Nude and Jus4U

The Skinny

Every month Nude (a person not an application) looks at the heavens, the politics of our republic, and current events.  Then, she compiles mundane astrological updates that are very rare in the U.S.  In fact, some have not been seen outside of Asia since the Ottoman Empire.  But, many sources for news, astrology, history, and information in the U.S. ask Nude for payment, subscriptions, or advance purchases.   In some instances, travel is required.  Your $5 donation will help Nude offset the costs of staying on the cutting edge of important mundane astrological findings, news, and world reports.   Nude is even considering adding video as the One Minute Astrologer using chart interpretation techniques that, due to computer applications, may soon be lost to the heavens.

But as Nude will tell you, no sacrifice on her behalf  big or small shall go unrewarded in this life.  That’s why Nude will compliment every $5 donation with a FREE, personalized astrology reading  about:  Love, Money, Job/Career, Family and Relationships — Jus4U.

To Get Nude to start: (1) donate, (2) include your email address, (3) then check your email within 1-hr, (4) respond, (5) receive a report Jus4U! Want to learn more about Nude’s upcoming projects, or give Nude a hand with research?  Then, email Nude at:

If it’s Jus4U what harm is there in helping Nude?


Nude Provocateuse by The_Betty

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