, however, a transiting Mars-Vertex pairing in the 7th house that was quincunx the Ascendant. In this case, the Vertex quincunx Ascendant triggered health matters, strain and work problems. The Mars-Vertex pairing in the 7th house may have also indicated marriage squabbles. Below are the two birthcharts side by side so you can see that in New Jersey (upper right) Brittany is an Aquarian with an upper quincunx between Saturn-Vertex and the Ascendant. In this position, transiting Saturn in Libra could have been the trigger. In Atanta (lower left) Brittany is a Capricorn without the upper quincunx. In this position, transiting Mars-Vertex in Leo could have been the culprit.

See you in a few days with a review of the Quincunx!


Poison Pen Polly
Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Castrated Corpse Found: Public Option Dead, Depp Hatted

18 12 2009

Bi-Quintile Event Round-up

The Healthcare Public Option, the Drug Makers Lobby, the death of Oral Roberts, the appearance of the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, the test launch of the new Boeing 787 ( ), and Santa’s arrest, highlight the events generated by the bi-quintile.

The Bi-quintile is part of a family or series of aspect that divide the 360 degree circular horoscope by fifths. For example, 72 degrees is one-fifth of the circle and 144 degrees is two-fifths of the circle. Robert Hand describes the bi-quintile in his book Horoscope Symbols as more powerful than all “three-series aspects except for the trine.” The Bi-quintile is noted as the aspect of talent and genius. Conversely, Bil Tierney in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis relies on Johann Kepler’s fifth harmonic definition calling the appearance of a bi-quintile a harbinger of “use and abuse of power and authority.”

This week we saw a lot of both. Yet, this particular bi-quintile theme seemed to center around the use and abuse of money. For example, during Climate Talks poor G-77 countries walked out because the reforms were too costly for them to consider. To save the talks, wealthier countries agreed to ante-up subsidies to assist their G-77 family (

Similarly, during the Health Reform debate in the Senate the Drug makers Lobby emerged as the big gorilla in the room fearing its loss of market share to Japan. Joe Lieberman (my crazy neighbor from Connecticut – who obviously lost his mind on a dark night zooming thru the Merritt Parkway), tossed in his monkey wrench castrating the Healthcare Reform Bill’s Public Option ( ).
But it was Citigroup and other bailed out banks that were the real barons of the bi-quintile making off with millions of dollars in tax breaks. ( )
Even Jack Lalanne, who owes his popularity to longevity, got caught up in the money wave admitting his reluctance to throw in the towel by undergoing a serious heart operation at age 95. Personally, I want to believe his reasons were altruistic.

But the big bi-quintile lifesaver went to the Guantanamo Bay Detainees. Washington announced plans on Tuesday to renovate an old Illinois ‘Big House’ (prison) to contain them ( )

The Bi-quintile aspect went exact on Monday, December 14 at 4:00 pm eastern standard time. World renown astrologers like Robert Hand and Bil Tierney note that no more than 1.5 degrees should be given as orb. So the bi-quintile’s effects will last until the morning of Thursday, December 17 eastern standard time. Featured in this week’s blog are three chart views. Up first is the Desire for Reform Eclipse and the Bi-quintile Transits and second is Johnny Depp.


Uses and Abuses

In this view the Desire for Reform Eclipse is the inner wheel and the Bi-quintile Transits is the outer wheel. My first visual observation were the two quincunxes (150 degrees) that sprang up as the bi-quintile transiting Sun made its 144 degree angle to the Desire for Reform Eclipse Sun. The quincunxes involve Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Vertex. Still holding is the square between cardinal houses in the Reform Eclipse. This involves Pluto, Capricorn ,10th house and transiting Saturn, Libra, 7th house. Below is a summary of the aspects and their meanings.

Transiting Neptune-Jupiter, Aquarius, 8th house quincunx Reform Eclipse Saturn-Vertex, Virgo, 7th house. The Vertex is anchoring this quincunx connection between Saturn and Neptune-Jupiter. The Saturn-Vertex combination often brings problems in the house that Saturn rules. In the Reform Eclipse chart, Saturn rules the 11th house. In the Bi-quintile Transit chart, Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses. In the bi-wheel view shown, the transiting 8th and 9th houses fall in the Reform Eclipse’s 12th house of secret enemies. We met up with many illusions on the political front that confused us. Most notable was how President Obama led us to believe he was taking a hard line on Wall Street, then poof Citigroup and other bailed out banks walk away with a rosy tax break totaling in the tens of millions of dollars – at our expense no less! Was there some disconnect in the White House briefing room or was it another secret enemy disguised as an Obama supporter in the Oval Office who happened to help Obama write his very uranian Today Show comments. Where’s Rahm! This aspect also forms what Bil Tierney calls the upper quincunx or the “death quincunx.” Sadly, Oral Roberts the famous television evangelist died at age 91 (, and right before the bi-quintile vanished Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry died, one day after falling out of the back of a pickup truck in what authorities described as a domestic dispute with his fiancee.   He was 26. (
Transiting Bi-quintile Sun Sagittarius, 7th house square Reform Eclipse Saturn-Vertex, 5th house. The Vertex is anchoring this quincunx connection between Saturn and Neptune-Jupiter. What could go wrong with the Sun in Sagittarius? It’s Christmas, the kids are coming out of school, the downtown streets are decorated, and Christmas Carols are playing on the radio. Well, Murphy’s Law emerged the winner morphing warm holiday tidings into a cold chill with Saturn-Vertex. This combination often brings problems in the house Saturn rules. In the Reform Eclipse Chart Saturn rules the 11th house. In the Transit chart Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses. In the bi wheel view shown, the 8th and 9th houses of the transit chart move to the 12th house of secret enemies. Joe Lieberman rose as a secret yet powerful enemy of President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill. Lieberman successfully frustrated Obama’s efforts by winning his bid to remove the Public Option which would have rolled back the Medicare age to 55. Also under the influence of Saturn-Vertex were the G-77 nations  who responded with a protest when they saw they were being taken for a ride. Our G-77 folk stalled Climate Talks with a ‘walk-out’ until their funding issues were given an appropriate platform for discussion ( ).
Transiting Vertex, Scorpio, 8th House quincunx Reform Eclipse Mars, Gemini, 3rd house. My followers already know that President Obama has received the most death threats of any president of our time – bar none. This was one of the reasons why I created this blog ( )  Yesterday, details of a plan were leaked outlining the military’s contingency actions in case violence sprang up in the US due to hostile War protests. Well, what’s the big secret?  Remember, the 8th house is also referred to as the house of secrets. The big secret we won’t hear from our President is the new scope of the War initiatives. I wrote about this in an earlier blog called Opium Heroin War (
Transiting Bi-quintile Sun within cusp of quincunx to Reform Eclipse Sun-Moon. Evidence of willful and intense desires surfaced this week as the Drug maker Lobbyist groups emerged as the gorilla in the room concerning healthcare reform. Their campaign contributions total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Many U.S. Senators obviously took note of this ( ).  Also of note was the protester dressed as the 4th Horseman in the Apocalypse outside the Copenhagen Climate Talks. This was obviously spurred by an intense desire for their message to be visualized – we got it!

Bi-quintile’s Creative Talent and Genius-Johnny Depp

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year shares his Cancerian North Node with Hugh Hefner. Realizing that it was not easy to get away with even the smallest of crimes, due in large part to Uranus and Mars in the first house, Depp lives largely isolated from the American public in the Bahamas and Europe. He needs this in order to balance his home, family, career and possibly some very special health condition he’s been managing since childhood. Home is very important to Depp who emerged from insecure yet middle class conditions. This means he had to work three times as hard as the next guy to mold the life he wanted to lead. Note Depp’s Chiron in Pisces, 8th house. Now remember, Depp was born in Kentucky but if you were to encounter him today his accent would probably resemble a blue blooded British bloke with ties to the crown. It appears, Depp worked hard to distance himself from a past that may have been a little too chaotic (or redneck?). Over the years, true maturity and success for Depp was achieved only after he constructively touched base with his feminine side indicated by Venus and Mercury, Taurus, 10th house. One interesting aspect I noted is Saturn in Aquarius, 7th house square Mercury in Taurus, 10th house. Mercury is in the decanate of Saturn! I can almost hear him tell his accountant, and Disney executes: “I don’t see how this adds up, can you run those numbers again-with all my exceptions and exclusions-please?”

But I think the Arabic Parts in Johnny Depp’s birth chart provide valuable links to his story:

Part of Kings and Sultans is in Sagittarius, 5th house conjunct Vertex and sextile Saturn in Aquarius 7th House. The Vertex brought Depp an event that released the child within. From this point on he was able to maintain audiences with the rich and powerful of the world. Sadly, this notoriety may have restricted meaningful relationships for him early on. In order to overcome the latter, Depp had to go deep and make some hard choices.
Part of Sudden Elevation in Leo, 1st house. This point acts like Jupiter attracting the greater benefit to the personal life. It forms a disassociated conjunction with Depp’s Uranus in Virgo. This occurs when there is a relationship between two planets or points in different signs and/or houses. At 27 degrees Leo, Depp’s Part of Sudden Elevation trines his Vertex in Sagittarius, 5th house. Because the Part of Elevation acts like Jupiter, Depp has a concealed Winner’s Aspect which helps him win most contests he enters.
Part of Feminine Seduction in Scorpio is no surprise conjunct Neptune, 4th house. What is surprising is that this part trines Depp’s Chiron, in the decanate of the Moon, Pisces, 8th house. This is a sign of a very sensitive man who can keep babes swooning (Watch out Tiger!).
Part of Collectors in Leo, decanate of Jupiter, 12th house conjunct Ascendant. Depp has a way of coming across treasure that no one else is really looking for or recognizes as valuable. This maybe why he commands some of the most odd yet creative roles generated by Hollywood to date. Or, on ordinary days, he’s always coming across treasure like lost change, tickets, broken gold momentos, or lost lottery tickets. The next time you misplace a valuable, call Depp. Chances are, he found it!
Part of Large Bodies in Aquarius, 7th House. Yes Ladies! Johnny Depp has to watch his weight especially when he’s slap happy satisfied in a loving caring relationship.

Fate’s Magic Wand

About 2-weeks ago, Actor Johnny Depp sped over from his private island to pick up an award for his life’s work at the Bahama International Film Festival

And, just before the Bi-quintile Transit began waning, the world got a glimpse of the trailer for Alice in Wonderland due in theaters by March 2010. Now can you guess what face showed in nearly every shot. You guessed it – Johnny Depp! The Bi-quintile is noted as the aspect for talent and genius. That’s why for the last 3 or 4 days, the Desire for Reforms Eclipse – with help from the bi-quintile transit – has been bringing this to the fore.

From Matinée Swashbuckler to Classical Movie Superstar.

But most importantly, bi-quintiles don’t inspire creative genius in everyone unless they’ve reached a level of maturity that allows the genius to flow into the life. This is why I believe bi-quintiles are more powerful in transit aspects to an individual then in a birth chart. It’s like the cosmos waiting to determine whether you’re really ready for it! From the looks of things, Johnny Depp is closing a very important chapter in his movie career (swashbuckler, pirate) and opening a new one with unexpected turns, twists, and audiences (Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland). Below is a tri-wheel view depicting Johnny Depp’s birth chart on the inner wheel, the Bi-quintile Transits in the middle wheel and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the outer wheel. My first visual observation was that the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun-Moon are in Depp’s 12th house of endings and secret enemies. This year Depp has or will find out something important, shut it down and begin anew.  He’ll marshal a great deal of help and support as indicated by the gifts of luck and fortune the Bi-quintile Transit bestowed on his creative genius. I’m sure he’s exhaling: “’s about time!”

I’m not done yet! I can’t be until after the quincunx. So, up next is the Transiting Quincunx Sun, and what it brings to the Desire for Reform Eclipse of July 21, 2009 during our days of witness to The Rise of Obama.

Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Orgasmic-Oslo, Obama and Wyclef Jean

14 12 2009
The Rise of Obama – Part 27

The Ingenious Power of Madison Avenue

Shhhh! There’s a few secrets the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee keep to themselves The first is that Alfred Nobel laid down the bulk of his immense fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes. They don’t want you to know he was the creator of dynamite and manufacturer of armaments that killed people. A peace activist named Bertha von Sutter helped change his view (and maybe his soul) before he died.

Shhhh! Seriously, this is top secret stuff and nobody really knows. But get this, the second is that the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee want the world’s young people of the brown color spectrum to ‘see and believe they can be like Barack.’ They want young people to relate to Barack much the same way their grandparents and Angelina Jolie relate to ‘Muhammed Ali’

Shhhh! The third, is that most of the world’s population resembles the brown color spectrum. So, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee came up with a marketing strategy. It’s the same one used to get Uncle Jeb in Alabama to buy Uncle Ben’s Rice, but this time they’re targeting Uncle Muhammad and his extended family. They want Uncle Muhammad to buy into the Barack Hussein Obama image.

Shhhh! You don’t know the whole story now, this Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, that had ties to Old World Colonialism, are betting that the new generations of people resembling the brown color spectrum will ‘just say no’ to terrorism after seeing Uncle Sam’s Barack Hussein Obama win their prize.

Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee used the Peace Prize and Nobel Concert much like Madison Avenue and portrayed images children in Taliban and al Quaeda hot spots like Farah Province in Afghanistan can relate to.

Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but they want these young people to believe: ‘the world’s changing because Barack – your brother – leads America and he wants to help you.’ Shhhh! They only tell people who need to know. This is classified stuff. Shhhh!

Trite! Well considering that most young people who resemble the brown color spectrum live in countries offering little to no access to free education I call that – a coup d’etat!

Why Brangelina Branding Wouldn’t Work

But the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee went a few steps further on behalf of the world’s young people who resemble the brown color spectrum by placing their favorite African American entertainers front and center. So, instead of inviting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to host this year’s Nobel Concert festivities, they invited Jada Pinkett and Will Smith And, making sure they had music that the young people who resemble the brown color spectrum actually listen to, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee invited Hip-Hop-Reggae artist Wyclef Jean ( ). Make no mistake, Wyclef is no slouch in terms of philanthropy and humanitarianism. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere – Haiti ( Why back in November, Wyclef and U2’s Bono were both recipients of the 2009 Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award-RIPPLE OF HOPE AWARD ( ). So thrilled was Wyclef about the opportunity to perform in the Nobel Concert that he twittered Snoop Dogg and snapped the photo below. Please note the angle. It seems, Wyclef wanted to make sure Snoop Dogg and the other Titans ($$$) of Hip-Hop were not mislead about his actually being there.

Many other entertainers were on the line up for the festivity. Check out the concert for “free” on CNN Live at:

Is History Repeating Itself?

If you still need help swallowing the Madison Avenue marketing strategy the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee used to determine if Obama should get their award, here’s help through a little known history fact:

Despite widespread Jim Crow, one million, two hundred thousand African Americans fought in World War II.

This number excludes Ethiopians.

Every historian agrees that without this effort, all would’ve been lost. Unlike Americans, Europe remembers! The truth is The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is aware that the great war against terror is raging – everywhere! They know this war can’t be won without winning the hearts, minds, and commitment of everyone especially all those young people in Africa, the Mid-East, and Asia who resemble the brown color spectrum. Oh, this is old stuff. It’s been done before right here in the U.S. If you haven’t, check out Spike Lee’s big screen adaptation of James McBride’s World War II epic Miracle at St. Anna. Specifically, pay attention to the first 45-minutes when the Nazi’s attempted to wreak havoc among military members of Uncle Sam’s brown color spectrum, by broadcasting reminders of their home life under Jim Crow and inviting them to switch sides (’s-miracle-at-st-anna-movie-trailer/ ). After you check the movie out, ask yourself what motivated those men to keep fighting for America and the allies? Could it have been something they could relate to like the brutality of fascism? Or, was it just a paycheck? (Frankly, I would have run like hell if it were the latter.) The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is acutely aware of the sacrifices that soon will be made in the name of Peace. That’s why their decision to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was larger than popular U.S. sentiment, their decision was for the World with the hope of possibly reaching teenagers like this one.

An American Hero: Meet Wyclef Jean

What Oslo’s Desire for Reform Eclipse brought to Wyclef is really an astrological text book study of how important an eclipse can be in revealing destiny. First and foremost, the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse brought Wyclef an invitation to perform due to something he had done, or was about to do. Below is a view of Wyclef’s Birth chart and the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse. Wyclef’s birth chart is in the inner wheel and the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse is the outer wheel. This view shows:

  • Eclipse Sun-Moon sextile Wyclef’s natal Sun-Uranus. Some unexpected event(s) would easily attract Wyclef’s attention.
  • Eclipse Venus conjunct Wyclef’s natal Saturn. Reveals Wyclef’s sensitivity and willingness to make personal sacrifices for families and children. This Saturn-Venus aspect is also trine his Sun-Uranus meaning he would respond to this unexpected event with his heart in his hands. It also guaranteed that he would use his influence to help stricken families and children and make sure help went where it was needed most.
  • Wyclef’s Natal North Node, 1st house, Capricorn. Reveals his ability to identify and assume a ‘father like’ responsibility for the plight of people.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn transiting Wyclef’s 12th house. Reveals his determination to bring aid and reforms despite hidden enemies and detractors.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn conjunct Wyclef’s natal Jupiter, 12th house Capricorn. Jupiter provides the greater benefit to Wyclef’s efforts to bring aid and reforms despite hidden enemies and detractors.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn trine Wyclef’s natal Vertex, 8th house, Virgo. Foretells of Wyclef’s new phase and lot in life.
  • Eclipse Vertex, 11th house, Sagittarius conjunct Wyclef’s natal Neptune 11th house, Sagittarius. This guaranteed that Wyclef would use his money, the media and his music industry influences to respond as a humanitarian for his people. Often, this aspect brings premonitions that something big is on the horizon. Most people respond by preparing themselves spiritually. Let’s hope Wyclef got a cosmic heads up.
In the Big Scheme of Things
I call the following view In the Big Scheme of Things. It features the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse in the inner wheel, the Oslo Transits in the middle wheel, and Wyclef Jean’s Birth Chart in the outer wheel. Again, the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse promised Wyclef a new lease on life. Here’s how: (1) The Eclipse Sun-Moon lands in the first house of personal affairs. This is sextile Wyclef’s Sun-Uranus in the 4th house of new beginnings. The Nobel Concert event in Oslo is Wyclef’s new lease on life and, (2) The 6th house of daily affairs featuring Oslo’s Eclipse Pluto, Oslo’s transiting Pluto-Vertex, and Wyclef’s natal Jupiter promise that Wyclef Jean’s transformation would help him throw away the old and usher in the new for the greater good. Let’s wish Wyclef the best as he takes his place as humanitarian and peace activist on the World’s stage.
I’m an astrologer. I chart and interpret the planets, stars, eclipses and other lunar signs from the heavens. So I could not close without mentioning that the morning after The Norwegian Nobel Prize festivities, a spectacular blue spiral appeared in the skies. Did this anomaly mark the departure of a silent luminary serving as a Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee Member? Or, an important stakeholder? I’m featuring a picture below courtesy of the Sun tabloid in the United Kingdom. They ran the acronym UFO on the front page Thursday, December 10, 2009. After the event, government officials scrambled to report that this occurrence was nothing more than a military test operation in the White Sea by the Russians. But some of my sky watcher friends believe otherwise. To find out more about UFOs photographed in and around the White House and U.S. Capitol check out the photos acclaimed photographer Wil Allen has posted on behalf of UFO DC at:

I’m still working on that Bi-Quintile installment of The Rise of Obama series Out of the Shadows.
The Nude Provocateuse
About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Deep Throat, Nude Provocateuse and the Big Click

10 12 2009

Why I went Deep

After 30-years, Watergate’s Deep Throat is still returned as No. 1 in Google internet searches. Since deciding to go after the Big Click as the Nude Provocateuse, I’ve seen web site hits soar by more than 400 percent in a day. I’m sure you’ll agree that site hits are the juice that keeps bloggers blogging, but many may not understand the rationale behind my choosing such an edgy Big Click Lure.  A ‘must read’ on blogging is Ellen Brandt’s “Corpses, Mollusks, and Kinky Sex – How I Won the Blog-Off” at

For those who came of age in the 70s the pseudonym Deep Throat morphed into more than a seedy name for a 1972 porn film. Deep Throat became the icon of the Watergate scandal. FBI Deputy Director W. Mark Felt took on the pseudonym some time after he began leaking information to Bob Woodward, a reporter with the Washington Post. Although it was far from fool-proof, the pseudonym helped Felt maintain a shroud of mystery. Felt probably didn’t realize at the time his pseudonym Deep Throat would eclipse the notoriety of the porn film he stole the name from by 30-years and emerge as the symbol of a US president’s demise. To find out more about Felt and Deep Throat check out the wiki at:

While the Nude Provocateuse has few if any tales of cloak and dagger betrayal, graft, bribery, infidelity, espionage, politics, war, and overthrow, it has provided reliable data on the probability and outcome of such events affecting the Obama administration. I like to think the blog brings value back to astrology by demonstrating the existence of destiny and fate amidst centuries of accusations of fakery leveled by scientists against the astrological community.

Astronomy derives from astrology?
But astrology has lost more than value. From the end of the 17th century to the present, astrology has been losing credibility despite the fact it shares similarities with astronomy and psychology. “Astronomy derives from astrology” asserts Professor Antonio Panaino, the famous Italian Orientalist, Professor of Alma Mater Studiorum and Isiao – the Italian Institute for Africa and East in a November 19, 2009 lecture. The transcript is kept at Sophia at the New Bulgarian University. You can view an excerpt of his talk at: and

Western astrologers revere academicians like Professor Antonio Panaino and laud heroic efforts of Museum Curators like Omara Khan Massoudi, the Director of the Afghanistan National Museum. You remember Omara Massoudi from my Fort Hood blog. You can review this blog at:

Massoudi and his colleagues, fearing the rampage and chaos of war, secretly crated and buried many of Afghanistan’s ancient artifacts in 1988. This act alone may have been responsible for saving valuable clues to the links between ancient Vedic and Mesopotamian astrology.

Omara Khan Massoudi, Director of the Afghanistan National Museum and Museum Curator

But while astrologers are getting help from world renown academicians and curators, the credibility problem for astrologers in America is getting worse. About 2-weeks ago I mentioned on an Astrology group site that I had heard there was an astrologer in the White House. Almost immediately I ran into trouble and was labeled a provocateur. Out of fear, someone even called my “tip” unethical. In an innocent group comment, I had unearthed a troublesome resentment that would not have existed if astrology in America was deemed credible, or if American artifacts concerning and including astrology were valued.

Yet, like Bulgaria, Italy and Afghanistan, America too has its heroes. One that comes to mind actually found the funding to research an emerging technique begun after World War II. It involved the nodes at the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Prime Vertical. The nodes are called the Vertex and the Anti-Vertex. These “nodes”, explains hero Donna Henson in her book Vertex: The Third Angle (copyright 2003) indicate “events likely to come to pass despite efforts to avoid them.” Without the heroic efforts of Ms. Henson, I would have never been able to identify the Winner’s Aspect I attribute to Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency. To see the Winner’s Aspect go to:

The Reasoning Process employed by The_Betty for Adopting the pseudonym Nude Provocateuse
Yet, despite the obstacles, I remain an avid astrologer and author of an astrological blog series The Rise of Obama. However, for the last few weeks I’ve been more than mildly befuddled about its circulation, or in the internet world site hits. “If I am to continue with the Rise of Obama series,” I reasoned, “I’ve got to establish a marketing schema.” This reasoning prompted me to consider the 3-Rs: Reality, Recognition, and Respect.

Reality. The reality I’m referring to centers around where I am in the life cycle of the American culture. The reality of our time is that astrologers are suffering in America right now from a lack of credibility. Ridiculed by science, hounded by religious extremists, astrologers have little choice but to compete in an entertainment based marketplace for an ever dwindling attention span through a myriad of ever narrowing media. In order to obtain recognition, an astrologer turned blogger has to learn how to trip the right response from search engines like Google. This is done by triggering, tricking, or tempting the audience with Big Click lures and edgy headline words. Once I faced that reality, phrases like Deep Throat and Nude Provocateuse became more palatable and less difficult to swallow.


Recognition. Ellen Brandt, Ph. D. authors a blog called Ellen Interactive. I strongly advise anyone considering self publishing through blogs to visit her blog site. You can find Ellen at: Recently, Ellen won the WordPress Blog Off and decided to share some of her winning techniques in a blog titled:

“Corpses, Mollusks, and Kinky Sex – How I Won the Blog-Off.”

Ellen hooked readers with headlines like: “7 out of 10 Blog in the Nude” and“Transvestite running for Mayor” and “Vultures and Stiletto Heals”. Ellen also revealed that the Faux Tabloid Headline experiment that won her the Blog Off:

“…also told us some interesting things about which kinds of headlines readers respond to viscerally and why.”

So a very good friend of mine commented: “but that doesn’t mean write headlines with a come and get my big b—–!” I explained that in the browser realm you’re dealing with a 3-8 second window of opportunity to gain enough interest so the individual browser commits with the Big Click. “Even Billy Mays, had more time. This leaves very little to work with except something that illicits a big shock! Besides the same type of person who was lured by the word transvestite will probably click provocateuse too,” I offered.

Soon after reading Ellen’s blog I Googled Nude and found that my fellow Americans in the marketplace use it – a lot! Then I looked up the word provocateur. This was important because I needed a word to convey the position I’m in for writing an astrology blog in a time when astrology is not allowed. In my research, I found that a provocateur is one who provokes, incites or stirs-up purposely. Then I Googled the words Nude and provocateur together and…you know what I found. But the important part of my discovery were the number of hits these sites received per day. These sites boasted daily Big Click results in the thousands.

Respect. Ask anybody in America, when it comes to respect more is better.  We envy the person with the big house, the big job, the most friends, etc.  The fact is zero (0) site hits yields no respect especially in the blogosphere.  Besides, folks like Ellen Brandt, Ph. D., have name recognition. To make matters worse MySpace has been marketing Celebrity Blogs. So I reasoned: “If I have no name recognition,  I have no choice but to play the Big Click Lure game. But when I play, I’ve got to play for keeps.” That’s when I got in touch with my inner capitalist and asked: “Would I expect less from my competitors? ” After living in Washington, DC for 20-years and coming of age during the era of Deep Throat I answered “No!” So I’m here, with you right now manipulating The_Betty’s image with the hope of setting a precedence by triggering, tricking, and tempting readers with Big Click Lures as the Nude Provocateuse.

Altogether now, say: “Click me out in Cyberspace!”


Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharaohs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Pomp and Circumstance emerges from Sun trine Sun

23 11 2009

The Rise of Obama – Part 22
The Betty
When President Barack Obama headed for China, the transiting Sun waxed toward a trine with the Reform Eclipse of July 21, 2009.
Out of the shadows of the Reform Eclipse, pomp and circumstance filled the news. Hamid Karzai vowed ‘reform’ as he assumed a second term in beleagured Afghanistan, the Pope opened his doors to Anglicans, and the White House prepared for its first State Dinner under the Obama Administration.
Here’s a recap of this weeks events The Betty has captured in the Timeline for the Desire for Reforms Eclipse called ‘Out of the Shadows.’
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Sun trine Sun, Moon conjunct North Node, Saturn conjunct MC, Venus conjunct Part of Fortune, Jupiter trine Venus, and Mercury trine Mercury left those affected and working the most difficult situations in a good mood. Yes, Saturn and Pluto nearly square like in November 4th’s Fort Hood Chart. But the good feeling transits of the inner planets work miracles at canceling out the weighty and heavy matters spurred by the Part of Saturn on the descendant and Pluto conjunct Vertex in the 10th house. In fact, our news was filled with the positive side of Reform. But that old devil Saturn had his way in China as the country admitted to its failing efforts at saving miners buried deep underground.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
President Obama returned home with a great diplomatic achievement under his belt. His return from Asia was heralded with a Sun trine Sun event. According to the tri-wheel chart below President Obama felt encouraged by the week’s accomplishments even though most of his time away was filled with the pomp and circumstance of foreign affairs diplomacy. Yet, despite his achievements, it appears as if his enemies were waiting at the gate when he landed. In the tri-wheel view below, the transiting Sun is conjunct Obama’s natal MC in the 12th house of Secret Enemies.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Cross purposes may be the theme of the tri-wheel chart below. First, we have the Nov 21 ’09 Sun reaping karma in the 12th house of secret enemies. Second we have a distinct 1st and 7th house conflict as the President communicates the tentative agreements he made in China and Korea. The US economy is not strong enough to sustained a leading role in all arenas of conflict around the world. So our President may have had to make concessions that will: (1) keep the economy in check, and (2) keep our enemies under a sensitive thumb.
Can’t See: Double Click Image to Enlarge!
Look for more updates as the transiting Sun makes a 144 degree angle to the Reform Eclipse affecting the terrain and political outlook of The Rise of Obama.