Fort Hood and Jul 21 Eclipse – A Timeline

12 11 2009

As the Sun approaches 120 degrees from its July 21, 2009 Eclipse point, events involving the lost, lost at sea, buried, war, destruction, reneged agreements and George Bush’s Axis of Evil punctuate our news. For starters, 10-days after the Sun began separating from its square to the Sun in the July 21 09 Eclipse Chart, the Associated Press reported on October 31, 09 that North Korea was the source of high-profile cyberattacks. The cyberattacks took place in July 09 (talk about buried news) and caused Web outages in South Korea and the United States. Pirating has regained less than glamorous attention as the terrorist’s choice in the Gulf of Oman. Palestinian and Afghan candidates have walked away from the opportunity to lead due to reneged agreements. President Obama’s diplomatic efforts were met with a smack in the face as violence erupted in Peshawar upon Hilliary Clinton’s arrival. U.S. Military psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan opens fire on unarmed colleagues at Fort Hood. The US Congress, under the leadership of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, finally passes a Healthcare Reform Bill. And lastly, President Obama is photographed silently trudging through Arlington National Cemetery in anticipation of honoring our young men and women lost in war and proudly buried on one of America’s most sacred grounds.

The Desire for Reforms are vast and may prove overwhelming.

Below is the continuation of the Timeline The_Betty started back in July 2009. It’s purpose is to track the major events triggered by the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009. As of this writing, October and November 2009 may prove to be two of the most dynamic months in the Eclipse’s 2-year lifespan.

The_Betty welcomes your comments, especially suggestions on key events to tracks and the transits that may impact them.

Keep Star Gazing,