Need $$$ Cash: This Month 2-Planets Hold Key

1 06 2010

Wanna be a millionaire, wanna move, wanna new job, wanna new love, or just got a case of the doggone wannabees.  The next 6-weeks may contain the luckiest days you’ll see this decade and I’m not joking. Whatever great idea you’ve been putting off, whatever risky venture you’ve been skirting around, whatever dream job you’ve always wanted, whatever favorite lottery ticket number you’ve put off playing – now is the time to break free and act for gold may fall from the sky. All you have to remember is that during this period there will be winners and losers, so no sky-diving please. And for God’s sake no Mooning! You saw what happened to Venus Williams at the French Open! As stated in an earlier blog Venus was facing a series of unfortunate aspects when she decided to trigger their down side by Mooning the world and calling it fashion.  See:

Money, money, money…
But let’s get back to YOUR sudden change in fortune. The good news is as Jupiter and Uranus move to 00 Aries, the influence of Saturn locked at 27 degrees Virgo wanes. The bad news is yes there still is a chance that something unfortunate may happen, but there also exists an opportunity for expansion of your personal hopes and dreams. Or, at the least winnings from the blackjack table. From June 1 through July 11, fame, fortune, genius and defeat will be headed your way. Why? Once every 11 years and 315 days Jupiter meets up with Uranus bringing sudden and sometimes unexpected changes of fortune. Because Jupiter is a planet that brings benefits, its teaming up with Uranus at the Aries Point almost guarantees that a fortuitous event will occur especially for those who are ready to meet the challenge. Learn more about Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point thru a tutorial designed for the beginning astrologer at: Astrologer’s Toolkit

What’s the challenge?
The challenge is staying open, flexible, and adaptable. You should avoid arguments and confrontations that may lead to bad blood or violence. Jupiter in Aries breeds aggression, so let’s focus on funneling those feelings in positive directions.  You should also check the fine print and keep track of your limits.  Lastly, the challenge is to aim high, don’t squander this time on getting by.  Let Ray Davis help you stay focused on the goal at the Affirmation Spot:

How do I Tap this Source?
Sometime in the next 6-weeks Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point will tap you!  Everyone, including yours truly, will have an aspect in their astrology birth chart to the Aries Point. Those who have planets that meet favorably to this point have a greater opportunity to push for surprising and unexpected benefits. Those who have hard or challenging aspects may need to take caution in their daily affairs, avoid risks, and postpone long range plans until well after the Lunar and Solar Eclipses this summer. These people will reap the most benefit by using the next 6-weeks as planning. Another thing to note about this aspect is that the luck it brings can be short-lived or fleeting in a sort of easy come easy go type manner. So, take my advice and pay attention to the details along the way. The vortex of these transits moves westward throughout the day. For example, at 10 PM Eastern or 8 PM Central the vortex courses through Mexico City, Texas, the panhandle of Oklahoma, the border of Kansas and Colorado, the western half of Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. As a result, unpredictable and sudden weather changes are starting to affect these areas. Already a huge storm has been noted affecting Guatemala and Ecuador. Also along the southwest Texas border there have been a number of unpredictable events like the BP Oil spill, a growing drug war, and pirates! Again, Jupiter in Aries always brings the threat of a little too much aggression, so watch out for the other guy. Below is a Solar Map of the vortex showing how Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point touch down in New York and DC in the morning and finish up in Mexico City and El Paso, Texas at night.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

Cut to the chase!  When does this all start?
The opportunity for sudden changes of fortune in the form of expanded opportunities and financial windfall has already begun but it was muddied by transiting Saturn opposing both Uranus and Jupiter at 29, 28 and 27 degrees Virgo. Yes, this is the same Saturn that foiled Venus Williams.  What you need to know is that the Aries Point heightens the effects of Jupiter conjunct Uranus like a catapult or battering ram. Below is a list of days and an explanation of where you may want to focus your energy. If you have an astrologer, use the information below to draft a list of questions for an in-depth and focused delineation of the next 6-weeks.  If you don’t have an astrologer, try these websites. You’ll get to view the astrologers and take a look at some of their work: and and and and and  Now if you can’t find an astrologer thru one of these sources, I can’t help you.  Besides, I’m as quirky as you think they are.

The Planning Period

Tuesday, June 1 through Saturday, June 5
With the 3rd quarter Moon approaching, this isn’t a good time for action especially with transiting Saturn still making opposition to Jupiter. This is however a great time for making plans and for performing intellectual pursuits involving education, analysis and evaluation especially of contracts and agreements. So take another look at that resume, check on your insurance, warranties, and due dates. If you receive an unfavorable bank statement or painful news concerning money or any type of material investment including insurance, pay attention to the details, and note potential errors. If you can, don’t act until next week when the 3rd quarter Moon is waning and Jupiter finally conjoins with Uranus and the Aries Point at 00 exactly. Here are the transits for the beginning and the end of the week in Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

Planned and Cautious Actions

Sunday, June 6 through Friday, June 11
With the 3rd
quarter Moon waning this is a good time to take some initial steps in securing resources and  material affairs.  These transits indicate that mornings may be the best time for Gemini, Cancer and Leo born natives in Washington.  Make sure you close your business by 12 noon or 1 pm, then take lunch.  Uranus may transit through your 6th house and stir up indigestion!   Because Saturn is still sitting at 27 degrees Virgo and Jupiter has moved on, you should feel that affairs having to do with material possessions are less restrictive. Also of note is an approaching Vertex-Jupiter aspect that may turn speculations into wins and sure thing contests into upsets.  The bad news is I see an approaching aspect from Mars. So watch out for impulsive actions, take care when driving, and heed warnings about storms and floods. If you live in the mid-west near the vortex mentioned earlier, you should pay special attention to house, car, hurricane, tornado, flood and life insurance. Make sure these are up to date and bring them current even if it hurts. Mars is also known to flare tempers so take the path of least resistance no matter how obscene the other guy behaves. Scathing complaint letters do work, keep people employed, and rarely cause heart failure.  Rest assured, this line-up of aspects will make you want to break free and travel. But be careful on the evening of June 11. The waxing New Moon will be traversing the last degree of Taurus and the first degree of Gemini known as Pleiades or the Weeping Sisters. This transit will make a sextile to Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point and create an event. If you can, make it an early night and check the weather, appliances, and security when you arrive home. Enjoy! Below are the transits for beginning and end of the week: June 6 and June 11 in Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

What’s Behind Door Number 3 or Acting on those Wannabees!

Saturday, June 12, Sunday, June 13, and Monday, June 14
With the new Moon in place on June 12 at 7:14 am in Gemini, this day suggests that your positive efforts and intentions will reap success. Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point are part of a Grand Trine involving Venus  (another benefic) and the Vertex (fate).  It’s as if the heavens are telling Saturn: “That’s enough!  It’s Jupiter and Uranus’ time and we’re going to make sure they get it!” Readers, just remember to get yours.  These little windows of opportunity should not be squandered. Expect news today about the efforts you started two weeks ago.  Chances are something positive will be in the mail or email. Will you buy a lottery ticket, drive to the Casino, go fishing, or enjoy a day with that special someone or the family? Don’t bet on it! Chances are something unexpected may present itself that thrusts you into a different set of circumstances then what you originally intended. But with every dark cloud there is a silver lining. Will you miss the silver lining by being inflexible, stubborn, opinionated, or argumentative? Take my advice and throw away the ‘Honey-do’ list today.  Go with the flow. Try something new – weather permitting. Don’t allow inflexibility and moodiness to curtail your celestial gifts. But wait! There’s more on Monday! Venus moves to 0 degrees Leo making an exact aspect to Jupiter. The lesser and greater benefics making a connection to the Aries Point and Uranus.  Too bad this only lasts a few hours. If you’re a gambler, get your chart done first and if favorable spend those wee hours in the morning when the benefics meet at the Slots or Blackjack Table at a casino.  For my more frugal readers Monday may be your day to speak up! So, walk into your bosses office, tell him about your accomplishments and the positive changes you could make, then ask for a raise. Enjoy! Below are the transit charts for June 12 and 13 for Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

There’s Gold in Dem Der Hills: Enough for Everyone

Tuesday, June 15 through Friday, June 18
With the new Moon waning, Saturn is setting up to launch an attack on your new plans of freedom and fortune. Just think of Saturn as that curmudgeon co-worker who sits at the back of the office complaining about how they always get passed over. Then you walk in. But what’s this? A Grand Trine is present involving Jupiter, Uranus, the Aries Point, Venus and the Vertex. The boss has called in sick and left you with the responsibility of presenting the new proposal to the CFO! You’ve got 1-hour to prepare. Will you freeze up, complain, walk out, postpone or will you sit down and try to digest the information and go on with the show? Go figure? Tuesday through Friday will be jam packed with these sort of opportunities. It can range from being the ten thousandth customer at the hardware where you went to purchase emergency plumbing supplies, or using a rusty dime to scratch off a lottery ticket offering more than a break even win. Just be prepared for a downside to present somewhere in your scenario. But if you keep your wits about you, chances are you’ll depart with cash.  Enjoy! The June 15 through June 18 transits are featured below for Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

Say, I’ve got to get back to some more serious matters like Obama, his troop withdrawal plans, and the heat generating in the Gulf. Likewise, you’ve got to get back to more serious matters like contacting an astrologer and coming up with a strategy to catch the wave of sudden fortune. YOU wouldn’t want to miss it. If you can’t afford an astrologer try donating at my wordpress site: Contributions are limited to $5 and every contributor to Nude’s efforts to document TRO receives Jus4U by Nude.

Ya never know, I may be able to cough up news you can use.


Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharaohs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at


Venus’ Butt: Latest Risk Forbodes Sudden Change of Fortune

28 05 2010

Nude on Twitter 404-04

Venus Ebone Starr Williams, five time Wimbledon Champ and holder of the most gold Olympic medals of any active female tennis player of our time rocked the Saturn opposition Jupiter aspect on Sunday, May 23 at the French Open. The disciplined athlete (Saturn) stepped on the court in front of worldwide television (Jupiter) creating a media event in a creative yet controversial frock (Uranus) from her own line of clothing: Eleven. (See more Eleven at:

Is something going on with Venus?

Venus’ frock for the French Open was a fetching see-thru, black laced negligee with flesh-tone shorts. Unlike Americans who posted internet comments like “he looks good in that dress” the French fans wooed the alluring, androgynous, ebony toned, tennis diva with waves of cheers.  It seems the French don’t consider the human body disgusting and the judges didn’t give it a second thought.  Yes, I understand that Venus is an adult.  And yes, I know this is a new age.  But, I still can’t help but wonder why one of the reigning queens of Tennis showed up butt naked at the French Open. Let’s hope she has the good sense to keep her clothing choices conservative for the sake of those stuffy Americans who will show for the U.S. Open in Cincinnati.

Make no mistake, Lil Kim (who likes to reveal a breast or two), Lady Gaga and some more of the Hip Hop crew are crazed.  By now they’ve assigned groupies the job of texting Venus about getting a hold of one of those Elevens.  Funny…right…but what’s really going on here?

Heckles from Online:

From RickWS: Looked more like Uranus Williams. (Is he an astrologer?)

Troymon: What the . . . ? She can’t be comfortable playing in that. (She won!)

Patcase: Absolutely disgusting and her mother should have told her so. (Pat, Venus is almost 30!)

Not only did Venus rock the transiting Saturn opposition Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct Uranus aspects at the French Open, she rocked her very own Saturn-Mars to a 6-3, 6-3 victory over longtime tennis adversary Patty Schnyder in the opening round. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is not an indicator of depression.  A cancellation or a miserable loss might be an indicator of depression, but a sound win is not.

So why the breast and buttocks?

So what does this breast and buttocks showing got to do with anything? Let’s check out Venus’ natal Saturn in Virgo 12th house for clues. If you’re a star gazer like me, you’ll be amazed by all the yods, kites, and mystic triangles in Venus’ chart.

To see a larger view click inside the image once.

Alas, the birth chart is not really telling us what’s up with Venus and her breast and buttocks at the French Open.  Maybe a bi-wheel view with the birth chart on the inside and the transits on the outside will tell a better story.

Notes from the One Minute Astrologer: For those born in the Western Hemisphere the Vertex falls in the 5th thru the 9th houses.  However in a computer generated bi-wheel chart view, the inner chart’s Ascendant leads.  This causes the Vertex in the outer chart to move to other houses.  Email, text, or Twitter me if you don’t get this.

To see a larger view click inside the image once.

For Venus Williams, Sunday May 23, 2010 was suppose to be the end of a difficult phase or cycle in her life.  And on Sunday, transiting Jupiter (the planet of opportunity), and Uranus (the planet of the unexpected) conspired to jumpstart her new phase with a sudden positive change of fortune. But a destructive aspect was at work involving transiting Saturn and the Moon to reverse this intent. Venus gave into this brief yet destructive energy wave and allowed it to spur difficulty in her relationships, raise questions about her notion of reality, and stir outsider interest on how well she’s really fitting in – really.  In an act of egotistical defiance, Venus showed up to the match and put on a display she may never live down in the American west.   Venus needs to realize that what was revealed on Sunday will continue to spin out of control and re-emerge every time transiting Jupiter makes a significant aspect to her natal or transiting Saturn. Will the emergence be positive or negative?  It’s too soon to tell.  Besides, most people don’t know what’s up with Venus.  Most want to give her the benefit of the doubt. They want to understand.

Say, where is Hank?  Hank who you ask?  He’s Venus’ so called love interest.  What kinda beau would allow his sweetheart to bare her breast and buttocks in France?  Answer:  The one you see below.

As you can surmise, there’s been no word from Hank on what’s up with Venus.  Maybe a tabloid like “News of the World” will come up with something.  Even if it’s bogus, it’s better than nothing.

The Desire for Reforms Eclipse has its Say

Because I’m not easily discouraged, I searched for more clues in the Desire for Reforms Eclipse.  I rationalized that since Venus was born on June 21 and the Desire for Reform Eclipse landed on July 21 she may, for better or worse, be impacted by its aspects. My hunch was correct as evidenced in the dual wheel and bi-wheel view of the charts below.  I’m using the two views to illustrate how the inner wheel’s Ascendant affects the outer wheel.  For example, in the dual wheel view we see the natural positions of the charts.  In this view Venus’ Ascendant is in Libra and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Ascendant is in Capricorn. But take a look at the bi-wheel view.  As you can see Venus’ chart is the inner wheel and her Ascendant remains in the natural position of Libra.  But when coupled with the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the outside, the view for the outer wheel turns counter clockwise by 4-houses, thus moving the Vertex to the 11th house. The outer wheel’s Ascendant remains in Capricorn but it has moved from the 1st to the 4th house.  Some astrologers will argue for hours about this.  But any controversy would be due to differences in interpretation techniques.  Personally, I like to think that the heavens orbit around the person.  Some believe otherwise.  And, still others believe using a birthchart rather than a solar return or progressed chart for an adult is ludicrous.  Truthfully, everyone’s right if they are able to justify their findings through historical data and actual events.  Here are the charts and my findings.

The Dual Wheel View
To see a larger view click inside the image once.

The Nitty Gritty on Venus: Bi-Wheel View
To see a larger view click inside the image once.

Last Word on Venus

As we can now surmise from the buttocks photo, Venus’ Saturn Return and the Desire for Reform Eclipse a very personal matter involving Venus’ relationships concerning family, love, and business have turned her attention away from public image issues.  Such an oversight can bring on rapid endings, sudden changes and possibly reversals of fortune.

Do you think Venus could be headed toward a rapid ending of her reign on the Tennis Circuit due to this event?

Feel free to leave a comment, send an email, text or twitter me with your answers.  I’ll start the ball rolling by saying, the Desire for Reforms chart is begging Venus to find new ways of balancing, coping, and collaborating in everything she does.  Granted this may be hard for someone who made a home of the Tennis Circuit and achieved iconic status at 25, but struggle she must. Like many other athletes, Venus may need to take a hiatus from the circuit and her iconic Tennis platform to focus and tune in on building a new, very human, down to earth persona. Yeah, I know she launched Eleven for that very purpose but more work is needed in order for the line to mature and furrow out a niche in the marketplace.  In my opinion, any further athletic pursuits and/or achievements by Venus beyond her 5 Wimbledon wins and 3 gold medals is at best gravy and at its worse overkill.  She’s only ranked second in the World behind her sister Serena and that’s after being ranked first for as long as I can remember!

Venus, you need to get a life, a life coach, a good man, an American automobile endorsement, or a high powered tennis racket endorsement, or a sexy sniper rifle, or baby formula endorsement and a good astrologer.  Phooey on those folks who say you don’t need an astrologer – you do!  Just ask Oprah if you don’t believe me! Say Venus, if you don’t have an astrologer, I can direct you to a couple of hundred just waiting to give you a hand at balancing and maximizing all of your trines, yods, kites, mystic triangles, and don’t forget those very lucky stars!


Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharaohs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Coffee, Tea, Rain, the Biquintile and Music’s Top Earner-The Boss

27 02 2010

Out of the Shadows – The Approaching Biquintile

To see a larger view of the Slide, click once inside the image.

Headlines for our hemisphere included storms, political and social revolutionaries, criminality, vindication and geniuses making this a bi-quintile kinda week. Below are the stats:

1 bad storm
Walloping Rains

3 Political/Social Revolution-like Events
The Coffee Party
Healthcare Debate Echos
Taliban Payday

3 Events teetering on Criminality
The devil in Greece’s fiscal crisis
Rapping Rangel
White House Social Secretary Steps Down

2 Vindications
AIG’s 4Q losses
Cleared Lawmakers

1-Honorable Mention – New York’s Triple Threat
New Yorkers got a special something from the Approaching Biquintile this week as Governor Patterson announced his retirement, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel went under fire for a Bahamian trip and violent storms including snow and rain ravaged the region and shut down air travel.

Reform, re-work, re-do, re-try, re-plan, re-take…

From public opinion to individual bank accounts, the watch words this week sounded a lot like re-work, re-do and re-try. The Desire for Reforms Eclipse and the Biquintile Transit Charts are both ruled by the Moon.  Venus and Saturn are in exaltation at opposite ends of the chart in the Biquintile Transit view.

Look out! Revolutionary change may demand matyrs.

Below is the Desire for Reform Eclipse chart and the Biquintile Transits. The Desire for Reform Eclipse chart is depicted on the inner wheel and the Biquintile Transits chart is on the outer wheel.

To see a larger view of the Chart, click once inside the image.

Music’s Top Earner-The Boss

Following a close second behind U2, Bruce Springsteen made the cut for one of Music’s Top Earners in 2009. See

It’s time to re-write those Bruce Springsteen biographies. The blue collar Jersey Boy who stole the hearts of Americans with a special kind of musical genius is still The Boss when it comes to packing the house and raking in the bucks for concert tours. As many of you know, Bruce emerged from humble beginnings in Freehold, NJ. The Astrodatabank biography says he bought his first guitar for $14 at age 18 at a local pawnshop. This was about a year after he suffered a concussion from a motorcycle accident at 17. The chart below is The Boss’ birth chart.

To see a larger view of the Chart, click once inside the image.

Finishing up a fabulous year, the 60-year old Springsteen was among the recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, an annual award to figures from the world of arts for their contribution to American culture. The awards ceremony took place December 6, 2009. Below is a depiction of Springsteen’s fabulous stint with the Desire for Reforms eclipse and the Approaching Biquintile. Few will argue that Springsteen is not a mega music superstar, but many will agree that he’s some kinda genius.

To see a larger view of the Chart, click once inside the image.

To read more about the Bruce Springsteen biographies referenced go to: and,_Bruce

Next up the Approaching Sesquiquadrate at 135 degrees.


Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

What an Astro Scoop!!! Update on Angelina Jolie Unraveled

25 02 2010

Talk about reforms!!  On Friday Tiger Woods apologized, then Jon Voight, the long-estranged father of Angelina Jolie, shows up in Venice, Italy over the weekend to meet the Jolie-Pitt clan!  Photographers nabbed Voight on his way home at LAX on Sunday.  By Monday a barage of photographs were online depicting an outing of the Jolie-Pitt clan with Grandpa Voight via a Venice Water Taxi. To see the pictures, go to: You may recall that several years ago Voight made a heinous public faux pas saying his daughter Angelina had “serious mental problems.”

Nude’s 2-Cent Aside: Daah! Dad! If you weren’t around, what did you expect. There’s a couple of books the world would like to share with you about the devastation daughters experience when Dad has flown the chicken coop. Can we drop the insensitivity here!

So that YOU understand the dynamics at play here let’s begin with the fact that Jon Voight is also the father of actor James Haven. This makes James Haven the biological brother of Angelina Jolie.   Rumor has it that the two are very close.  Also, it needs to be said that Jon Voight’s divorce from Angelina’s Mom (Marcheline Bertrand), required Mom to fess up to the kids.  Her claim was that Dad cheated. Angelina, being the good daughter, never doubted Mom. So, many years ago the seeds of estrangement between father and daughter were set.

In an earlier post on Roses, Chocolates, Toxic Friends and Angelina Jolie Unraveled ( ), I told you that one of Angelina’s most toxic associations was within her family and for the rest of her life she would have to deal with a Benedict Arnold in the bloodline. I showed you her lifelong cross to bear with Saturn in the decan of Pluto, Cancer and the possibility that a relative may really be an enemy via the Arabic Part of Enemies. Well, if Angelina, Brad or one of her non-toxic friends DOESN’T read the blogs by the Nude Provocateuse call me a…

When the Downer Happens to Be Dad…

Yet, even though Florence Isaacs, the author of Toxic Friends/True Friends recommends ditching the downers, how does one totally ditch their Dad? Lucky for Angelina, Brad was there with the adhesive to mend fences. He was the one who encouraged Angelina to try again with her famous father because he thought Voight “deserved a second chance.” To read more go to:, you can read the entire article by Florence Issacs at:

The Hunt for a Rumor Source

Check out this quote: “The visit actually went really well, and Angie’s thrilled he got on really well with all her kids,” the source told E! “She’s grown up a lot, and forgiving Jon is a huge step.”

After reading the Gossip quote, I’m sure you’ll agree that the source sounds like a close relative.  Could this be James Haven himself!?!  It’s been alleged that he and Brad worked on this re-union. The good news is that the news I allege James offered is not hideous. The bad news is that the type of info James may have offered doesn’t sell tabloids. Sadly, he probably doesn’t get many direct calls from rags like News of the World.

So, let’s get a grasp on what may have happened here.  Let’s say six weeks ago James Haven called his Dad Jon Voight.  Dad get’s an update from son about daughter.  Later, Dad has a few drinks with close friends and a slip of the old vodka tongue causes him to blurt out a sentence or two about Angelina and Brad.  His tone is filled with all the anomosity that’s been brewing for years.  He even adds his fears that the relationship will sour – for this reason and that – just like his marriage with her Mom (Marcheline Bertrand).  The hired help at the Voight home in the guise of Butler/Hostess/Server over hears this slurred yet audible blurt and runs to the backyard, pulls out their cell phone and calls News of the World! Butler/Hostess/Server receives check and the snowball of gossip about divorce, Angelina and Brad not being seen together, and Brad going back to his ex-wife Jen begins.

Nude’s 2-Cent Aside: Do you think as I do that after Angelina and Brad filed a lawsuit against News of the World the truth of who really leaked the dirt about divorce came out?  Do you think Brad was more than mildly shocked that the source was his father-in-law?

An Unwitting Enemy

As you can see, poor James looks like the enemy for saying something in the first place. What’s up with James?  He knew his Dad was still steaming about being snubbed by his superstar daughter.

With all due respect to Brad, we saw a masterful move to help the love of his life reform her relationship with Dad Jon Voight and curtail a possible rumor source. It may have worked! Jon Voight declined to comment even though he was barraged by reporters at LAX upon his return. Say, he hadn’t had a state-side Vodka Martini yet!!!

Did Brad’s Idea Work?

Let’s dwelve into the truth a little more. Below is the Desire for Reforms eclipse chart for Venice, Italy; the Transit Chart for Venice dated Sunday, February 22 at 7:45 pm, and Angelina Jolie’s Birth Chart. The Desire chart is on the inner wheel, the Transit Chart is in the middle wheel and Angelina’s Birth Chart is on the outer wheel. Now let’s ask the question: Did it work?  To see a larger view of the chart below, just click once in the middle of the image.

Many thanks to a reader who called in with a correction on Angelina Jolie's birth time. Also the eclipse chart was tweaked.

But, hold on folks, Angelina’s not out of the woods yet. Sometime in late summer or early fall 2010, Saturn will start nearing Angelina’s Pluto. The Toxic Friends will be back and this time with a humdinger. Rest assured, the Nude Provocateuse will be here with the cloak and dagger astro interpretations at your service.

Say, I’m still working on that Bi-quintile Report. The aspect will be exact tomorrow.


Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Roses, Chocolates, Toxic Friends and Angelina Jolie Unraveled

14 02 2010

Are you friends or in love with someone who seems more of a competitor, a criticizer, a downer, a promise breaker, or a gossip? If your answer is yes, set aside those roses and chocolates. You may be experiencing the wrath of the Quarrelers in the form of toxic friends.

The Quarrelers is my take on the onerous Cardinal T-Square involving the Aries Point, Pluto and Saturn as well as the onerous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Transiting Pluto has been in the decan of Saturn in Capricorn dancing at square to the Aries Point for over a year, and transiting Saturn returned to the mix (as he does every few years) last fall when he progressed to 00 Libra in opposition to the Aries Point.

Love in the Time of Quarrelers: Pluto, Saturn and the Aries Point

So what is a friend? Most dictionaries define the word friend as someone with whom you share the intimate details of your life with. Now let’s put this together with the word toxic. Again, most dictionaries will describe toxic as poison capable of causing death or debilitation. As you can see, by adding toxic to the word friend something deadly or debilitating is added to the most intimate areas of your life.

Florence Isaacs, the author of Toxic Friends/True Friends, explained to WebMD last week that “a toxic friendship is unsupportive, draining, unrewarding, stifling, unsatisfying, and often unequal.” Isaacs goes on to say that “toxic friends stress you out, use you, are unreliable, are overly demanding, and don’t give anything back.” You can read the entire article by Florence Issacs at:

Take this Personally!

In 2007-2008, I experienced transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto. At the same time, transiting Pluto was trine my natal Pluto. My mother became ill and died in September 2007 leaving a mountain of estate problems. During this time, I had a dozen or so friends, associates and family (all toxic) I began to communicate with often. But before this period ended, there were problems that demanded that these toxic relationships end. While the entrance of toxic friends subsided, it didn’t go away completely. Recently, when transiting Saturn moved to semi-sextile my natal Pluto and square transiting Pluto, I started a friendship with a person who had interesting achievements and hobbies. Within a few weeks, I was forced to face some hard realities about the toxicity of my new friend. Thank God it happened quickly!

Back in 2005, another associate of mine befriended a nurse while staying for a while in a nursing home. After my friend returned home, she really believed they could enjoy a healthy friendship. When the nurse discovered my friend had made a full recovery, she went toxic and began to use my friend’s kindness as a weakness. Suddenly, the nurse desperately needed to drop her son off with my friend on the weekends. The nurses’ excuse was always work. But, some months later my friend discovered that she used some of this time for dating. As it turned out, the nurse’s son was a terror. Then a huge jar of change came up missing, bottles of wine disappeared and then a new jacket with the price tags still affixed vanished. Well, you can fill in the rest. Then one day my friend’s Army Colonel buddy showed up at the door while the nurse was on one of her visits. The nurse was stunned and barely opened her mouth to speak upon meeting the Colonel. Moments later, the nurse left quickly and never returned. Below, are charts I caste for my friend noting the Approach, Conjunction and Separation of the aspect.  It also features the nurse and a few other toxic characters who eased in and out of her life at the time. See if you can find some of these similarities and patterns in your chart or the charts of your friends?  To see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

The Fabric of Our Lives: Pluto and Saturn

As confirmed by the charts above Pluto and Saturn, regardless of their configuration are harbingers of what most pyschologists call “toxic friends.” As demonstrated, their presence can be easily detected in a horoscopic chart. These planets will work with each other, but to varying ends. You see Pluto and Saturn are competitors who gossip behind each others back, put each other down, criticize, and break promises. Saturn naturally seeks to restrict. So, under a conjunction or square with Pluto, you can expect Saturn to bring friends who really are competitors, criticizers, downers, and gossipers. Conversely, Pluto under a conjunction or square with Saturn seeks to reform but may do so behind the scenes, use back door methods and then break promises. They both are very strong and like to have their way. In fact, since Saturn began its foray into Libra last November, he and Pluto (who sits in the decan of Saturn in Capricorn) have been causing quite a stir by generating events through the Aries Point. If you caste a chart for the U.S. East Coast today more than likely you’ll find at least one of these planets or points squaring off with the other from an angular house.

The Quarrelers also have a passion for politics! For example, let’s look at the US health care reform issue. It began with the best intentions, but a number of US Senators rose to place retrictions upon the bill that diminished its purpose. Where were the Quarrelers? Squaring off! Another great example is the World Climate Talks. It too began with the best intentions. But a number of countries walked out restricting progress because they felt they were being ‘talked at’ by wealthier countries who could afford to make the necessary ecological changes. Where were the Quarrelers? Squaring off! Make no mistake, the Quarrelers have no exclusions for the rich and famous. For me, there is no better example of the Quarrelers’ wrath then the charts of Angelina Jolie. Poor Angelina is sometimes subjected to a daily onslaught of attacks from toxic friends and associates who constantly leak to the media intimate details concerning her marriage – be they true or false. Where are the Quarrelers in Angelina Jolie’s chart? Squaring off! Yet, what makes Angelina Jolie’s chart so special is the Quarrelers’ presence in her birth chart.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Quarrelers are not your garden variety competitors or gossip mongers. Sometimes they mean to harm. To see the destructiveness of the Quarrelers all you need to do is look back as far as the Fort Hood Massacre. This was a tragic circumstance. Sadly, it was during Saturn’s foray into the cardinal sign of Libra last November that placed him exactly square transiting Pluto and opposite the Aries Point when Nidal Malik Hassan struck!

Angelina Jolie Unraveled

For most, a Saturn-Pluto coupling lasts a few years. During the separating aspect the individual is given a chance to recover as noted in my friend’s chart above. But with Saturn conjunct or in the decan of Pluto in a natal chart, the subject will have to contend with onerous and toxic family/friends for the rest of their life. The good news is that the personality is given a chance to grow, adjust and compensate for the shortcoming by learning to recognize toxic relationships early on, taking responsibility for them, ending the worse ones, and making a greater effort to build stronger relationships with non-toxic friends.

In Angelina Jolie’s case, she is being stressed out and used by a guantlet of toxic associates. What she knows that we don’t, is that some of her family members are quite toxic toward her. Let’s look at Angelina’s most recent embarassment. On or about January 23, 2010, a toxic friend or family member leaked to News of the World a United Kingdom media source ( that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had visited attorneys to work out a deal for their separation. This news caused a media feeding frenzy. When the dust settled, it was learned that the couple, who enjoyed a combined income of more than $50 million dollars in 2009, were probably making a routine visit to their attorney to legalize agreements, estates, taxes, etc. But the news was so disruptive that a week later Angelina obviously had to adjust her schedule. We saw the result when she accompanied her husband to the Director’s Guild Awards ( ) in New York. Did she go for the sole purpose of making a media appearance to quell the tide of dangerous gossip?

If you’re like me, you’re asking: What the $%&@!?!  Who is so bent on slandering Angelina Jolie?  After all these years, isn’t it obvious that her husband loves her?  Why is there still so much hype?  Then I viewed Angelina Jolie’s birth chart and a somber moment overcame me.  I discovered a thread of toxic family and friends who have been present in her life since birth.

I caste the chart you see below using the decanants or decans. In my last blog I demonstrated 1 Minute Delineations with Decans in a Mini Course. You can review it at: ( ).

To see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

Upon visual inspection you can see that Angelina Jolie’s Ascendant, Midheaven and Ic at birth were all in cardinal signs or on the cusp of a cardinal sign. Her birth was an event, but it may have generated some controversy.   Most notable is Saturn in the decan of Pluto, Cancer, 7th house. At birth, Angelina had onerous and toxic adversaries within her family. The 7th house is considered the house of open enemies, so make no mistake that whatever occurred was made public. Furthermore, because this placement is in the 7th house, Angelina’s onerous and toxic family/friends have always tried to meddle in her contracts, relationships, partnerships and marriage.

Below are some of the more notable Arabic Parts in Angelina Jolie’s natal chart:

Purple Diamond is the Arabic Part of Enemies at 6 degrees Aries, 3rd house. It opposes Pluto and is shy of a conjunction to the Aries Point. Again, these enemies are found in the house of brothers, sisters and communications. I believe this confirms that Angelina’s 7th house toxic source is a close family member.

Orange Diamond is the Arabic Part of Mercury at 19 degrees Aries. Someone was out of money, low on cash or without the means to really take care of themselves or handle responsibility when Angelina was born. New ways of earning or obtaining money were forged. This may have opened the door to toxic associations.

Yellow Diamond is the Arabic Part of Jupiter at 12 degrees Gemini. It is conjunct Angelina’s Sun. This blessed Angelina with luck in health, work and daily affairs.  The good news is that her life early on may not have been so adversely affected by the ferocity of toxic family and friends who surrounded her – but her life was affected.

Red Diamond is the Arabic Part of Saturn. It is on the cusp of the 8th house. This sextiles Pluto at 6 degrees Libra, 9th house. This part signifies heavy and weighty matters, burial or buried issues, the dead, the deep sea, someone disabled or recovering from a disability, prisons and prisoners.

Again, in review of Angelina’s birth chart you can see her Ascendant, Midheaven and Ic at birth were all in cardinal signs or on the cusp of a cardinal sign. Today, Saturn and Pluto have transited to cardinal signs and are nearing key points in Angelina’s chart. This view clearly shows the adversity Angelina may be experiencing. Despite her wealth and power she may still find it difficult to distance herself from toxic and onerous friends. The chart below depicts Angelina Jolie’s chart on the inside wheel and the transits on the outside wheel. Remember, to see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

In 2011, life may not be all glitz for Angelina. Yes, she’ll find work, grace red carpets, and have work done to enhance her appearance. But, the stress stirred up by her toxic friends and family may begin to wear upon her vitality and spur health concerns. Let’s hope she finds a non-toxic astrologer to go over the rough points the transits of 2011 will bring.

Friends: The Spice of Life

You’ll get no argument from me that life can get pretty boring without friends. For the most part, friends are the spice of life. But the truth is not everyone can be your friend and some friendships are downright more dangerous than others.  In fact, toxic friendships can adversely affect people physically and emotionally for years – and then some. This Valentine’s Day make the commitment to be a good friend without expectations or payment in kind. Raising your awareness of what it takes to be a friend is the best defense against toxic friendships and fated astrological transits like the Quarrelers that bring toxic friends into view. If you stick with the commitment, soon you’ll find yourself more effective at recognizing toxic friends, ending toxic friendships, and making new, healthier friends at lightning speed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  And BTW, I promise to deal with the approaching quincunx to the Desire for Reforms Eclipse point next week.

The Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Sex, Chaos, Lies, Divorce: The Opposition and What’s Up with Dennis Hopper?

20 01 2010

On the eve of the Sun’s opposition to the July 21, 2009 Desire for Reforms Eclipse, the dark side of the Obama Administration was slowly being revealed. In a new book “Game Change” by NY Time’s Mark Halperin and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, events are reconsructed after the fact by operatives who may have had more interest in settling scores then setting the record straight. While this technique makes the political stories made for TV movie fodder, I wonder about our obsession with identifying a devil in Obama’s camp.

But that’s not the only development. The devils in the Transit Sun’s opposition to the July 21, 2009 Desire for Reforms Eclipse are few but their combined magnitude is great. They include: (1) a very public birthday dinner date between Barack and Michelle (White House sources told a Globe reporter that the two get so angry they often sleep in separate bedrooms, Jan 18 2010), (2) renewed fighting in downtown Kabul with weapons grade bombs, (3) food riots and looting in earthquake torn Haiti requiring a military response, and (4) new earthquakes erupt in Central America.

Let’s take a quick look at the orbiting daytime planets in Central America and the Caribbean one (1) day before the Sun’s opposition by transit. Coursing across the Caribbean are Mars, Chiron and Sedna. Chiron is the asteriod of painful transformations. It was coursing right through the Haitian peninsula where known faults exist. Due west are Guatemala and El Salvador where another earthquake was reported on Monday, January 18th. Then there is Sedna. She is the newbie on the block discovered just a few years ago. Sedna is half fish. She is the mistress of life and death to the Inuit people. While Sedna is not considered strong outside artic waters, when teamed with Chiron and Mars she may be able to wield some damage. For example, if Sedna is not respected she begins to feel her hands sear with pain and, in her misery, sends sickness, storms, and starvation to punish the humans. Lastly, we have Mars. From this week’s news reports a number of Mars like events have erupted in Haiti. News accounts feature men with large knives and machetes fanning out through the center of the city of Port Au Prince creating chaos. Another account notes the build-up of American and UN forces and fire power to keep Haitian unrests under control.

Below I’ve circled the region where the earthquakes struck. Mars‘ path is a red dotted line, Sedna’s path is a white line and Chiron is a green line. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.
By January 19, 2010 at approximately 10:45 am trouble will clear out of the Caribbean. Food will get through and starvation will abate as Mars, Sedna and Chiron widen their arc and move to the coast of Brazil. What remains is Uranus and its path is through Guatemala. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.
Many mundane astrologers believe Solar Maps are essential in predicting the occurrence of events throughout the world. Today’s findings prove there is a great deal of credence in this belief especially in regard to Earth’s weather patterns and geology. However, eclipses still hold reign over seasonal occurrences and the rise and fall of empires.

Moving forward, below is a look at the Desire for Reforms Eclipse and the current Transits. The Reforms Eclipse is on the inner wheel and the Transits are on the outer wheel. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.

Here’s another view of our empire with the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the inner wheel, the Transits in the center Wheel and President Barack Obama’s Birth Chart on the outer wheel. One thing of note is how Barack Obama’s Jupiter seems to negate the apparent opposition formed by the Reforms Eclipse Sun and the Transits’ Sun. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.

So now that we’ve come to a milestone in tracking the effects of the separating aspects to the Desire for Reform Eclipse, let’s take a look at the transits that will now be applying to the Desire for Reform Eclipse Sun and Moon.

  1. The Quincunx – 150 degrees –  (What happened last time? Winter storms coursed the northeast and Europe)
  2. The Biquintile – 144 degrees – (What happened last time? President made tough decisions about Afghanistan)
  3. The Sesquisquare – 135 degrees –  (What happened last time? Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize)
  4. The Trine – 120 degrees –  (What happened last time? Health reform made it through the house)
  5. The Square – 90 degrees –  (What happened last time? Nidal Malik Hassan made plans for the Fort Hood Massacre. Within 10 -12 days Hassan executed his plan.)
  6. The Quintile – 72 degrees – ?
  7. The Sextile – 60 degrees-air – ?

Stay tuned!

So, what’s up with Dennis Hopper?

Transiting Saturn-Vertex may be the culprit for Dennis Hopper’s current physical and financial woes. Right now Hopper who is 73 is in the midst of a physical challenge with prostate cancer, but to everyone’s surprise he announced today that he was seeking a divorce from his wife of 14-years. Is this the way to go when fighting to survive a life threatening illness? What’s up with Dennis Hopper?

To view a larger image click once on the picture above.

Let us keep our prayers fervent for Dennis Hopper.

1-Minute Delineations – A Mini Course on Decans

Decans were used during the middle ages and renaissance periods up through the decline of astrology during the eighteenth century. H. E Wedeck in his book called the Dictionary of Astrology defines decans as follows “…ten degrees of each zodical sign are dedicated to a plaent which assumes influence when it passes through this ten-degree space. This ten degree space is called a decan. There are thirty-six decans at ten degrees. In these the planets, except the Sun and the Moon alternate.” Remember, the Sun and Moon are not planets.

The banner on this blog page depicts a horoscope with decans. Prior to the decline of astrology decans made it easy for an astrologer to dig deeper into the meaning of a planets’ placement. Much like the Arabic Parts, the proper definition, use and application of decans probably fell into obscurity and misuse shortly after the decline of astrology. As a result, modern day astrologers moved away from using them opting to show a more technical or astronomical definition for the placement and occurrence of astrological phenomena in horoscopic charts.  But something went missing — fun!!

In general, decans can make delineations easy, simple, and fun. They are a great tool for teaching the basics of astrology, as an ice-breaker at parties, or in groups. What’s so fun about decans? Let’s take a look at Michelle Obama’s chart and do a 1-minute delineation using astrological key words.

Another example that I did not add to the view above is Michelle’s Mercury in Capricorn, 8th house. Now most astrologers will agree that the key words for Michelle’s Mercury are:

Communications, logic, leadership, in banking, taxes, the law, sex, death, secrets.

Here’s the same interpretation with the decan of Saturn.

Careful responsibility and discipline in communications, logic, leadership, in banking, taxes, the law, sex, death, secrets.

Is she some type of an attorney or CPA? Yes.

Michelle was a corporate attorney. Here, the decan has allowed us to see how seriously Michelle takes her responsibility when she is acting out her Mercury.

So the next time you’re stuck delineating by triplicities, rulers, elements, retrogrades, void of course, aspects, etc., and find yourself totally confused, pull up a chart featuring decans and empower your interpretation.   Don’t knock it, or allow anyone to dissuade you because people equate showmanship with intelligence and talent. Who knows, you may pique enough interest to generate several commissions for indepth readings. Also, try tracking your progressed Sun, moon, mercury and venus with the decans to give yourself a daily reading. I’ve met some very good astrologers who exclusively employed the use of decans in tracking the Sun, moon and other fast moving planets for daily readings. I was and remain amazed!

Until the approaching quincunx 30 days from now – Peace,

Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Kiss, Arousal, Sex: The Obama Overachiever Cure

31 12 2009
While playing golf back in 2001, President George W. Bush was interrupted with urgent news: New York City’s Twin Towers were attacked and burned to the ground! Nevertheless, he insisted on 8-hours of sleep. Cross him and OMG his mother former First Lady Barbara Bush may have shown. Not so for President Barack Obama. Latest news reports has our current President averaging five to six hours of sleep. In fact, a few weeks ago on a long flight back from Oslo he admitted to members of the press: “I’m Tired.”

But the gravity of war did take its toll in other ways, writes Julie Pace for the Associated Press. “With this one, you feel it viscerally,” Obama said in a White House interview with ABC News. “You lose sleep. You think about families. You think about history.”

Although he may need a vacation, they say President Obama still thrives on a keeping a busy schedule and continues to scoff at critics who say he’s taken on too much in his first year. Obama often works late into the night, averaging five or six hours of sleep, but making do with less when need be.

Sources close to the White House say Mr Obama and his staff have been "overwhelmed" by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest.

Little Sleep: The sign of an Overachiever

A not so well known study in the Netherlands looked at people with insomnia and found that they’re actually over-achievers. After making sure their subjects were deprived sleep, they tested them and found they performed well. The study concluded these people were hyper-aroused and this helped compensate for their brain tiredness.

I wanted to find out more about the overachiever indicator of Little Sleep and found a story about Yoshiro Nakamatsu who changed his name to Nakamats. He could be one of the most influential scientists of all time, but I’ve never heard of him. It’s reported that he has over 3,200 patents to his name, “leaving Thomas Edison in the dust.” He eats one meal per day and sleeps only four hours, while using one of his inventions: a chair that can “rest the body and sharpen the mind” when he needs it. So convinced is he of his invention, Nakamat has re-calculated his life span. He expects to live to be 144 years old.

Then I found a news reports confirming that after the Senate held a 1 a.m. vote on health care last week, Obama stayed awake to see the results despite the fact he had a full schedule starting the next day before 8:00 a.m.

President Obama appears to be an overachiever.

Is the President thinking rationally? Is Obama being sensible? If you answered no, chances are our President is in fact an over-achiever. Here are some classic overachiever traits outlined by Performance Pyschologist John Eliot, Ph.D. You can find more details about his program and book Overachievement at:      ( )

  • Overachievement is counterintuitive. (Is that what happened to Obi Wan?)
  • Overachievers don’t think reasonably, sensibly or rationally. (Is that what happened to the healthcare public option?)
  • BE an exception. Overachievers thrive under pressure—welcome pressure, enjoy it and make it work to their advantage. (Most critics agree Obama has taken on too much in his first year.).
  • Handle Failure. It’s not rejection that distinguishes achievers from nonachievers—it’s the way they handle failure. (Obama will not concede failure in healthcare reform.)
  • Most successful people can share their weaknesses. They get excited about learning so they can turn weaknesses into strengths. ( In every speech, Obama highlights his flawed expectations and turns it into a strength and often White House proposals for reforms.).
  • Arrogant S.O.B.s run the world. A performer can never have too much self-assurance. The best in every field are likely to strike most people as irrationally confident, but that’s how they got to the top. (Obama expects Afghanistan’s President Karzai to do as he is told and boot the corrupters out of office. Now!).
  • Legends never say they’re sorry. High achievers dwell on what they do well—and spend very little time evaluating themselves and their performances. (Obama did not apologize for taking the Nobel Prize. He took it, noted the opposition, thanked folks and left the building.)
  • The best need stress. Stress is the high-level performer’s Power Bar. (The President allowed Pentagon Generals to stress him out for 2-months before making a decision. He sent them back to the drawing board numerous times. He loved every minute of it.)
  • Put the “I” in “team.” By definition, striving to be exceptional puts you outside the team. If you’re a maverick CEO, you’re a colorful genius. The best performers not only think exceptionally, they teach their colleagues to think that way too. (Some news media folk gained large salaries for counting how many times the President said “I” in speeches. Were they looking for a follower?)
  • What limits? If you want to find out what you’re capable of, you can’t put limits on yourself, and you definitely can’t be cautious. (Despite the fact he’s had more death threats than any other President in modern history, Obama took 10 overseas trips in the first year and pumped up his own legislative schedule.)
  • Only wimps weigh the risk. For exceptional people, risks equal rewards. The challenge of uncertainty is the fun of high-performance—and that’s where overachievement lies. (President Obama showed little interest in weighing the risk of pulling out of Afghanistan too soon until his mandate is met.)

The Role of the First Lady

But I had to find out more, especially about the role spouses play. Here’s some insight on overachievement and Little Sleep from Dr. Laura Berman, the Director of The Berman Center for women’s sexual health. A few years ago she told The Situation’s Tucker Carlson about how sex can help sleep deprivation. To begin Carlson asked: “Is there really a sleep crisis?”

“There really is,” Berman answered. “But I think the main reason people are sleepless is primarily because of stress and depression more than anything else. People are not having enough sex. And ironically, the amazing part is that sex can actually really help you with sleep .And it is a real issue because it becomes a vicious cycle.”

Before concluding the interview Carlson asked if Dr. Berman had any more tips. She answered:

“I actually just did a big study on intimacy and found that couples who kiss regularly and spontaneously not only have higher levels of intimacy, general intimacy, but also have decreased levels of stress and depression. So, try just kissing your partner more and cuddling them more.”

Another thing I learned in researching overachievers and Little Sleep is some overachiever behavior can be managed. Here’s a tip I found by emerrill a group member of ehow:

“Try to prevent him from burning out. Overachievers lose track of time when they’re working. They aren’t trying to impress anyone with those late hours; they’re just in a dream state of total absorption in their task.”

So when the Senate wasn’t due to wrap up until 1 a.m., and the president was still fixated on C-Span, it was the First Lady’s responsibility to re-direct her husband’s interest (kissing, cuddling, etc) while reminding him that sitting up and waiting on a vote was what he hired his staff to do. “Rahm will brief you on the results at breakfast,” she should have responded.

But Dr. Berman and the ehow group members are speaking of people who have real love for one another. Frankly, since the inaguration, I haven’t seen the Obamas partake in general, family like intimacy? Michelle’s primary role as First Lady is to see about her husband’s physical and emotional well being. Sometimes standing by or around just won’t do. Besides, I believe it’s a poor commentary on the First Lady if her hubby whines to the press about how “tired” he is! Is Michelle down on her job?

In Search of the Kiss

Michelle is down in approval ratings according to recent Polls. Her score sank 11 points. It seems, the American people are just not feeling Michelle Obama.   And, after a public “stinky feet” comment about the President, I’m not feeling Michelle Obama. I believe the American people are picking up on some negative things about Michelle. Are they beginning to believe that her relationship with him is all show and it’s just now being reflected in the polls? Our president obviously needs a good night’s sleep.  According to most sleep scientists there’s one non-prescriptive way Michelle can get our president (the overachiever) to take the deep snooze he deserves – Sex.

Now don’t get me wrong, Michelle appears as if she’s built for comfort, but this may not be enough to keep the flame between a Leo and a Capricorn alive. Michelle is a January Capricorn. Her Natal Sun is – Whoa! – in Opposition to Barack’s Natal Sun. Now without an exact birth time I cannot be definitive about the rising sign, but chances are Michelle’s Sun is rarely feeling Barack’s Sun. In fact, since March 2009 I’ve seen nothing of note that the spark still remains.

Check out this Christmas Video where it looks as if the couple are rehearsed.  In the video Obama reaches for Michelle’s knee.  I’m sure you’ll agree this was not what she wanted and her response was telling.                 

In Search of Arousal

Even Clifford Bryan the reporter for the Michelle Obama Examiner has some misgivings:

“One inference that we’ve come up with is that without Michelle Obama; Barack Obama as we know him would cease to exist. This comes after careful examination of observable displays such as “fist bumps” in which President Obama participated in. We’ve come to the conclusion that these seemingly impromptu displays of solidarity are a little too well rehearsed. They don’t seem quite natural.”

If you follow the Examiner’s link, you’ll see what Clifford means by: They don’t seem quite natural. Like it or not, Obama has been working his job non-stop for weeks and needs a vacation. Michelle should appear anxious about getting away with her overachiever. Anyone who has dated an overachiever knows you have to compete with their constant I’ve got to win and finish before the other guy” arousals. Yet, on their way to Hawaii in photo after photo, he’s holding on to the kids. The only time they stand together is in public for Photo Ops.  How could anyone be convinced the President was on his way toward getting a good rest?

I don’t agree with everything Clifford Bryan says. Yet, after one year into the Obamas, I’m beginning to think that Clifford Bryan may be on to something and it’s not lots of hot, spicy love.

In Search of Sex

I’ve created a synastry chart delineation between Michelle and Barack. A synastry chart is a comparison of two or more natal charts in order to analyze the interaction of the individuals involved. My comparison may be flawed because I’ve not been able to determine Michelle’s exact time of birth and frankly – no one else has! An exact birth time determines the positioning of the Moon and the Rising Sign or Ascendant. For Michelle’s chart, which was caste at 12 Noon, her Ascendant is Taurus and her Midheaven is Capricorn.

Charting love begins with an examination of the Moon and Venus. If the Moon and Venus in the two charts favorably aspect each other, the two involved will find few obstacles in starting a relationship. However, for relationships to be longlasting, a slower planet like Saturn, Neptune and Pluto need to be involved. Remember the phrase: I love you but I’m not in love with you. In astrology its easy to determine the I love you part, but determining how much in love requires a steady anchor in the form of a slower planet. Below, I’ve listed the pros and cons of the synastry chart in a table.

Michelle and Barack: Relationship Pros and Cons

Intrigue and the Obamas: A delineation

For starters the Pros show that the relationship began out of love. This is indicated by good aspects involving the Moon, Venus, Sun and Mars (See items 1,2,3,4, and 5 under Pros). Michelle and Barack generally feel good about each other, share warm loving moments and are proud of each other. Most notable is Michelle’s Sun, Mars, and Midheaven conjunct Barack’s Jupiter (See item 6 under Pros).  This is an in love indicator. He brought great benefits to her career and ambitions. He was a great resource to her professionally. He also helped her reap her karmic benefits from hard work and self sacrifice. Likewise, Barack gained a great deal from Michelle’s superior legal knowledge. She enabled him to side step the numerous legal pitfalls and secret enemies that would befall a young ambitious politician. When they work, Michelle and Barack operate like a well oiled machine. But Barack may have insisted that Michelle take on a more subordinate feminine role in the family. This is noted by Barack’s Saturn conjunct Michelle’s Midheaven and Sun (See item 8 under Pros). Saturn says “I restrict.” While at times this new role felt a bit degrading, in the end it may have helped mold the couple’s persona and turn Barack’s ambitions into a worthwhile family investment.

Similarly, Michelle’s Saturn is conjunct Barack’s Ascendant (See item 7 under Pros).  This is an in love indicator. It’s easy to see that because of her feminine role in the family and her position as the breadwinner early on in Barack’s career, he acquiesced into giving Michelle a lot of power in decision making concerning the finances. This is a partial confirmation of Clifford Bryan’s observation that: “…without Michelle Obama; Barack Obama as we know him would cease to exist.”

Let’s take a look at Michelle’s Pluto conjunct Barack’s Vertex (See item 6 under Cons). Historically, a Pluto-Vertex coupling encourages people to take out loans. This is usually pursued in an attempt to transform a situation. If this is the case, Michelle probably was the key co-signer on important loans. With Michelle’s Saturn on Barack’s Ascendant she controlled his purse strings. In turn, it may have served as a stabilizing force for their family.

But I fear things didn’t evolve that easily. Let’s look at some of the Cons.  Remember, love is dependent on the slower moving planets in terms of longevity.

There’s little doubt that Barack’s role as an aspiring politician kept the income of the Obamas in flux thus forcing Michelle to be the primary breadwinner. Likewise, Michelle’s Jupiter quincunx Barack’s Vertex indicate incoming benefits and overall growth, but with a lot of vexing changes and adaptations along the way (See item 3 under Cons). Quincunxes force decisions between two opposing positions. Give and take affected this marriage in more ways then one.

Another startling Con in the Synastry is Michelle’s Midheaven and Sun opposing Barack’s Uranus conjunct North Node (See item 4 under Cons). This is a major showstopper! Barack’s Uranus conjunct North Node is his creative power center and feeds into his change agent role.  It makes him a creative and dynamic force to be reckoned with. He thrives off developing difficult yet liberating change in all his endeavors, and especially marriage.  For example, he may have asked Michelle to tolerate late night calls and visits from male and female campaigners, contributors, senate aides, and sexy young interns.  Let’s not forget those late and all night meetings and business trips. This condition would make any woman uneasy and Michelle is no exception. For this reason, Michelle strikes me as uneasy about some of Barack’s motives in forging creative change. This may have been what Clifford Bryan of the Michelle Obama Examiner picked up when he reported: “…seemingly impromptu displays of solidarity are a little too well rehearsed. They don’t seem quite natural.”

For Michelle with the Sun and Mars on her Midheaven and Saturn on Barack’s Ascendant, issues concerning her husband vying for the presidency equaled risk and sacrifice. She needed certainty. Oprah probably was the driving force in providing Michelle with certainty. If you recall, Oprah became a large campaign contributor who helped Barack acquire campaign contributions, support, and funding. Although this was what Michelle hoped for, it may have led to her having to acquiesce control and make adjustments as indicated in Jupiter quincunx Vertex. But I also believe that when this occurred, it triggered Michelle’s Mars opposition Barack’s Mercury and many arguments (See item 5 under Cons).

As the campaign heated up, death threats rose triggering Michelle’s Saturn opposition Barack’s Mars. This is a major showstopper! (See item 2 under Cons) Michelle’s Saturn says “I restrict” and Barack’s Mars says “I am.” Likewise, Michelle’s Uranus conjunct Barack’s Pluto gives her the power to wage war on any plans she doesn’t understand or deems threatening.  With Uranus in play she can wage war with the percision of a surgeon’s scalpel. This is another major showstopper! (See item 1 under Cons).  Only Barack has the power to control this through his natal Pluto-Vertex. It enables him to help Michelle understand, cope and go with the flow of events.  Without love, this process can be exhausting.

Most astrologers agree that conjunctions involving Uranus and Pluto and oppositions involving Saturn and Mars often create a slow burn in relationships. But, there is also the potential for explosiveness. With this being said, it’s not a stretch to assume that some disputes between Michelle and Barack are major and may have placed their marriage on the rocks more than once. In fact, all indicators show these two may stay angry for days burning with rage. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that early on in the marriage pots, pans and shoes were hurled. Oh, but when Michelle and Barack make up it’s the sweetest. Luckily, they have the good aspects of the inner planets to thank for bringing them back to why they got together in the first place – love.

Sorry, I didn’t find passionate, hot, spicy, sex in the synastry. This is usually indicated by a Venus-Neptune connection. Ideally, a strong Venus-Neptune aspect should be part of the synastry charts. I did find one for Barack, but it was in the synastry between Barack and Oprah.  Surprisingly, even with the flawed birth time the Ooh la la connection holds.
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The charts below show Barack on the inner wheel and Michelle on the outer wheel.

Let’s hope that for whatever reason these two are together, the good of the nation comes first.  For Michelle that means more kissing and cuddling to counteract Barack’s overachiever adrenaline and Little Sleep. He has three more years to go and a lot on his plate. To dwell any deeper, I’d have to defer to professionals like America’s modern day Eros – Prince:

U don’t have 2 be rich
2 be my girl
U don’t have 2 be cool
2 rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

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