Pooh, Dung: Ellen’s Lament and Murphy Interrupted

21 12 2009

Snow Storm Interrupted…

Writing a blog is not as easy as it seems. First, you have to have something to write about. Second, you have to dig up an audience. In my opinion, the worse part is the latter – digging up an audience. Over the past year I’ve been zinged, singed, cursed, accused, be-littled, mistakened, deleted and copied all in the name of audience share. But this week I hit the big time because on Sunday, December 20, 2009 I was threatened with the FCC. See the blog that started it all at: https://nudeprovacateuse.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/deep-throat-nude-provocateuse-and-the-big-click/

What did I do, you ask?

All I did was reference Ellen Brandt, PhD and author of Elleninteractive as a source (http://elleninteractive.wordpress.com/). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a university trained journalist and I’m very sensitive when it comes to sources. But being upright, above board, and open netted me this scathing email I call Ellen’s Lament:

Sun, December 20, 2009 9:40:58 AM

This has gone far enough!
You will immediately remove all references to me and my work from your blogsites.
You will immediately remove all references to me and my work from your archives.
And you will personally contact Google and tell them that you have NO connection to me or my work.
You will also remove all links, tags, and pingbacks of whatever sort between your blogs or other sites and mine.
If you do not do this, I will have no alternative but to make formal complaints to Google, Linked In, Word Press, and the FCC, as well as contacting my attorney.
I realize this “SEO” nonsense has gotten completely out of hand in general. But your behavior towards me is now beyond belief.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Ellen Brandt

Hair’s Up!
First, I’ve never met this woman.  She knows nothing about my behavior. Second, how does signing off by saying “Sincerely” fix anything. Frankly, it doesn’t. It just shows that the pooh fart who sent the email has manners – not much sense – but manners.

But I’m a softy, I want people to think well of me. Besides, I’m out here blogging to win friends and influence people. So, I replied to the email and informed Dr. Brandt that I was removing all references to her. I even apologized. Then, I found out that Google, WordPress, and others didn’t really give a pooh about the dung Ellen was swinging, and after recounting my years answering strange mail in Public Affairs at the FCC I realized that the FCC didn’t really give a pooh either.

So what just happened here?  A bully happened!

Wouldn’t I be small if I went ethnic, spastic, ballistic? My readers probably would expect me to take the high road, but sometimes…sometimes you’ve got to go low and dig into the bully’s pooh and fight the bully’s dung with dung.

When Ellen wrote the email above she was lamenting my existence on the internet. She felt confident that her race and class was all that was needed to re-interpret “free speech” in America on my behalf. She wanted to apply her narrow standards so she could cut me out  and herself in! She wanted a place in the bloggers kitchen without heat.  She opted to throw doubt on the fire of creativity to cool her own couch. Behind Ellen’s lament is her wish that America was different. She is one of those people who don’t understand why people like me won’t just clean houses and say “yes ma’am.” Ellen is lamenting why I am so fixated on a technology that is clearly above my station. Ellen is lamenting about a time everyone is glad has come and gone. She doesn’t understand the internet. Ellen needs to browse MySpace.


Ellen was very proud about telling everyone she had won the WordPress Blog-Off. Then, she explained in a blog how this was done. I read it with great interest and I was proud of her too. I even sent her two emails letting her know I was going to try her suggestions by using nonsense words that, in Ellen’s own blog said: “people respond viscerally to.” I played fair, I gave her credit in my blog and listed her links urging people to: “find out more!” She probably even pocketed a few bucks from the deal — all at my expense. So what does Ellen do? She responds ferociously and sends me a threatening email! The worse thing about this is – we’re not even in the same business!

Let’s all pray for Ellen. She did write a good blog but something deeper and more hideous is troubling her I fear. I want to believe that my blog showed up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. But on the other hand, her letter was threatening and intimidating – she was being a bully. Her action, as evidenced in the email above, goes against our American standards of free speech and it undermines my personal integrity. In sum, all Ellen’s threat succeeded to do was put me in a pooh dung state of mind.

Pooh on your bullying and throwing dung Ellen – pooh…pooh…I restored the deletions and re-published…pooh on you!

Brittany Murphy: Star Interrupted
A beautiful young talent was lost this past weekend. Brittany Murphy who starred in “8 Mile” with white rapper Eminem passed on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 32-years-old just days after 26-year-old Chris Henry. Upon my first visual examination of her chart I found that she was indeed impacted by an upper quincunx like Chris Henry. His was brought on by the bi-quintile transit of the Sun heading 144 degrees away from the Desire for Reforms Eclipse Sun. (https://nudeprovacateuse.wordpress.com/2009/12/18/castrated-corpse-public-option-dead-depp-hatted/ )

Unfortunately, Brittany Murphy has a number of different bios with two different birth places listed. Yahoo Movies has her as being born in Edison, New Jersey (http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/contributor/1800018897/bio ). Astrology data sources and some agencies have her as being born in Atlanta, Georgia (http://famous-relationships.topsynergy.com/Brittany_Murphy/AstroData.asp ).

If she was born in New Jersey she may have suffered from a natal conjunction involving a disassociated Saturn-Vertex in the 7th house to her Aquarian Ascendant. The problem with a disassociated conjunction is confusion over how to blend the different elements of each sign. In Brittany’s case one was fire – the other earth. All Brittany’s New Jersey quincunx needed was a little confusion and a trigger. The trigger could have been transiting Saturn in Libra conjoining her Arabic Part of Disease or Arabic Part of Lawsuits in the 8th house. Please note transiting Saturn in Libra is just 3.5 degrees shy of an exact trine with Brittany’s Ascendant thus triggering her upper quincunx. What was going on with Brittany at the time of her death? What we do know for sure is that her role as Janis Joplin had been delayed due to legal wrangling which left poor Brittany much like a star interrupted.  We also know she had a father, Angelo Bertolotti an Italian American racketeering criminal, with whom she had little contact since her parents’ divorce. And because, her natal Saturn-Vertex fell in the 7th house there may have been some marital dissapointments.

But what if she was really born in Atlanta, Georgia. Could the same triggers be present? Not exactly. Because of the change in location, the Ascendant moved ruling out a natal Saturn-Vertex with a transiting Saturn in Libra trigger. I did find, however, a transiting Mars-Vertex pairing in the 7th house that was quincunx the Ascendant. In this case, the Vertex quincunx Ascendant triggered health matters, strain and work problems. The Mars-Vertex pairing in the 7th house may have also indicated marriage squabbles. Below are the two birthcharts side by side so you can see that in New Jersey (upper right) Brittany is an Aquarian with an upper quincunx between Saturn-Vertex and the Ascendant. In this position, transiting Saturn in Libra could have been the trigger. In Atanta (lower left) Brittany is a Capricorn without the upper quincunx. In this position, transiting Mars-Vertex in Leo could have been the culprit.

See you in a few days with a review of the Quincunx!


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