Need $$$ Cash: This Month 2-Planets Hold Key

1 06 2010

Wanna be a millionaire, wanna move, wanna new job, wanna new love, or just got a case of the doggone wannabees.  The next 6-weeks may contain the luckiest days you’ll see this decade and I’m not joking. Whatever great idea you’ve been putting off, whatever risky venture you’ve been skirting around, whatever dream job you’ve always wanted, whatever favorite lottery ticket number you’ve put off playing – now is the time to break free and act for gold may fall from the sky. All you have to remember is that during this period there will be winners and losers, so no sky-diving please. And for God’s sake no Mooning! You saw what happened to Venus Williams at the French Open! As stated in an earlier blog Venus was facing a series of unfortunate aspects when she decided to trigger their down side by Mooning the world and calling it fashion.  See:

Money, money, money…
But let’s get back to YOUR sudden change in fortune. The good news is as Jupiter and Uranus move to 00 Aries, the influence of Saturn locked at 27 degrees Virgo wanes. The bad news is yes there still is a chance that something unfortunate may happen, but there also exists an opportunity for expansion of your personal hopes and dreams. Or, at the least winnings from the blackjack table. From June 1 through July 11, fame, fortune, genius and defeat will be headed your way. Why? Once every 11 years and 315 days Jupiter meets up with Uranus bringing sudden and sometimes unexpected changes of fortune. Because Jupiter is a planet that brings benefits, its teaming up with Uranus at the Aries Point almost guarantees that a fortuitous event will occur especially for those who are ready to meet the challenge. Learn more about Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point thru a tutorial designed for the beginning astrologer at: Astrologer’s Toolkit

What’s the challenge?
The challenge is staying open, flexible, and adaptable. You should avoid arguments and confrontations that may lead to bad blood or violence. Jupiter in Aries breeds aggression, so let’s focus on funneling those feelings in positive directions.  You should also check the fine print and keep track of your limits.  Lastly, the challenge is to aim high, don’t squander this time on getting by.  Let Ray Davis help you stay focused on the goal at the Affirmation Spot:

How do I Tap this Source?
Sometime in the next 6-weeks Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point will tap you!  Everyone, including yours truly, will have an aspect in their astrology birth chart to the Aries Point. Those who have planets that meet favorably to this point have a greater opportunity to push for surprising and unexpected benefits. Those who have hard or challenging aspects may need to take caution in their daily affairs, avoid risks, and postpone long range plans until well after the Lunar and Solar Eclipses this summer. These people will reap the most benefit by using the next 6-weeks as planning. Another thing to note about this aspect is that the luck it brings can be short-lived or fleeting in a sort of easy come easy go type manner. So, take my advice and pay attention to the details along the way. The vortex of these transits moves westward throughout the day. For example, at 10 PM Eastern or 8 PM Central the vortex courses through Mexico City, Texas, the panhandle of Oklahoma, the border of Kansas and Colorado, the western half of Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. As a result, unpredictable and sudden weather changes are starting to affect these areas. Already a huge storm has been noted affecting Guatemala and Ecuador. Also along the southwest Texas border there have been a number of unpredictable events like the BP Oil spill, a growing drug war, and pirates! Again, Jupiter in Aries always brings the threat of a little too much aggression, so watch out for the other guy. Below is a Solar Map of the vortex showing how Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point touch down in New York and DC in the morning and finish up in Mexico City and El Paso, Texas at night.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

Cut to the chase!  When does this all start?
The opportunity for sudden changes of fortune in the form of expanded opportunities and financial windfall has already begun but it was muddied by transiting Saturn opposing both Uranus and Jupiter at 29, 28 and 27 degrees Virgo. Yes, this is the same Saturn that foiled Venus Williams.  What you need to know is that the Aries Point heightens the effects of Jupiter conjunct Uranus like a catapult or battering ram. Below is a list of days and an explanation of where you may want to focus your energy. If you have an astrologer, use the information below to draft a list of questions for an in-depth and focused delineation of the next 6-weeks.  If you don’t have an astrologer, try these websites. You’ll get to view the astrologers and take a look at some of their work: and and and and and  Now if you can’t find an astrologer thru one of these sources, I can’t help you.  Besides, I’m as quirky as you think they are.

The Planning Period

Tuesday, June 1 through Saturday, June 5
With the 3rd quarter Moon approaching, this isn’t a good time for action especially with transiting Saturn still making opposition to Jupiter. This is however a great time for making plans and for performing intellectual pursuits involving education, analysis and evaluation especially of contracts and agreements. So take another look at that resume, check on your insurance, warranties, and due dates. If you receive an unfavorable bank statement or painful news concerning money or any type of material investment including insurance, pay attention to the details, and note potential errors. If you can, don’t act until next week when the 3rd quarter Moon is waning and Jupiter finally conjoins with Uranus and the Aries Point at 00 exactly. Here are the transits for the beginning and the end of the week in Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

Planned and Cautious Actions

Sunday, June 6 through Friday, June 11
With the 3rd
quarter Moon waning this is a good time to take some initial steps in securing resources and  material affairs.  These transits indicate that mornings may be the best time for Gemini, Cancer and Leo born natives in Washington.  Make sure you close your business by 12 noon or 1 pm, then take lunch.  Uranus may transit through your 6th house and stir up indigestion!   Because Saturn is still sitting at 27 degrees Virgo and Jupiter has moved on, you should feel that affairs having to do with material possessions are less restrictive. Also of note is an approaching Vertex-Jupiter aspect that may turn speculations into wins and sure thing contests into upsets.  The bad news is I see an approaching aspect from Mars. So watch out for impulsive actions, take care when driving, and heed warnings about storms and floods. If you live in the mid-west near the vortex mentioned earlier, you should pay special attention to house, car, hurricane, tornado, flood and life insurance. Make sure these are up to date and bring them current even if it hurts. Mars is also known to flare tempers so take the path of least resistance no matter how obscene the other guy behaves. Scathing complaint letters do work, keep people employed, and rarely cause heart failure.  Rest assured, this line-up of aspects will make you want to break free and travel. But be careful on the evening of June 11. The waxing New Moon will be traversing the last degree of Taurus and the first degree of Gemini known as Pleiades or the Weeping Sisters. This transit will make a sextile to Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point and create an event. If you can, make it an early night and check the weather, appliances, and security when you arrive home. Enjoy! Below are the transits for beginning and end of the week: June 6 and June 11 in Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just click inside the image

What’s Behind Door Number 3 or Acting on those Wannabees!

Saturday, June 12, Sunday, June 13, and Monday, June 14
With the new Moon in place on June 12 at 7:14 am in Gemini, this day suggests that your positive efforts and intentions will reap success. Jupiter, Uranus and the Aries Point are part of a Grand Trine involving Venus  (another benefic) and the Vertex (fate).  It’s as if the heavens are telling Saturn: “That’s enough!  It’s Jupiter and Uranus’ time and we’re going to make sure they get it!” Readers, just remember to get yours.  These little windows of opportunity should not be squandered. Expect news today about the efforts you started two weeks ago.  Chances are something positive will be in the mail or email. Will you buy a lottery ticket, drive to the Casino, go fishing, or enjoy a day with that special someone or the family? Don’t bet on it! Chances are something unexpected may present itself that thrusts you into a different set of circumstances then what you originally intended. But with every dark cloud there is a silver lining. Will you miss the silver lining by being inflexible, stubborn, opinionated, or argumentative? Take my advice and throw away the ‘Honey-do’ list today.  Go with the flow. Try something new – weather permitting. Don’t allow inflexibility and moodiness to curtail your celestial gifts. But wait! There’s more on Monday! Venus moves to 0 degrees Leo making an exact aspect to Jupiter. The lesser and greater benefics making a connection to the Aries Point and Uranus.  Too bad this only lasts a few hours. If you’re a gambler, get your chart done first and if favorable spend those wee hours in the morning when the benefics meet at the Slots or Blackjack Table at a casino.  For my more frugal readers Monday may be your day to speak up! So, walk into your bosses office, tell him about your accomplishments and the positive changes you could make, then ask for a raise. Enjoy! Below are the transit charts for June 12 and 13 for Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

There’s Gold in Dem Der Hills: Enough for Everyone

Tuesday, June 15 through Friday, June 18
With the new Moon waning, Saturn is setting up to launch an attack on your new plans of freedom and fortune. Just think of Saturn as that curmudgeon co-worker who sits at the back of the office complaining about how they always get passed over. Then you walk in. But what’s this? A Grand Trine is present involving Jupiter, Uranus, the Aries Point, Venus and the Vertex. The boss has called in sick and left you with the responsibility of presenting the new proposal to the CFO! You’ve got 1-hour to prepare. Will you freeze up, complain, walk out, postpone or will you sit down and try to digest the information and go on with the show? Go figure? Tuesday through Friday will be jam packed with these sort of opportunities. It can range from being the ten thousandth customer at the hardware where you went to purchase emergency plumbing supplies, or using a rusty dime to scratch off a lottery ticket offering more than a break even win. Just be prepared for a downside to present somewhere in your scenario. But if you keep your wits about you, chances are you’ll depart with cash.  Enjoy! The June 15 through June 18 transits are featured below for Washington, DC.

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

To see a larger view just double click inside the image

Say, I’ve got to get back to some more serious matters like Obama, his troop withdrawal plans, and the heat generating in the Gulf. Likewise, you’ve got to get back to more serious matters like contacting an astrologer and coming up with a strategy to catch the wave of sudden fortune. YOU wouldn’t want to miss it. If you can’t afford an astrologer try donating at my wordpress site: Contributions are limited to $5 and every contributor to Nude’s efforts to document TRO receives Jus4U by Nude.

Ya never know, I may be able to cough up news you can use.


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