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Nude Provocateuse

(The picture below is not me!)


2 responses

30 05 2010

About lovely Venus, perhaps that outfit which I do not care for, is her subconscious desire to gain attention for her figure also? For years great attention has been paid to Serena, me tinks she may want it to be known that she has the same assets as her sister, albeit not as much. I hope she retains her former good taste. Prayerfully those who are in a position to really have an impact on her career will go easy on her. She’s allowed a personal bomb at least once.

30 05 2010
nude provacateuse

Poeticsunshine you and the others in your group can twitter me on 404-04. The Saturn Return Venus is experiencing has her in an emotional flux. Venus is a senior citizen in the tennis arena and she needs to branch out into other areas before her opportunity to play tennis fades (she’ll be 30 in 22-days). I believe she is taking this risk for the sake of her marketing her line of clothing. Her target market is a generation of Lil Kims and Lady Gaga wannabees. She’s after notoriety so she can step away from tennis with a booming business under her belt. And with shows like we had this week, she may pull it off. Just think about it, Tennis runs up against the NBA games on television. Venus’ stunts have definitely siphoned off attention from the basketball Titans, increased ratings for Tennis viewing, and overall ticket sales! Venus’ chart also shows her separating off from her sister and family. If you noticed Serena was dating Common a black Hip Hop artist while Venus has been associated with Hank Kuehne a white golfer. These circles are vastly different! I fear Venus and her marketing ploys will soon get her into deep trouble especially here in America where she can be arrested for indecent exposure. Often, American athletes who achieve iconic status forget the rules of the culture they call home. America loves taking out these types. Let’s keep our 5-time Wimbledon Champ in our prayers. Personally I don’t want to see her go out that way. Peace! 404-04

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