Roses, Chocolates, Toxic Friends and Angelina Jolie Unraveled

14 02 2010

Are you friends or in love with someone who seems more of a competitor, a criticizer, a downer, a promise breaker, or a gossip? If your answer is yes, set aside those roses and chocolates. You may be experiencing the wrath of the Quarrelers in the form of toxic friends.

The Quarrelers is my take on the onerous Cardinal T-Square involving the Aries Point, Pluto and Saturn as well as the onerous Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Transiting Pluto has been in the decan of Saturn in Capricorn dancing at square to the Aries Point for over a year, and transiting Saturn returned to the mix (as he does every few years) last fall when he progressed to 00 Libra in opposition to the Aries Point.

Love in the Time of Quarrelers: Pluto, Saturn and the Aries Point

So what is a friend? Most dictionaries define the word friend as someone with whom you share the intimate details of your life with. Now let’s put this together with the word toxic. Again, most dictionaries will describe toxic as poison capable of causing death or debilitation. As you can see, by adding toxic to the word friend something deadly or debilitating is added to the most intimate areas of your life.

Florence Isaacs, the author of Toxic Friends/True Friends, explained to WebMD last week that “a toxic friendship is unsupportive, draining, unrewarding, stifling, unsatisfying, and often unequal.” Isaacs goes on to say that “toxic friends stress you out, use you, are unreliable, are overly demanding, and don’t give anything back.” You can read the entire article by Florence Issacs at:

Take this Personally!

In 2007-2008, I experienced transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto. At the same time, transiting Pluto was trine my natal Pluto. My mother became ill and died in September 2007 leaving a mountain of estate problems. During this time, I had a dozen or so friends, associates and family (all toxic) I began to communicate with often. But before this period ended, there were problems that demanded that these toxic relationships end. While the entrance of toxic friends subsided, it didn’t go away completely. Recently, when transiting Saturn moved to semi-sextile my natal Pluto and square transiting Pluto, I started a friendship with a person who had interesting achievements and hobbies. Within a few weeks, I was forced to face some hard realities about the toxicity of my new friend. Thank God it happened quickly!

Back in 2005, another associate of mine befriended a nurse while staying for a while in a nursing home. After my friend returned home, she really believed they could enjoy a healthy friendship. When the nurse discovered my friend had made a full recovery, she went toxic and began to use my friend’s kindness as a weakness. Suddenly, the nurse desperately needed to drop her son off with my friend on the weekends. The nurses’ excuse was always work. But, some months later my friend discovered that she used some of this time for dating. As it turned out, the nurse’s son was a terror. Then a huge jar of change came up missing, bottles of wine disappeared and then a new jacket with the price tags still affixed vanished. Well, you can fill in the rest. Then one day my friend’s Army Colonel buddy showed up at the door while the nurse was on one of her visits. The nurse was stunned and barely opened her mouth to speak upon meeting the Colonel. Moments later, the nurse left quickly and never returned. Below, are charts I caste for my friend noting the Approach, Conjunction and Separation of the aspect.  It also features the nurse and a few other toxic characters who eased in and out of her life at the time. See if you can find some of these similarities and patterns in your chart or the charts of your friends?  To see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

The Fabric of Our Lives: Pluto and Saturn

As confirmed by the charts above Pluto and Saturn, regardless of their configuration are harbingers of what most pyschologists call “toxic friends.” As demonstrated, their presence can be easily detected in a horoscopic chart. These planets will work with each other, but to varying ends. You see Pluto and Saturn are competitors who gossip behind each others back, put each other down, criticize, and break promises. Saturn naturally seeks to restrict. So, under a conjunction or square with Pluto, you can expect Saturn to bring friends who really are competitors, criticizers, downers, and gossipers. Conversely, Pluto under a conjunction or square with Saturn seeks to reform but may do so behind the scenes, use back door methods and then break promises. They both are very strong and like to have their way. In fact, since Saturn began its foray into Libra last November, he and Pluto (who sits in the decan of Saturn in Capricorn) have been causing quite a stir by generating events through the Aries Point. If you caste a chart for the U.S. East Coast today more than likely you’ll find at least one of these planets or points squaring off with the other from an angular house.

The Quarrelers also have a passion for politics! For example, let’s look at the US health care reform issue. It began with the best intentions, but a number of US Senators rose to place retrictions upon the bill that diminished its purpose. Where were the Quarrelers? Squaring off! Another great example is the World Climate Talks. It too began with the best intentions. But a number of countries walked out restricting progress because they felt they were being ‘talked at’ by wealthier countries who could afford to make the necessary ecological changes. Where were the Quarrelers? Squaring off! Make no mistake, the Quarrelers have no exclusions for the rich and famous. For me, there is no better example of the Quarrelers’ wrath then the charts of Angelina Jolie. Poor Angelina is sometimes subjected to a daily onslaught of attacks from toxic friends and associates who constantly leak to the media intimate details concerning her marriage – be they true or false. Where are the Quarrelers in Angelina Jolie’s chart? Squaring off! Yet, what makes Angelina Jolie’s chart so special is the Quarrelers’ presence in her birth chart.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Quarrelers are not your garden variety competitors or gossip mongers. Sometimes they mean to harm. To see the destructiveness of the Quarrelers all you need to do is look back as far as the Fort Hood Massacre. This was a tragic circumstance. Sadly, it was during Saturn’s foray into the cardinal sign of Libra last November that placed him exactly square transiting Pluto and opposite the Aries Point when Nidal Malik Hassan struck!

Angelina Jolie Unraveled

For most, a Saturn-Pluto coupling lasts a few years. During the separating aspect the individual is given a chance to recover as noted in my friend’s chart above. But with Saturn conjunct or in the decan of Pluto in a natal chart, the subject will have to contend with onerous and toxic family/friends for the rest of their life. The good news is that the personality is given a chance to grow, adjust and compensate for the shortcoming by learning to recognize toxic relationships early on, taking responsibility for them, ending the worse ones, and making a greater effort to build stronger relationships with non-toxic friends.

In Angelina Jolie’s case, she is being stressed out and used by a guantlet of toxic associates. What she knows that we don’t, is that some of her family members are quite toxic toward her. Let’s look at Angelina’s most recent embarassment. On or about January 23, 2010, a toxic friend or family member leaked to News of the World a United Kingdom media source ( that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had visited attorneys to work out a deal for their separation. This news caused a media feeding frenzy. When the dust settled, it was learned that the couple, who enjoyed a combined income of more than $50 million dollars in 2009, were probably making a routine visit to their attorney to legalize agreements, estates, taxes, etc. But the news was so disruptive that a week later Angelina obviously had to adjust her schedule. We saw the result when she accompanied her husband to the Director’s Guild Awards ( ) in New York. Did she go for the sole purpose of making a media appearance to quell the tide of dangerous gossip?

If you’re like me, you’re asking: What the $%&@!?!  Who is so bent on slandering Angelina Jolie?  After all these years, isn’t it obvious that her husband loves her?  Why is there still so much hype?  Then I viewed Angelina Jolie’s birth chart and a somber moment overcame me.  I discovered a thread of toxic family and friends who have been present in her life since birth.

I caste the chart you see below using the decanants or decans. In my last blog I demonstrated 1 Minute Delineations with Decans in a Mini Course. You can review it at: ( ).

To see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

Upon visual inspection you can see that Angelina Jolie’s Ascendant, Midheaven and Ic at birth were all in cardinal signs or on the cusp of a cardinal sign. Her birth was an event, but it may have generated some controversy.   Most notable is Saturn in the decan of Pluto, Cancer, 7th house. At birth, Angelina had onerous and toxic adversaries within her family. The 7th house is considered the house of open enemies, so make no mistake that whatever occurred was made public. Furthermore, because this placement is in the 7th house, Angelina’s onerous and toxic family/friends have always tried to meddle in her contracts, relationships, partnerships and marriage.

Below are some of the more notable Arabic Parts in Angelina Jolie’s natal chart:

Purple Diamond is the Arabic Part of Enemies at 6 degrees Aries, 3rd house. It opposes Pluto and is shy of a conjunction to the Aries Point. Again, these enemies are found in the house of brothers, sisters and communications. I believe this confirms that Angelina’s 7th house toxic source is a close family member.

Orange Diamond is the Arabic Part of Mercury at 19 degrees Aries. Someone was out of money, low on cash or without the means to really take care of themselves or handle responsibility when Angelina was born. New ways of earning or obtaining money were forged. This may have opened the door to toxic associations.

Yellow Diamond is the Arabic Part of Jupiter at 12 degrees Gemini. It is conjunct Angelina’s Sun. This blessed Angelina with luck in health, work and daily affairs.  The good news is that her life early on may not have been so adversely affected by the ferocity of toxic family and friends who surrounded her – but her life was affected.

Red Diamond is the Arabic Part of Saturn. It is on the cusp of the 8th house. This sextiles Pluto at 6 degrees Libra, 9th house. This part signifies heavy and weighty matters, burial or buried issues, the dead, the deep sea, someone disabled or recovering from a disability, prisons and prisoners.

Again, in review of Angelina’s birth chart you can see her Ascendant, Midheaven and Ic at birth were all in cardinal signs or on the cusp of a cardinal sign. Today, Saturn and Pluto have transited to cardinal signs and are nearing key points in Angelina’s chart. This view clearly shows the adversity Angelina may be experiencing. Despite her wealth and power she may still find it difficult to distance herself from toxic and onerous friends. The chart below depicts Angelina Jolie’s chart on the inside wheel and the transits on the outside wheel. Remember, to see a larger image try clicking in the center of the image once.

In 2011, life may not be all glitz for Angelina. Yes, she’ll find work, grace red carpets, and have work done to enhance her appearance. But, the stress stirred up by her toxic friends and family may begin to wear upon her vitality and spur health concerns. Let’s hope she finds a non-toxic astrologer to go over the rough points the transits of 2011 will bring.

Friends: The Spice of Life

You’ll get no argument from me that life can get pretty boring without friends. For the most part, friends are the spice of life. But the truth is not everyone can be your friend and some friendships are downright more dangerous than others.  In fact, toxic friendships can adversely affect people physically and emotionally for years – and then some. This Valentine’s Day make the commitment to be a good friend without expectations or payment in kind. Raising your awareness of what it takes to be a friend is the best defense against toxic friendships and fated astrological transits like the Quarrelers that bring toxic friends into view. If you stick with the commitment, soon you’ll find yourself more effective at recognizing toxic friends, ending toxic friendships, and making new, healthier friends at lightning speed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  And BTW, I promise to deal with the approaching quincunx to the Desire for Reforms Eclipse point next week.

The Nude Provocateuse

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