Corpses, Cop Outs, Corruption and The Quincunx

24 12 2009

Quincunx Forced Choices between two positions: Weather vs Man

The earth and its weather patterns were the supreme power brokers this past weekend as the transiting Sun reached 150 degrees past or quincunx the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. Learn about this Eclipse at: Below is a trendline of the Quincunx Events.

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Eighty-deaths across Europe due to freezing temperatures, a train stalled for 18-hours in the channel tunnel ,20+ inches of snow from Tennesee to Maine, and a sudden dust storm on Interstate 10 in Casa Grande, Arizona, reminded everyone who the boss really is – Mother Nature!(;;

Corruption v The Law, Freedom v Captivity, Drugs v Government

The earth and the sea were part of the Desire for Reforms Eclipse message last summer. The astronomical event also warned of trouble from the Axis of Evil, heavy and weighty matters, danger from manmade things like nukes, keeping one’s end of the bargain, and dangerous times overall. It brought to the fore a Saturn-Vertex conjunction sprouting problems in the house that Saturn rules. Clustered around it were the foreboding Arabic Part of Saturn and the ominous 7th Arabic Lot of Manilus ( Here’s a listing of some events correlating to the Desire for Reform Eclipse with the problems characteristic of a quincunx “forcing choices between very different positions” (R. Hand, Horoscope Symbols).

(1)The lost, found, and kidnapped

(2) Cop Outs

(3) Nukes, War

(3) Drugs, Corruption

  • Tijuana becomes crucible for Mexican police reform. Tijuana’s new public safety chief, Julian Leyzaola, launches the city’s most aggressive police reform to date, in the middle of a raging drug war. His mantra: Behind every crime is a corrupt cop.(
  • Slaying of drug war hero’s family shocks Mexico. Assailants gunned down the mother, aunt and siblings of a marine killed in a raid that took out one of Mexico’s most powerful cartel leaders. “The message is very clear: It’s to intimidate not only the government but its flesh and blood,” said Jorge Chabat, a Mexican expert on drug cartels. “It’s to intimidate those in the armed forces so they fear not only for their own lives, but the lives of their families.” (

Who’s the Boss?

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The bi-wheel view above shows the Desire for Reforms Eclipse in the inner wheel and the Transiting Quincunx on the outer wheel. At 11:30 pm, Sunday, December 20, 2009 the transiting Sun was exactly 150 degrees past or quincunx the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. In the natural chart for Washington, DC the transiting Sun was at 29 degrees, 26 seconds Saggitarius, 4th House. An orb of 1.5 degrees was applied in my evaluation even though the aspect involved the Sun.

Quincunxes usually pertain to illnesses and death, but this particular quincunx brought to light issues that forced choices between two or more positions or opposing factions like weather vs man. In the bi-wheel chart, the transiting Sun moved to 29 degrees, 26 seconds in Saggitarius, 10th House; thus, triggering 10th house figures having to do with anyone who has power or is a power broker over another. After this past weekend, one thing remains clear, Mother Nature is the supreme power broker in our lives. If nothing else, the transiting quincunx Sun helped Mother Nature hold her position. She made us stop, think, call loved ones, read, open mail, cook at home and find creative and playful ways to spend our time albeit forced indoors, or if you live in Arizona stuck in traffic.

Mother’s Children

Brittany Murphy, Arnold Stang, Connie Hines, and the Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri were called home. One thing I discovered in researching the birth dates of hollywood entertainers is the sheer corruption in sourcing birth data. Anything goes in this realm. Brittany Murphy was alleged in the major press as having been born in Edison, New Jersey while other reports name her as being born in Atlanta, Georgia ( ). Arnold Stang who was cast as “Jughead” in the original Archie radio show, played the voice of “Top Cat”, and went on to become a side kick to Milton Berle in the early days of television was no different. Original reports had Mr. Stang as being 91-years-old with a 1925 birthdate. Well, if you do the math this just doesn’t add up? Another report claimed he was born in New York, New York when most biographies listed him as being from Chelsea, Massachusetts ( and ( Connie Hines, best known for her role with the famous talking horse “Mr. Ed,” had some moves up her sleeve claiming she was born in New York City when she was actually from Dedham, Massachusetts. I also found different reports for her birth year, but this was clarified by the LA Times in her obituary (>1=28103).

But at least I was able to obtain a birth date (all be they false) from the hollywood crew, but no birthdate was given for pro-democracy and Iranian Dissident Cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. His obituary read that he was born in 1922 to a poor family in Najafabad. Montazeri was an independent thinker who had his occasional bursts of temper: as a farmer’s son, he continued to be a straight talker. By the age of 24, he was regarded as a bright Islamic scholar. His interest in mysticism (Could this have included astrology and divination involving the Arabic Parts and Alburini Lots!) and ethics led him to join Khomeini’s small circle of private and trusted students, and he established himself as a respected teacher of theology. On Monday, December 21st Tehran was bracing the city for riots.

Below I’ve provided birthcharts for Mother’s Children. The first are the two for Brittany Murphy. The next is Arnold Stang and the last is Connie Hines. I’ve written a few notes on the charts for all three that may be of interest to you as well as my fellow astrologers.

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