Sex, Chaos, Lies, Divorce: The Opposition and What’s Up with Dennis Hopper?

20 01 2010

On the eve of the Sun’s opposition to the July 21, 2009 Desire for Reforms Eclipse, the dark side of the Obama Administration was slowly being revealed. In a new book “Game Change” by NY Time’s Mark Halperin and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, events are reconsructed after the fact by operatives who may have had more interest in settling scores then setting the record straight. While this technique makes the political stories made for TV movie fodder, I wonder about our obsession with identifying a devil in Obama’s camp.

But that’s not the only development. The devils in the Transit Sun’s opposition to the July 21, 2009 Desire for Reforms Eclipse are few but their combined magnitude is great. They include: (1) a very public birthday dinner date between Barack and Michelle (White House sources told a Globe reporter that the two get so angry they often sleep in separate bedrooms, Jan 18 2010), (2) renewed fighting in downtown Kabul with weapons grade bombs, (3) food riots and looting in earthquake torn Haiti requiring a military response, and (4) new earthquakes erupt in Central America.

Let’s take a quick look at the orbiting daytime planets in Central America and the Caribbean one (1) day before the Sun’s opposition by transit. Coursing across the Caribbean are Mars, Chiron and Sedna. Chiron is the asteriod of painful transformations. It was coursing right through the Haitian peninsula where known faults exist. Due west are Guatemala and El Salvador where another earthquake was reported on Monday, January 18th. Then there is Sedna. She is the newbie on the block discovered just a few years ago. Sedna is half fish. She is the mistress of life and death to the Inuit people. While Sedna is not considered strong outside artic waters, when teamed with Chiron and Mars she may be able to wield some damage. For example, if Sedna is not respected she begins to feel her hands sear with pain and, in her misery, sends sickness, storms, and starvation to punish the humans. Lastly, we have Mars. From this week’s news reports a number of Mars like events have erupted in Haiti. News accounts feature men with large knives and machetes fanning out through the center of the city of Port Au Prince creating chaos. Another account notes the build-up of American and UN forces and fire power to keep Haitian unrests under control.

Below I’ve circled the region where the earthquakes struck. Mars‘ path is a red dotted line, Sedna’s path is a white line and Chiron is a green line. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.
By January 19, 2010 at approximately 10:45 am trouble will clear out of the Caribbean. Food will get through and starvation will abate as Mars, Sedna and Chiron widen their arc and move to the coast of Brazil. What remains is Uranus and its path is through Guatemala. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.
Many mundane astrologers believe Solar Maps are essential in predicting the occurrence of events throughout the world. Today’s findings prove there is a great deal of credence in this belief especially in regard to Earth’s weather patterns and geology. However, eclipses still hold reign over seasonal occurrences and the rise and fall of empires.

Moving forward, below is a look at the Desire for Reforms Eclipse and the current Transits. The Reforms Eclipse is on the inner wheel and the Transits are on the outer wheel. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.

Here’s another view of our empire with the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the inner wheel, the Transits in the center Wheel and President Barack Obama’s Birth Chart on the outer wheel. One thing of note is how Barack Obama’s Jupiter seems to negate the apparent opposition formed by the Reforms Eclipse Sun and the Transits’ Sun. To view a larger image click once on the picture below.

So now that we’ve come to a milestone in tracking the effects of the separating aspects to the Desire for Reform Eclipse, let’s take a look at the transits that will now be applying to the Desire for Reform Eclipse Sun and Moon.

  1. The Quincunx – 150 degrees –  (What happened last time? Winter storms coursed the northeast and Europe)
  2. The Biquintile – 144 degrees – (What happened last time? President made tough decisions about Afghanistan)
  3. The Sesquisquare – 135 degrees –  (What happened last time? Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize)
  4. The Trine – 120 degrees –  (What happened last time? Health reform made it through the house)
  5. The Square – 90 degrees –  (What happened last time? Nidal Malik Hassan made plans for the Fort Hood Massacre. Within 10 -12 days Hassan executed his plan.)
  6. The Quintile – 72 degrees – ?
  7. The Sextile – 60 degrees-air – ?

Stay tuned!

So, what’s up with Dennis Hopper?

Transiting Saturn-Vertex may be the culprit for Dennis Hopper’s current physical and financial woes. Right now Hopper who is 73 is in the midst of a physical challenge with prostate cancer, but to everyone’s surprise he announced today that he was seeking a divorce from his wife of 14-years. Is this the way to go when fighting to survive a life threatening illness? What’s up with Dennis Hopper?

To view a larger image click once on the picture above.

Let us keep our prayers fervent for Dennis Hopper.

1-Minute Delineations – A Mini Course on Decans

Decans were used during the middle ages and renaissance periods up through the decline of astrology during the eighteenth century. H. E Wedeck in his book called the Dictionary of Astrology defines decans as follows “…ten degrees of each zodical sign are dedicated to a plaent which assumes influence when it passes through this ten-degree space. This ten degree space is called a decan. There are thirty-six decans at ten degrees. In these the planets, except the Sun and the Moon alternate.” Remember, the Sun and Moon are not planets.

The banner on this blog page depicts a horoscope with decans. Prior to the decline of astrology decans made it easy for an astrologer to dig deeper into the meaning of a planets’ placement. Much like the Arabic Parts, the proper definition, use and application of decans probably fell into obscurity and misuse shortly after the decline of astrology. As a result, modern day astrologers moved away from using them opting to show a more technical or astronomical definition for the placement and occurrence of astrological phenomena in horoscopic charts.  But something went missing — fun!!

In general, decans can make delineations easy, simple, and fun. They are a great tool for teaching the basics of astrology, as an ice-breaker at parties, or in groups. What’s so fun about decans? Let’s take a look at Michelle Obama’s chart and do a 1-minute delineation using astrological key words.

Another example that I did not add to the view above is Michelle’s Mercury in Capricorn, 8th house. Now most astrologers will agree that the key words for Michelle’s Mercury are:

Communications, logic, leadership, in banking, taxes, the law, sex, death, secrets.

Here’s the same interpretation with the decan of Saturn.

Careful responsibility and discipline in communications, logic, leadership, in banking, taxes, the law, sex, death, secrets.

Is she some type of an attorney or CPA? Yes.

Michelle was a corporate attorney. Here, the decan has allowed us to see how seriously Michelle takes her responsibility when she is acting out her Mercury.

So the next time you’re stuck delineating by triplicities, rulers, elements, retrogrades, void of course, aspects, etc., and find yourself totally confused, pull up a chart featuring decans and empower your interpretation.   Don’t knock it, or allow anyone to dissuade you because people equate showmanship with intelligence and talent. Who knows, you may pique enough interest to generate several commissions for indepth readings. Also, try tracking your progressed Sun, moon, mercury and venus with the decans to give yourself a daily reading. I’ve met some very good astrologers who exclusively employed the use of decans in tracking the Sun, moon and other fast moving planets for daily readings. I was and remain amazed!

Until the approaching quincunx 30 days from now – Peace,

Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Kiss, Arousal, Sex: The Obama Overachiever Cure

31 12 2009
While playing golf back in 2001, President George W. Bush was interrupted with urgent news: New York City’s Twin Towers were attacked and burned to the ground! Nevertheless, he insisted on 8-hours of sleep. Cross him and OMG his mother former First Lady Barbara Bush may have shown. Not so for President Barack Obama. Latest news reports has our current President averaging five to six hours of sleep. In fact, a few weeks ago on a long flight back from Oslo he admitted to members of the press: “I’m Tired.”

But the gravity of war did take its toll in other ways, writes Julie Pace for the Associated Press. “With this one, you feel it viscerally,” Obama said in a White House interview with ABC News. “You lose sleep. You think about families. You think about history.”

Although he may need a vacation, they say President Obama still thrives on a keeping a busy schedule and continues to scoff at critics who say he’s taken on too much in his first year. Obama often works late into the night, averaging five or six hours of sleep, but making do with less when need be.

Sources close to the White House say Mr Obama and his staff have been "overwhelmed" by the economic meltdown and have voiced concerns that the new president is not getting enough rest.

Little Sleep: The sign of an Overachiever

A not so well known study in the Netherlands looked at people with insomnia and found that they’re actually over-achievers. After making sure their subjects were deprived sleep, they tested them and found they performed well. The study concluded these people were hyper-aroused and this helped compensate for their brain tiredness.

I wanted to find out more about the overachiever indicator of Little Sleep and found a story about Yoshiro Nakamatsu who changed his name to Nakamats. He could be one of the most influential scientists of all time, but I’ve never heard of him. It’s reported that he has over 3,200 patents to his name, “leaving Thomas Edison in the dust.” He eats one meal per day and sleeps only four hours, while using one of his inventions: a chair that can “rest the body and sharpen the mind” when he needs it. So convinced is he of his invention, Nakamat has re-calculated his life span. He expects to live to be 144 years old.

Then I found a news reports confirming that after the Senate held a 1 a.m. vote on health care last week, Obama stayed awake to see the results despite the fact he had a full schedule starting the next day before 8:00 a.m.

President Obama appears to be an overachiever.

Is the President thinking rationally? Is Obama being sensible? If you answered no, chances are our President is in fact an over-achiever. Here are some classic overachiever traits outlined by Performance Pyschologist John Eliot, Ph.D. You can find more details about his program and book Overachievement at:      ( )

  • Overachievement is counterintuitive. (Is that what happened to Obi Wan?)
  • Overachievers don’t think reasonably, sensibly or rationally. (Is that what happened to the healthcare public option?)
  • BE an exception. Overachievers thrive under pressure—welcome pressure, enjoy it and make it work to their advantage. (Most critics agree Obama has taken on too much in his first year.).
  • Handle Failure. It’s not rejection that distinguishes achievers from nonachievers—it’s the way they handle failure. (Obama will not concede failure in healthcare reform.)
  • Most successful people can share their weaknesses. They get excited about learning so they can turn weaknesses into strengths. ( In every speech, Obama highlights his flawed expectations and turns it into a strength and often White House proposals for reforms.).
  • Arrogant S.O.B.s run the world. A performer can never have too much self-assurance. The best in every field are likely to strike most people as irrationally confident, but that’s how they got to the top. (Obama expects Afghanistan’s President Karzai to do as he is told and boot the corrupters out of office. Now!).
  • Legends never say they’re sorry. High achievers dwell on what they do well—and spend very little time evaluating themselves and their performances. (Obama did not apologize for taking the Nobel Prize. He took it, noted the opposition, thanked folks and left the building.)
  • The best need stress. Stress is the high-level performer’s Power Bar. (The President allowed Pentagon Generals to stress him out for 2-months before making a decision. He sent them back to the drawing board numerous times. He loved every minute of it.)
  • Put the “I” in “team.” By definition, striving to be exceptional puts you outside the team. If you’re a maverick CEO, you’re a colorful genius. The best performers not only think exceptionally, they teach their colleagues to think that way too. (Some news media folk gained large salaries for counting how many times the President said “I” in speeches. Were they looking for a follower?)
  • What limits? If you want to find out what you’re capable of, you can’t put limits on yourself, and you definitely can’t be cautious. (Despite the fact he’s had more death threats than any other President in modern history, Obama took 10 overseas trips in the first year and pumped up his own legislative schedule.)
  • Only wimps weigh the risk. For exceptional people, risks equal rewards. The challenge of uncertainty is the fun of high-performance—and that’s where overachievement lies. (President Obama showed little interest in weighing the risk of pulling out of Afghanistan too soon until his mandate is met.)

The Role of the First Lady

But I had to find out more, especially about the role spouses play. Here’s some insight on overachievement and Little Sleep from Dr. Laura Berman, the Director of The Berman Center for women’s sexual health. A few years ago she told The Situation’s Tucker Carlson about how sex can help sleep deprivation. To begin Carlson asked: “Is there really a sleep crisis?”

“There really is,” Berman answered. “But I think the main reason people are sleepless is primarily because of stress and depression more than anything else. People are not having enough sex. And ironically, the amazing part is that sex can actually really help you with sleep .And it is a real issue because it becomes a vicious cycle.”

Before concluding the interview Carlson asked if Dr. Berman had any more tips. She answered:

“I actually just did a big study on intimacy and found that couples who kiss regularly and spontaneously not only have higher levels of intimacy, general intimacy, but also have decreased levels of stress and depression. So, try just kissing your partner more and cuddling them more.”

Another thing I learned in researching overachievers and Little Sleep is some overachiever behavior can be managed. Here’s a tip I found by emerrill a group member of ehow:

“Try to prevent him from burning out. Overachievers lose track of time when they’re working. They aren’t trying to impress anyone with those late hours; they’re just in a dream state of total absorption in their task.”

So when the Senate wasn’t due to wrap up until 1 a.m., and the president was still fixated on C-Span, it was the First Lady’s responsibility to re-direct her husband’s interest (kissing, cuddling, etc) while reminding him that sitting up and waiting on a vote was what he hired his staff to do. “Rahm will brief you on the results at breakfast,” she should have responded.

But Dr. Berman and the ehow group members are speaking of people who have real love for one another. Frankly, since the inaguration, I haven’t seen the Obamas partake in general, family like intimacy? Michelle’s primary role as First Lady is to see about her husband’s physical and emotional well being. Sometimes standing by or around just won’t do. Besides, I believe it’s a poor commentary on the First Lady if her hubby whines to the press about how “tired” he is! Is Michelle down on her job?

In Search of the Kiss

Michelle is down in approval ratings according to recent Polls. Her score sank 11 points. It seems, the American people are just not feeling Michelle Obama.   And, after a public “stinky feet” comment about the President, I’m not feeling Michelle Obama. I believe the American people are picking up on some negative things about Michelle. Are they beginning to believe that her relationship with him is all show and it’s just now being reflected in the polls? Our president obviously needs a good night’s sleep.  According to most sleep scientists there’s one non-prescriptive way Michelle can get our president (the overachiever) to take the deep snooze he deserves – Sex.

Now don’t get me wrong, Michelle appears as if she’s built for comfort, but this may not be enough to keep the flame between a Leo and a Capricorn alive. Michelle is a January Capricorn. Her Natal Sun is – Whoa! – in Opposition to Barack’s Natal Sun. Now without an exact birth time I cannot be definitive about the rising sign, but chances are Michelle’s Sun is rarely feeling Barack’s Sun. In fact, since March 2009 I’ve seen nothing of note that the spark still remains.

Check out this Christmas Video where it looks as if the couple are rehearsed.  In the video Obama reaches for Michelle’s knee.  I’m sure you’ll agree this was not what she wanted and her response was telling.                 

In Search of Arousal

Even Clifford Bryan the reporter for the Michelle Obama Examiner has some misgivings:

“One inference that we’ve come up with is that without Michelle Obama; Barack Obama as we know him would cease to exist. This comes after careful examination of observable displays such as “fist bumps” in which President Obama participated in. We’ve come to the conclusion that these seemingly impromptu displays of solidarity are a little too well rehearsed. They don’t seem quite natural.”

If you follow the Examiner’s link, you’ll see what Clifford means by: They don’t seem quite natural. Like it or not, Obama has been working his job non-stop for weeks and needs a vacation. Michelle should appear anxious about getting away with her overachiever. Anyone who has dated an overachiever knows you have to compete with their constant I’ve got to win and finish before the other guy” arousals. Yet, on their way to Hawaii in photo after photo, he’s holding on to the kids. The only time they stand together is in public for Photo Ops.  How could anyone be convinced the President was on his way toward getting a good rest?

I don’t agree with everything Clifford Bryan says. Yet, after one year into the Obamas, I’m beginning to think that Clifford Bryan may be on to something and it’s not lots of hot, spicy love.

In Search of Sex

I’ve created a synastry chart delineation between Michelle and Barack. A synastry chart is a comparison of two or more natal charts in order to analyze the interaction of the individuals involved. My comparison may be flawed because I’ve not been able to determine Michelle’s exact time of birth and frankly – no one else has! An exact birth time determines the positioning of the Moon and the Rising Sign or Ascendant. For Michelle’s chart, which was caste at 12 Noon, her Ascendant is Taurus and her Midheaven is Capricorn.

Charting love begins with an examination of the Moon and Venus. If the Moon and Venus in the two charts favorably aspect each other, the two involved will find few obstacles in starting a relationship. However, for relationships to be longlasting, a slower planet like Saturn, Neptune and Pluto need to be involved. Remember the phrase: I love you but I’m not in love with you. In astrology its easy to determine the I love you part, but determining how much in love requires a steady anchor in the form of a slower planet. Below, I’ve listed the pros and cons of the synastry chart in a table.

Michelle and Barack: Relationship Pros and Cons

Intrigue and the Obamas: A delineation

For starters the Pros show that the relationship began out of love. This is indicated by good aspects involving the Moon, Venus, Sun and Mars (See items 1,2,3,4, and 5 under Pros). Michelle and Barack generally feel good about each other, share warm loving moments and are proud of each other. Most notable is Michelle’s Sun, Mars, and Midheaven conjunct Barack’s Jupiter (See item 6 under Pros).  This is an in love indicator. He brought great benefits to her career and ambitions. He was a great resource to her professionally. He also helped her reap her karmic benefits from hard work and self sacrifice. Likewise, Barack gained a great deal from Michelle’s superior legal knowledge. She enabled him to side step the numerous legal pitfalls and secret enemies that would befall a young ambitious politician. When they work, Michelle and Barack operate like a well oiled machine. But Barack may have insisted that Michelle take on a more subordinate feminine role in the family. This is noted by Barack’s Saturn conjunct Michelle’s Midheaven and Sun (See item 8 under Pros). Saturn says “I restrict.” While at times this new role felt a bit degrading, in the end it may have helped mold the couple’s persona and turn Barack’s ambitions into a worthwhile family investment.

Similarly, Michelle’s Saturn is conjunct Barack’s Ascendant (See item 7 under Pros).  This is an in love indicator. It’s easy to see that because of her feminine role in the family and her position as the breadwinner early on in Barack’s career, he acquiesced into giving Michelle a lot of power in decision making concerning the finances. This is a partial confirmation of Clifford Bryan’s observation that: “…without Michelle Obama; Barack Obama as we know him would cease to exist.”

Let’s take a look at Michelle’s Pluto conjunct Barack’s Vertex (See item 6 under Cons). Historically, a Pluto-Vertex coupling encourages people to take out loans. This is usually pursued in an attempt to transform a situation. If this is the case, Michelle probably was the key co-signer on important loans. With Michelle’s Saturn on Barack’s Ascendant she controlled his purse strings. In turn, it may have served as a stabilizing force for their family.

But I fear things didn’t evolve that easily. Let’s look at some of the Cons.  Remember, love is dependent on the slower moving planets in terms of longevity.

There’s little doubt that Barack’s role as an aspiring politician kept the income of the Obamas in flux thus forcing Michelle to be the primary breadwinner. Likewise, Michelle’s Jupiter quincunx Barack’s Vertex indicate incoming benefits and overall growth, but with a lot of vexing changes and adaptations along the way (See item 3 under Cons). Quincunxes force decisions between two opposing positions. Give and take affected this marriage in more ways then one.

Another startling Con in the Synastry is Michelle’s Midheaven and Sun opposing Barack’s Uranus conjunct North Node (See item 4 under Cons). This is a major showstopper! Barack’s Uranus conjunct North Node is his creative power center and feeds into his change agent role.  It makes him a creative and dynamic force to be reckoned with. He thrives off developing difficult yet liberating change in all his endeavors, and especially marriage.  For example, he may have asked Michelle to tolerate late night calls and visits from male and female campaigners, contributors, senate aides, and sexy young interns.  Let’s not forget those late and all night meetings and business trips. This condition would make any woman uneasy and Michelle is no exception. For this reason, Michelle strikes me as uneasy about some of Barack’s motives in forging creative change. This may have been what Clifford Bryan of the Michelle Obama Examiner picked up when he reported: “…seemingly impromptu displays of solidarity are a little too well rehearsed. They don’t seem quite natural.”

For Michelle with the Sun and Mars on her Midheaven and Saturn on Barack’s Ascendant, issues concerning her husband vying for the presidency equaled risk and sacrifice. She needed certainty. Oprah probably was the driving force in providing Michelle with certainty. If you recall, Oprah became a large campaign contributor who helped Barack acquire campaign contributions, support, and funding. Although this was what Michelle hoped for, it may have led to her having to acquiesce control and make adjustments as indicated in Jupiter quincunx Vertex. But I also believe that when this occurred, it triggered Michelle’s Mars opposition Barack’s Mercury and many arguments (See item 5 under Cons).

As the campaign heated up, death threats rose triggering Michelle’s Saturn opposition Barack’s Mars. This is a major showstopper! (See item 2 under Cons) Michelle’s Saturn says “I restrict” and Barack’s Mars says “I am.” Likewise, Michelle’s Uranus conjunct Barack’s Pluto gives her the power to wage war on any plans she doesn’t understand or deems threatening.  With Uranus in play she can wage war with the percision of a surgeon’s scalpel. This is another major showstopper! (See item 1 under Cons).  Only Barack has the power to control this through his natal Pluto-Vertex. It enables him to help Michelle understand, cope and go with the flow of events.  Without love, this process can be exhausting.

Most astrologers agree that conjunctions involving Uranus and Pluto and oppositions involving Saturn and Mars often create a slow burn in relationships. But, there is also the potential for explosiveness. With this being said, it’s not a stretch to assume that some disputes between Michelle and Barack are major and may have placed their marriage on the rocks more than once. In fact, all indicators show these two may stay angry for days burning with rage. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that early on in the marriage pots, pans and shoes were hurled. Oh, but when Michelle and Barack make up it’s the sweetest. Luckily, they have the good aspects of the inner planets to thank for bringing them back to why they got together in the first place – love.

Sorry, I didn’t find passionate, hot, spicy, sex in the synastry. This is usually indicated by a Venus-Neptune connection. Ideally, a strong Venus-Neptune aspect should be part of the synastry charts. I did find one for Barack, but it was in the synastry between Barack and Oprah.  Surprisingly, even with the flawed birth time the Ooh la la connection holds.
( or

The charts below show Barack on the inner wheel and Michelle on the outer wheel.

Let’s hope that for whatever reason these two are together, the good of the nation comes first.  For Michelle that means more kissing and cuddling to counteract Barack’s overachiever adrenaline and Little Sleep. He has three more years to go and a lot on his plate. To dwell any deeper, I’d have to defer to professionals like America’s modern day Eros – Prince:

U don’t have 2 be rich
2 be my girl
U don’t have 2 be cool
2 rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

Don’t know Prince? You can hear a clip of the song Kiss at:


Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda. This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Castrated Corpse Found: Public Option Dead, Depp Hatted

18 12 2009

Bi-Quintile Event Round-up

The Healthcare Public Option, the Drug Makers Lobby, the death of Oral Roberts, the appearance of the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, the test launch of the new Boeing 787 ( ), and Santa’s arrest, highlight the events generated by the bi-quintile.

The Bi-quintile is part of a family or series of aspect that divide the 360 degree circular horoscope by fifths. For example, 72 degrees is one-fifth of the circle and 144 degrees is two-fifths of the circle. Robert Hand describes the bi-quintile in his book Horoscope Symbols as more powerful than all “three-series aspects except for the trine.” The Bi-quintile is noted as the aspect of talent and genius. Conversely, Bil Tierney in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis relies on Johann Kepler’s fifth harmonic definition calling the appearance of a bi-quintile a harbinger of “use and abuse of power and authority.”

This week we saw a lot of both. Yet, this particular bi-quintile theme seemed to center around the use and abuse of money. For example, during Climate Talks poor G-77 countries walked out because the reforms were too costly for them to consider. To save the talks, wealthier countries agreed to ante-up subsidies to assist their G-77 family (

Similarly, during the Health Reform debate in the Senate the Drug makers Lobby emerged as the big gorilla in the room fearing its loss of market share to Japan. Joe Lieberman (my crazy neighbor from Connecticut – who obviously lost his mind on a dark night zooming thru the Merritt Parkway), tossed in his monkey wrench castrating the Healthcare Reform Bill’s Public Option ( ).
But it was Citigroup and other bailed out banks that were the real barons of the bi-quintile making off with millions of dollars in tax breaks. ( )
Even Jack Lalanne, who owes his popularity to longevity, got caught up in the money wave admitting his reluctance to throw in the towel by undergoing a serious heart operation at age 95. Personally, I want to believe his reasons were altruistic.

But the big bi-quintile lifesaver went to the Guantanamo Bay Detainees. Washington announced plans on Tuesday to renovate an old Illinois ‘Big House’ (prison) to contain them ( )

The Bi-quintile aspect went exact on Monday, December 14 at 4:00 pm eastern standard time. World renown astrologers like Robert Hand and Bil Tierney note that no more than 1.5 degrees should be given as orb. So the bi-quintile’s effects will last until the morning of Thursday, December 17 eastern standard time. Featured in this week’s blog are three chart views. Up first is the Desire for Reform Eclipse and the Bi-quintile Transits and second is Johnny Depp.


Uses and Abuses

In this view the Desire for Reform Eclipse is the inner wheel and the Bi-quintile Transits is the outer wheel. My first visual observation were the two quincunxes (150 degrees) that sprang up as the bi-quintile transiting Sun made its 144 degree angle to the Desire for Reform Eclipse Sun. The quincunxes involve Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Vertex. Still holding is the square between cardinal houses in the Reform Eclipse. This involves Pluto, Capricorn ,10th house and transiting Saturn, Libra, 7th house. Below is a summary of the aspects and their meanings.

Transiting Neptune-Jupiter, Aquarius, 8th house quincunx Reform Eclipse Saturn-Vertex, Virgo, 7th house. The Vertex is anchoring this quincunx connection between Saturn and Neptune-Jupiter. The Saturn-Vertex combination often brings problems in the house that Saturn rules. In the Reform Eclipse chart, Saturn rules the 11th house. In the Bi-quintile Transit chart, Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses. In the bi-wheel view shown, the transiting 8th and 9th houses fall in the Reform Eclipse’s 12th house of secret enemies. We met up with many illusions on the political front that confused us. Most notable was how President Obama led us to believe he was taking a hard line on Wall Street, then poof Citigroup and other bailed out banks walk away with a rosy tax break totaling in the tens of millions of dollars – at our expense no less! Was there some disconnect in the White House briefing room or was it another secret enemy disguised as an Obama supporter in the Oval Office who happened to help Obama write his very uranian Today Show comments. Where’s Rahm! This aspect also forms what Bil Tierney calls the upper quincunx or the “death quincunx.” Sadly, Oral Roberts the famous television evangelist died at age 91 (, and right before the bi-quintile vanished Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry died, one day after falling out of the back of a pickup truck in what authorities described as a domestic dispute with his fiancee.   He was 26. (
Transiting Bi-quintile Sun Sagittarius, 7th house square Reform Eclipse Saturn-Vertex, 5th house. The Vertex is anchoring this quincunx connection between Saturn and Neptune-Jupiter. What could go wrong with the Sun in Sagittarius? It’s Christmas, the kids are coming out of school, the downtown streets are decorated, and Christmas Carols are playing on the radio. Well, Murphy’s Law emerged the winner morphing warm holiday tidings into a cold chill with Saturn-Vertex. This combination often brings problems in the house Saturn rules. In the Reform Eclipse Chart Saturn rules the 11th house. In the Transit chart Saturn rules the 8th and 9th houses. In the bi wheel view shown, the 8th and 9th houses of the transit chart move to the 12th house of secret enemies. Joe Lieberman rose as a secret yet powerful enemy of President Obama’s Healthcare Reform Bill. Lieberman successfully frustrated Obama’s efforts by winning his bid to remove the Public Option which would have rolled back the Medicare age to 55. Also under the influence of Saturn-Vertex were the G-77 nations  who responded with a protest when they saw they were being taken for a ride. Our G-77 folk stalled Climate Talks with a ‘walk-out’ until their funding issues were given an appropriate platform for discussion ( ).
Transiting Vertex, Scorpio, 8th House quincunx Reform Eclipse Mars, Gemini, 3rd house. My followers already know that President Obama has received the most death threats of any president of our time – bar none. This was one of the reasons why I created this blog ( )  Yesterday, details of a plan were leaked outlining the military’s contingency actions in case violence sprang up in the US due to hostile War protests. Well, what’s the big secret?  Remember, the 8th house is also referred to as the house of secrets. The big secret we won’t hear from our President is the new scope of the War initiatives. I wrote about this in an earlier blog called Opium Heroin War (
Transiting Bi-quintile Sun within cusp of quincunx to Reform Eclipse Sun-Moon. Evidence of willful and intense desires surfaced this week as the Drug maker Lobbyist groups emerged as the gorilla in the room concerning healthcare reform. Their campaign contributions total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Many U.S. Senators obviously took note of this ( ).  Also of note was the protester dressed as the 4th Horseman in the Apocalypse outside the Copenhagen Climate Talks. This was obviously spurred by an intense desire for their message to be visualized – we got it!

Bi-quintile’s Creative Talent and Genius-Johnny Depp

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year shares his Cancerian North Node with Hugh Hefner. Realizing that it was not easy to get away with even the smallest of crimes, due in large part to Uranus and Mars in the first house, Depp lives largely isolated from the American public in the Bahamas and Europe. He needs this in order to balance his home, family, career and possibly some very special health condition he’s been managing since childhood. Home is very important to Depp who emerged from insecure yet middle class conditions. This means he had to work three times as hard as the next guy to mold the life he wanted to lead. Note Depp’s Chiron in Pisces, 8th house. Now remember, Depp was born in Kentucky but if you were to encounter him today his accent would probably resemble a blue blooded British bloke with ties to the crown. It appears, Depp worked hard to distance himself from a past that may have been a little too chaotic (or redneck?). Over the years, true maturity and success for Depp was achieved only after he constructively touched base with his feminine side indicated by Venus and Mercury, Taurus, 10th house. One interesting aspect I noted is Saturn in Aquarius, 7th house square Mercury in Taurus, 10th house. Mercury is in the decanate of Saturn! I can almost hear him tell his accountant, and Disney executes: “I don’t see how this adds up, can you run those numbers again-with all my exceptions and exclusions-please?”

But I think the Arabic Parts in Johnny Depp’s birth chart provide valuable links to his story:

Part of Kings and Sultans is in Sagittarius, 5th house conjunct Vertex and sextile Saturn in Aquarius 7th House. The Vertex brought Depp an event that released the child within. From this point on he was able to maintain audiences with the rich and powerful of the world. Sadly, this notoriety may have restricted meaningful relationships for him early on. In order to overcome the latter, Depp had to go deep and make some hard choices.
Part of Sudden Elevation in Leo, 1st house. This point acts like Jupiter attracting the greater benefit to the personal life. It forms a disassociated conjunction with Depp’s Uranus in Virgo. This occurs when there is a relationship between two planets or points in different signs and/or houses. At 27 degrees Leo, Depp’s Part of Sudden Elevation trines his Vertex in Sagittarius, 5th house. Because the Part of Elevation acts like Jupiter, Depp has a concealed Winner’s Aspect which helps him win most contests he enters.
Part of Feminine Seduction in Scorpio is no surprise conjunct Neptune, 4th house. What is surprising is that this part trines Depp’s Chiron, in the decanate of the Moon, Pisces, 8th house. This is a sign of a very sensitive man who can keep babes swooning (Watch out Tiger!).
Part of Collectors in Leo, decanate of Jupiter, 12th house conjunct Ascendant. Depp has a way of coming across treasure that no one else is really looking for or recognizes as valuable. This maybe why he commands some of the most odd yet creative roles generated by Hollywood to date. Or, on ordinary days, he’s always coming across treasure like lost change, tickets, broken gold momentos, or lost lottery tickets. The next time you misplace a valuable, call Depp. Chances are, he found it!
Part of Large Bodies in Aquarius, 7th House. Yes Ladies! Johnny Depp has to watch his weight especially when he’s slap happy satisfied in a loving caring relationship.

Fate’s Magic Wand

About 2-weeks ago, Actor Johnny Depp sped over from his private island to pick up an award for his life’s work at the Bahama International Film Festival

And, just before the Bi-quintile Transit began waning, the world got a glimpse of the trailer for Alice in Wonderland due in theaters by March 2010. Now can you guess what face showed in nearly every shot. You guessed it – Johnny Depp! The Bi-quintile is noted as the aspect for talent and genius. That’s why for the last 3 or 4 days, the Desire for Reforms Eclipse – with help from the bi-quintile transit – has been bringing this to the fore.

From Matinée Swashbuckler to Classical Movie Superstar.

But most importantly, bi-quintiles don’t inspire creative genius in everyone unless they’ve reached a level of maturity that allows the genius to flow into the life. This is why I believe bi-quintiles are more powerful in transit aspects to an individual then in a birth chart. It’s like the cosmos waiting to determine whether you’re really ready for it! From the looks of things, Johnny Depp is closing a very important chapter in his movie career (swashbuckler, pirate) and opening a new one with unexpected turns, twists, and audiences (Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland). Below is a tri-wheel view depicting Johnny Depp’s birth chart on the inner wheel, the Bi-quintile Transits in the middle wheel and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse on the outer wheel. My first visual observation was that the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun-Moon are in Depp’s 12th house of endings and secret enemies. This year Depp has or will find out something important, shut it down and begin anew.  He’ll marshal a great deal of help and support as indicated by the gifts of luck and fortune the Bi-quintile Transit bestowed on his creative genius. I’m sure he’s exhaling: “’s about time!”

I’m not done yet! I can’t be until after the quincunx. So, up next is the Transiting Quincunx Sun, and what it brings to the Desire for Reform Eclipse of July 21, 2009 during our days of witness to The Rise of Obama.

Nude Provocateuse

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Orgasmic-Oslo, Obama and Wyclef Jean

14 12 2009
The Rise of Obama – Part 27

The Ingenious Power of Madison Avenue

Shhhh! There’s a few secrets the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee keep to themselves The first is that Alfred Nobel laid down the bulk of his immense fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes. They don’t want you to know he was the creator of dynamite and manufacturer of armaments that killed people. A peace activist named Bertha von Sutter helped change his view (and maybe his soul) before he died.

Shhhh! Seriously, this is top secret stuff and nobody really knows. But get this, the second is that the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee want the world’s young people of the brown color spectrum to ‘see and believe they can be like Barack.’ They want young people to relate to Barack much the same way their grandparents and Angelina Jolie relate to ‘Muhammed Ali’

Shhhh! The third, is that most of the world’s population resembles the brown color spectrum. So, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee came up with a marketing strategy. It’s the same one used to get Uncle Jeb in Alabama to buy Uncle Ben’s Rice, but this time they’re targeting Uncle Muhammad and his extended family. They want Uncle Muhammad to buy into the Barack Hussein Obama image.

Shhhh! You don’t know the whole story now, this Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, that had ties to Old World Colonialism, are betting that the new generations of people resembling the brown color spectrum will ‘just say no’ to terrorism after seeing Uncle Sam’s Barack Hussein Obama win their prize.

Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee used the Peace Prize and Nobel Concert much like Madison Avenue and portrayed images children in Taliban and al Quaeda hot spots like Farah Province in Afghanistan can relate to.

Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but they want these young people to believe: ‘the world’s changing because Barack – your brother – leads America and he wants to help you.’ Shhhh! They only tell people who need to know. This is classified stuff. Shhhh!

Trite! Well considering that most young people who resemble the brown color spectrum live in countries offering little to no access to free education I call that – a coup d’etat!

Why Brangelina Branding Wouldn’t Work

But the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee went a few steps further on behalf of the world’s young people who resemble the brown color spectrum by placing their favorite African American entertainers front and center. So, instead of inviting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to host this year’s Nobel Concert festivities, they invited Jada Pinkett and Will Smith And, making sure they had music that the young people who resemble the brown color spectrum actually listen to, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee invited Hip-Hop-Reggae artist Wyclef Jean ( ). Make no mistake, Wyclef is no slouch in terms of philanthropy and humanitarianism. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere – Haiti ( Why back in November, Wyclef and U2’s Bono were both recipients of the 2009 Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award-RIPPLE OF HOPE AWARD ( ). So thrilled was Wyclef about the opportunity to perform in the Nobel Concert that he twittered Snoop Dogg and snapped the photo below. Please note the angle. It seems, Wyclef wanted to make sure Snoop Dogg and the other Titans ($$$) of Hip-Hop were not mislead about his actually being there.

Many other entertainers were on the line up for the festivity. Check out the concert for “free” on CNN Live at:

Is History Repeating Itself?

If you still need help swallowing the Madison Avenue marketing strategy the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee used to determine if Obama should get their award, here’s help through a little known history fact:

Despite widespread Jim Crow, one million, two hundred thousand African Americans fought in World War II.

This number excludes Ethiopians.

Every historian agrees that without this effort, all would’ve been lost. Unlike Americans, Europe remembers! The truth is The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is aware that the great war against terror is raging – everywhere! They know this war can’t be won without winning the hearts, minds, and commitment of everyone especially all those young people in Africa, the Mid-East, and Asia who resemble the brown color spectrum. Oh, this is old stuff. It’s been done before right here in the U.S. If you haven’t, check out Spike Lee’s big screen adaptation of James McBride’s World War II epic Miracle at St. Anna. Specifically, pay attention to the first 45-minutes when the Nazi’s attempted to wreak havoc among military members of Uncle Sam’s brown color spectrum, by broadcasting reminders of their home life under Jim Crow and inviting them to switch sides (’s-miracle-at-st-anna-movie-trailer/ ). After you check the movie out, ask yourself what motivated those men to keep fighting for America and the allies? Could it have been something they could relate to like the brutality of fascism? Or, was it just a paycheck? (Frankly, I would have run like hell if it were the latter.) The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is acutely aware of the sacrifices that soon will be made in the name of Peace. That’s why their decision to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was larger than popular U.S. sentiment, their decision was for the World with the hope of possibly reaching teenagers like this one.

An American Hero: Meet Wyclef Jean

What Oslo’s Desire for Reform Eclipse brought to Wyclef is really an astrological text book study of how important an eclipse can be in revealing destiny. First and foremost, the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse brought Wyclef an invitation to perform due to something he had done, or was about to do. Below is a view of Wyclef’s Birth chart and the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse. Wyclef’s birth chart is in the inner wheel and the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse is the outer wheel. This view shows:

  • Eclipse Sun-Moon sextile Wyclef’s natal Sun-Uranus. Some unexpected event(s) would easily attract Wyclef’s attention.
  • Eclipse Venus conjunct Wyclef’s natal Saturn. Reveals Wyclef’s sensitivity and willingness to make personal sacrifices for families and children. This Saturn-Venus aspect is also trine his Sun-Uranus meaning he would respond to this unexpected event with his heart in his hands. It also guaranteed that he would use his influence to help stricken families and children and make sure help went where it was needed most.
  • Wyclef’s Natal North Node, 1st house, Capricorn. Reveals his ability to identify and assume a ‘father like’ responsibility for the plight of people.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn transiting Wyclef’s 12th house. Reveals his determination to bring aid and reforms despite hidden enemies and detractors.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn conjunct Wyclef’s natal Jupiter, 12th house Capricorn. Jupiter provides the greater benefit to Wyclef’s efforts to bring aid and reforms despite hidden enemies and detractors.
  • Eclipse Pluto, 12th house Capricorn trine Wyclef’s natal Vertex, 8th house, Virgo. Foretells of Wyclef’s new phase and lot in life.
  • Eclipse Vertex, 11th house, Sagittarius conjunct Wyclef’s natal Neptune 11th house, Sagittarius. This guaranteed that Wyclef would use his money, the media and his music industry influences to respond as a humanitarian for his people. Often, this aspect brings premonitions that something big is on the horizon. Most people respond by preparing themselves spiritually. Let’s hope Wyclef got a cosmic heads up.
In the Big Scheme of Things
I call the following view In the Big Scheme of Things. It features the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse in the inner wheel, the Oslo Transits in the middle wheel, and Wyclef Jean’s Birth Chart in the outer wheel. Again, the Oslo Desire for Reforms Eclipse promised Wyclef a new lease on life. Here’s how: (1) The Eclipse Sun-Moon lands in the first house of personal affairs. This is sextile Wyclef’s Sun-Uranus in the 4th house of new beginnings. The Nobel Concert event in Oslo is Wyclef’s new lease on life and, (2) The 6th house of daily affairs featuring Oslo’s Eclipse Pluto, Oslo’s transiting Pluto-Vertex, and Wyclef’s natal Jupiter promise that Wyclef Jean’s transformation would help him throw away the old and usher in the new for the greater good. Let’s wish Wyclef the best as he takes his place as humanitarian and peace activist on the World’s stage.
I’m an astrologer. I chart and interpret the planets, stars, eclipses and other lunar signs from the heavens. So I could not close without mentioning that the morning after The Norwegian Nobel Prize festivities, a spectacular blue spiral appeared in the skies. Did this anomaly mark the departure of a silent luminary serving as a Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee Member? Or, an important stakeholder? I’m featuring a picture below courtesy of the Sun tabloid in the United Kingdom. They ran the acronym UFO on the front page Thursday, December 10, 2009. After the event, government officials scrambled to report that this occurrence was nothing more than a military test operation in the White Sea by the Russians. But some of my sky watcher friends believe otherwise. To find out more about UFOs photographed in and around the White House and U.S. Capitol check out the photos acclaimed photographer Wil Allen has posted on behalf of UFO DC at:

I’m still working on that Bi-Quintile installment of The Rise of Obama series Out of the Shadows.
The Nude Provocateuse
About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Deep Throat, Nude Provocateuse and the Big Click

10 12 2009

Why I went Deep

After 30-years, Watergate’s Deep Throat is still returned as No. 1 in Google internet searches. Since deciding to go after the Big Click as the Nude Provocateuse, I’ve seen web site hits soar by more than 400 percent in a day. I’m sure you’ll agree that site hits are the juice that keeps bloggers blogging, but many may not understand the rationale behind my choosing such an edgy Big Click Lure.  A ‘must read’ on blogging is Ellen Brandt’s “Corpses, Mollusks, and Kinky Sex – How I Won the Blog-Off” at

For those who came of age in the 70s the pseudonym Deep Throat morphed into more than a seedy name for a 1972 porn film. Deep Throat became the icon of the Watergate scandal. FBI Deputy Director W. Mark Felt took on the pseudonym some time after he began leaking information to Bob Woodward, a reporter with the Washington Post. Although it was far from fool-proof, the pseudonym helped Felt maintain a shroud of mystery. Felt probably didn’t realize at the time his pseudonym Deep Throat would eclipse the notoriety of the porn film he stole the name from by 30-years and emerge as the symbol of a US president’s demise. To find out more about Felt and Deep Throat check out the wiki at:

While the Nude Provocateuse has few if any tales of cloak and dagger betrayal, graft, bribery, infidelity, espionage, politics, war, and overthrow, it has provided reliable data on the probability and outcome of such events affecting the Obama administration. I like to think the blog brings value back to astrology by demonstrating the existence of destiny and fate amidst centuries of accusations of fakery leveled by scientists against the astrological community.

Astronomy derives from astrology?
But astrology has lost more than value. From the end of the 17th century to the present, astrology has been losing credibility despite the fact it shares similarities with astronomy and psychology. “Astronomy derives from astrology” asserts Professor Antonio Panaino, the famous Italian Orientalist, Professor of Alma Mater Studiorum and Isiao – the Italian Institute for Africa and East in a November 19, 2009 lecture. The transcript is kept at Sophia at the New Bulgarian University. You can view an excerpt of his talk at: and

Western astrologers revere academicians like Professor Antonio Panaino and laud heroic efforts of Museum Curators like Omara Khan Massoudi, the Director of the Afghanistan National Museum. You remember Omara Massoudi from my Fort Hood blog. You can review this blog at:

Massoudi and his colleagues, fearing the rampage and chaos of war, secretly crated and buried many of Afghanistan’s ancient artifacts in 1988. This act alone may have been responsible for saving valuable clues to the links between ancient Vedic and Mesopotamian astrology.

Omara Khan Massoudi, Director of the Afghanistan National Museum and Museum Curator

But while astrologers are getting help from world renown academicians and curators, the credibility problem for astrologers in America is getting worse. About 2-weeks ago I mentioned on an Astrology group site that I had heard there was an astrologer in the White House. Almost immediately I ran into trouble and was labeled a provocateur. Out of fear, someone even called my “tip” unethical. In an innocent group comment, I had unearthed a troublesome resentment that would not have existed if astrology in America was deemed credible, or if American artifacts concerning and including astrology were valued.

Yet, like Bulgaria, Italy and Afghanistan, America too has its heroes. One that comes to mind actually found the funding to research an emerging technique begun after World War II. It involved the nodes at the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Prime Vertical. The nodes are called the Vertex and the Anti-Vertex. These “nodes”, explains hero Donna Henson in her book Vertex: The Third Angle (copyright 2003) indicate “events likely to come to pass despite efforts to avoid them.” Without the heroic efforts of Ms. Henson, I would have never been able to identify the Winner’s Aspect I attribute to Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency. To see the Winner’s Aspect go to:

The Reasoning Process employed by The_Betty for Adopting the pseudonym Nude Provocateuse
Yet, despite the obstacles, I remain an avid astrologer and author of an astrological blog series The Rise of Obama. However, for the last few weeks I’ve been more than mildly befuddled about its circulation, or in the internet world site hits. “If I am to continue with the Rise of Obama series,” I reasoned, “I’ve got to establish a marketing schema.” This reasoning prompted me to consider the 3-Rs: Reality, Recognition, and Respect.

Reality. The reality I’m referring to centers around where I am in the life cycle of the American culture. The reality of our time is that astrologers are suffering in America right now from a lack of credibility. Ridiculed by science, hounded by religious extremists, astrologers have little choice but to compete in an entertainment based marketplace for an ever dwindling attention span through a myriad of ever narrowing media. In order to obtain recognition, an astrologer turned blogger has to learn how to trip the right response from search engines like Google. This is done by triggering, tricking, or tempting the audience with Big Click lures and edgy headline words. Once I faced that reality, phrases like Deep Throat and Nude Provocateuse became more palatable and less difficult to swallow.


Recognition. Ellen Brandt, Ph. D. authors a blog called Ellen Interactive. I strongly advise anyone considering self publishing through blogs to visit her blog site. You can find Ellen at: Recently, Ellen won the WordPress Blog Off and decided to share some of her winning techniques in a blog titled:

“Corpses, Mollusks, and Kinky Sex – How I Won the Blog-Off.”

Ellen hooked readers with headlines like: “7 out of 10 Blog in the Nude” and“Transvestite running for Mayor” and “Vultures and Stiletto Heals”. Ellen also revealed that the Faux Tabloid Headline experiment that won her the Blog Off:

“…also told us some interesting things about which kinds of headlines readers respond to viscerally and why.”

So a very good friend of mine commented: “but that doesn’t mean write headlines with a come and get my big b—–!” I explained that in the browser realm you’re dealing with a 3-8 second window of opportunity to gain enough interest so the individual browser commits with the Big Click. “Even Billy Mays, had more time. This leaves very little to work with except something that illicits a big shock! Besides the same type of person who was lured by the word transvestite will probably click provocateuse too,” I offered.

Soon after reading Ellen’s blog I Googled Nude and found that my fellow Americans in the marketplace use it – a lot! Then I looked up the word provocateur. This was important because I needed a word to convey the position I’m in for writing an astrology blog in a time when astrology is not allowed. In my research, I found that a provocateur is one who provokes, incites or stirs-up purposely. Then I Googled the words Nude and provocateur together and…you know what I found. But the important part of my discovery were the number of hits these sites received per day. These sites boasted daily Big Click results in the thousands.

Respect. Ask anybody in America, when it comes to respect more is better.  We envy the person with the big house, the big job, the most friends, etc.  The fact is zero (0) site hits yields no respect especially in the blogosphere.  Besides, folks like Ellen Brandt, Ph. D., have name recognition. To make matters worse MySpace has been marketing Celebrity Blogs. So I reasoned: “If I have no name recognition,  I have no choice but to play the Big Click Lure game. But when I play, I’ve got to play for keeps.” That’s when I got in touch with my inner capitalist and asked: “Would I expect less from my competitors? ” After living in Washington, DC for 20-years and coming of age during the era of Deep Throat I answered “No!” So I’m here, with you right now manipulating The_Betty’s image with the hope of setting a precedence by triggering, tricking, and tempting readers with Big Click Lures as the Nude Provocateuse.

Altogether now, say: “Click me out in Cyberspace!”


Nude Provocateuse
(aka The_Betty)

About the Series: Since the time of the Pharaohs, eclipses have marked our major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Nude Provocateuse (aka The_Betty) is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  This series is written as News, Political News, News and Commentary, and serves as basic astrological research not for profit or resale in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC, Section 107. To learn more about this code go to: or email me at

Opium Heroin War

7 12 2009
Nude Provacatuese by The_Betty
The Rise of Obama Series – Part 25

Clash of the Titans

“Defeat the Taliban. Secure the Population.” was the mission General McChrystal presented to the President and his top security advisors during a 2-month long Afghanistan Review.

“Is that really what you think your mission is?” a security advisor in the White House Situation Room asked.  For more details see OBama Pushed for Faster Surge at:

The McChrystal Effect on Obama

Sometime after this exchange between September 21st and November 11th, “no drama Obama” or “Obi Wan” as he is affectionately referred to lost his cool. One account quotes Obama as saying: “I don’t want to be going to Walter Reed for another eight years.” Another says he did more than encourage his advisors toward thinking out of the box by saying: “We need to send a message to Karzai of a short-leash, which is necessary now.” The Washington Post reported a White House source saying that Obama didn’t realize he had lost his cool until he reviewed notes taken by a White House Aide.

Obi Wan – what happened?

Our President was forced out of character because he found himself between a rock, a hard place, and a bunch of generals who were not listening. Our President was left with no other option but to personally spearhead the initiative to change the Afghan War mission, force his advisors to re-define the goals, and make a very unpopular war his own. I think, for the benefit of the generals, he may have said “dammit” and tossed his pen on the table a few times.

Right about now, General McChrystal, is probably experiencing what usually happens when you get caught leaking details to the public without first consulting the chief administrator – a complete change of mission, 10,000 fewer troops than requested, and a tight deadline with hard core periodic baseline reviews in preparation for a major one coming up in December 2010. Karzai better behave!

You can learn more about this timeline at:

Degrade v. Defeat
But what does: “degrade the influence of the Taliban so they can no longer threaten the Afghan government’s survival” mean. After reading the mission statement and the negotiations behind achieving it, I took a different look at The Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 and the Afghan Strategy Sesquiquadrate Transits of December 6, 2009 to find answers.  Find out about the Desire for Reforms Eclipse at:

The chart below depicts the Desire for Reforms Eclipse in the inner wheel and the Afghan Sesquiquadrate Transits on the outer wheel. The pattern of the chart is Seesaw which brings to mind – imbalance. The Suns of the two charts are approximately 135 degrees apart. Mercury is ruling the 9th house where the transiting Sun resides in the decanent of Mars. Both Saturns are on the right side of the chart generating restrictions in full public view and both Plutos are on the left side of the chart plotting reforms somewhat obscured from view. Transiting Saturn in Libra (Obama) is squaring both Plutos (McChrystal and Pentagon Officials) frustrating restrictions in coming to a balanced agreement about reforms. This weekend, The Washington Post confirmed reports that Obama, displeased with the results, sent his Generals back to the drawing board several times.

At this juncture, I feel its safe to say that the Afghanistan, in the charts below, is depicted by Neptune in the 12th house. America is there to assist an afflicted group of people – Afghan citizens. All of the Afghan War Meeting participants seemed to be in agreement that this part of their mission had not changed. Also in agreement were our President and Vice-President. Obama and Biden both insisted on taking into consideration lessons from the past. This gave center stage to Iraq war hero General Petraeus, now the head of U.S. Central Command. He was described “as all too happy” to convey his lessons learned. He was joined by another war hero General James E. Cartwright, a Marine Corps aviator and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Cartwright spearheaded a change in focus when he proclaimed “the number of additional U.S. troops was less important than how quickly they arrived and departed. A deadline,” he added, “might focus Karzai’s mind.” These were our Afghanistan War Meeting heroes and they emerged as a result of the 11th house North Node in trine aspect to the Reform chart’s Saturn-Vertex conjunction. The North Node infers shared causes, heroes, and heroic actions despite delays and obvious inhibitions conveyed by the influence of Saturn’s rulership in the 11th house and Saturn conjunct Vertex in the 7th.

About the heavy and weighty matters
The next view depicts a tri-wheel chart with President Obama’s Natal Chart on the inside wheel, the Afghan Strategy Sesquiquadrate Chart in the middle wheel and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Chart on the outer wheel. Yes, the Afghan Strategy chart’s Mars is sitting on top of the descendant making a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn-Vertex but that’s something we all can see and hear about in the news. What we’re not privy to is buried (Part of Saturn) in the 12th House where we find the North Nodes of the Afghan Strategy and Desire Charts conjunct President Obama’s natal Jupiter and Saturn.

The Opium-Heroin War
The North Nodes conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th house are telling us that Obama’s war focus will be on the Opium trade and the rehabilitation of the Afghan population so they can be free of their dependence on the income of poppies and casual use of Opium. Until then, they won’t be able to effectively defend their country from insurgents or coups. You see, the Afghan’s use or overuse of Opium will soon be transformed into a health issue that threatens to interfere and/or conflict with the work Karzai and the Afghan people need to get done in order to stabilize the country. This is why India, Pakistan, China and South Korea are important allies in this mission. The old, secret, spice routes probably ebb in and out of these countries. The Opium and Heroin may even leave for Europe and the US from clandestine Far East ports.

Over the past 10-days reports have surfaced about a DEA Agent killed in Afghanistan. It seems, our government has already sent out tentacles to assess the sophistication of our Opium-Heroin War adversaries.

The next aspect set to stir events from the Desire of Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is the Bi-Quintile. I’ll be circulating my astrological predictions for this astronomical event soon.  You can find out more about the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 at:



About the Series: Since the time of the Pharoahs, eclipses have marked major historical events especially the rise and fall of empires. The Nude Provacateuse by The_Betty has based The Rise of Obama Series on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency, and the Desire for Reforms Eclipse of July 21, 2009 is responsible for influencing his 2009-10 political agenda.  Find out more about History in the Making at:

The Rise of Obama: History in the Making

30 11 2009

Part 23

The Rise of Obama Series (TRO) by The Betty is based on the premise that the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was the astronomical event opening the road for Barack Obama’s assent to the presidency. Every few blogs, I have to remind my readers of my reasons for tracking the major astronomical events of the Obama Administration.

  1. Obama is the first African American to attain the highest office in the land.
  2. Before he assumed office, Barack Obama received more death threats than any other president-elect in history.
  3. Obama promised to get opposing factions to talk through the myriad of problems in the mid-east.
  4. Barack Obama’s solar return closely aligns itself with the Eclipse of August 1, 2008.

In fact, it appears as if the Eclipse is actually pushing Obama’s Sun forward triggering his winners aspect of Jupiter sextile Vertex and fortifying unlikely political partnerships due to Uranus and the Aries Point along his Descendant. Below is Obama’s Solar Return chart for 2008 and the Eclipse Chart for August 1, 2008. The Solar Return Chart is on the inside and the Eclipse Chart is on the outside.  For a better view of the chart featured below try a double click!

For The Rise of Obama series (TRO) I’ve narrowed my research to Sun and Moon astronomical events called eclipses. Since several occur within a year, I’ve placed my focus on the major astronomical events that coincide or come near to Obama’s Astrological Solar Returns. Like most astrologers, I began working on Obama’s chart from a flawed birth report that allegedly surfaced from the Democratic National Committee. But because I based my research on an astronomical event rather than a birth record, most of my findings remain sound.

During the summer of 2008, most Opinion Polls showed McCain and Obama in a dead heat.  But, on October 1, 2008, some 60-days after the Eclipse of August 1, 2008 Opinion Polls started to change. Obama’s lead went from waffling between 2-4 points to stabilizing at 8-9 points. You can say it was Hiliary. You can say it was Biden. I say it was the Eclipse of August 1, 2008.

The first thing astrologers learn is that when the Moon is tightly configured with several planets and/or significant chart points something major is happening or about to happen.   This has been consistent since the time of the Pharoahs of Egypt when  eclipses were used to mark the major historical events of  their time.  They found eclipses particularly useful in determining famine and the rise and fall of royal dynastys and empires.

The Eclipse of August 1, 2008 and Obama’s Solar Return chart for 2008 includes 10-chart points in the house of the eclipse. This includes 2-Suns, 1-Ascendant, 1-Part of Fortune, 2-Dragons Tails, 2-Mercurys and 2-Venuses, within a 19 degree spread, tightly configured with the Moon in the bi-wheel view.  These 10-chart points appear:

1) In a relational house stimulating partnerships and the raising of status
2) In a succedent house increasing the potential for resources
3)In a string with Venus last at 28 degrees Leo forming a grand trine to chart points in another relational house and growth house.
4)With the South Node or Dragon’s Tail opposing Chiron conjunct Neptune or as I like to call the configuration “painful delusions.”

Below is a graphic view of the 10-chart points comprising Obama’s Solar Return chart for 2008 and the Eclipse Chart for August 1, 2008. The Solar Return Chart is on the inside and the Eclipse Chart is on the outside.

Again, the flawed birth report moved the eclipse event to the 2nd and 3rd houses; however, the emphasis in the flawed chart remained on practical as well as relational affairs.

Remember all the talk about the President not having a strategy for health reform and international affairs. He didn’t. During the eclipse, Obama’s Moon was in the 12th house forming a square to a Disassociated Vertex-Pluto conjunction.  Normally this pair works to stimulate reforms and transformation, but it did not work well in this case and it took Obama a while before he could amass a brain trust to draft it. The first part of the disassociated pair namely the Vertex was in the 3rd house and Pluto can be found in the 4th – 4 degrees apart. At the time of the event, the pair stood astride the Ic.

But the assurance of a win was not in the Eclipse aspect pattern. The Eclipse aspect pattern only positioned Obama with the resources, partnerships and the support he needed to cinch a win. The promise of a win came from Jupiter sextile Vertex in the bi-wheel Eclipse and Solar Return view. What does this mean? Well, if Obama were still State Representative Obama or Private Citizen Obama he could have easily transferred his win to a lottery ticket, bingo hall, reality TV show, or a Friday night Karaoke contest. The bottom line is that, poised for the presidency, he was destined to win. This aspect along with Uranus and the Aries Point stirring up events near the descendant meant that Obama had the positioning to cause an upset.

Hey, we didn’t see all that!

On the contrary, we saw a great deal of upset. Hiliary was most upset and held off on her full support to the very end. Death threats on Obama’s life mounted day by day. People were and some still are – upset. Take this 2009 editorial from Andrew M. Manis an associate professor of history at Macon State College in Georgia that appeared in the Macon Telegraph. It’s called: When Are WE Going to Get Over It?

For much of the last forty years, ever since America “fixed” its race problem in the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, we white people have been impatient with African Americans who continued to blame race for their difficulties. Often we have heard whites ask, “When are African Americans finally going to get over it? Now I want to ask: “When are we White Americans going to get over our ridiculous obsession with skin color? Recent reports that “Election Spurs Hundreds’ of Race Threats, Crimes” should frighten and infuriate every one of us. Having grown up in “Bombingham,” Alabama in the 1960s, I remember overhearing an avalanche of comments about what many white classmates and their parents wanted to do to John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Since our recent presidential election, to our eternal shame we are once again hearing the same reprehensible talk I remember from my boyhood.

For those of you who are familiar with my style of astrology, this interpretation would not be complete without confirmation from an Arabic Part. Most notable is the Part of Kings and Sultans conjunct the bi-wheel Ascendant at 27 degrees Virgo, 1st house (some folks just hate this one). The Part of Kings and Sultans ensures Obama the audience of the rulers of the world. The Part of Kings and Sultans is called out in the graphic view of the 10-chart points above.

Now some of my colleagues will point to Saturn and attribute its placement with the Rise of Obama. Frankly, their reasons are sound. But in my research, I’ve never been able to associate Saturn with winning a contest like in an election, or a lottery, or a bingo game. Saturn says “I restrict” so I look at his appearance in the twelfth house of Obama’s chart as the restrictions (due to death threats) he continues to live with as president.

After the election, Obama had to wait 80 or more days before taking office. By that time, the August 1, 2008 Eclipse was nearly 170+ days old. Then Obama’s honeymoon inaugural lasted for another 100-days. Soon it was May and the hard transits to the August 2008 Eclipse Sun found Obama in the midst of a fight with FOX over fair media coverage. When the Desire for Reforms Eclipse debuted on July 21, 2009, Obama had dug in for the long haul on health care, the economic stimulus, withdrawing from Iraq, and re-focusing efforts in Afghanistan. The August 1, 2008 Eclipse still generates audiences with the rulers of the world evidenced by Obama’s recent travels to China, North Korea and his first state dinner in honor of India’s Singh, but the Reforms Eclipse and Obama’s reform platform is now center stage affecting every aspect of his work day, as well as our homes, our lives, and our future.

There are a number of interesting eclipses coinciding with President Obama’s Solar Returns through 2011. Astrologers have already predicted that 2011 will be the year that our global economy will turn around. In my opinion, this predicted turnaround will mark the actual Rise of Obama. For I believe that an African American’s rise to the presidency will mean little unless he’s able to turnaround these dark times. Anything less would pose the risk of Obama being uncharacteristically represented 10 to 100 years from now. Most African Americans don’t want that. We’re still reeling over D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation.” To make doubly sure this will not happen, The_Betty will be here chronicling astronomical events that mark and define The Rise of Obama.